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Lindsay Lohan


... With Benefits

1/28/2013 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
isn't offended that The Wanted singer Max George completely denied their relationship on Twitter this week -- because as far as she's concerned, there IS no relationship ... they're just hook-up buddies.

Lindsay posted the above photo on Instagram a few days ago -- showing her and Max joking around together -- and Max's fans erupted on Twitter ... writing things like, "If you date Lindsay, I will die!"

Max responded to the complaints, flat-out denying he was dating Lindsay whatsoever -- and called speculation about their relationship "rumors ... That's all ... Like I said ... 1 million percent."

But Lindsay's telling friends, she doesn't feel burned -- because Max is telling the truth ... they aren't boyfriend and girlfriend ... they just have a no-strings-attached non-exclusive hook-up thing going on.

We're told Lindsay is not taking things seriously with Max at all -- she just likes hanging out with him -- and he's free to tweet whatever he wants.


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I would guess that most people don't post a photo with their hookup FWB.

572 days ago

Moment of Clarity    

A girl's gotta eat. Be safe and do your thang LILO!

572 days ago


Shouldn't she be heading to CA for her court hearing wednesday.

572 days ago

Joey Jr    

Lindsay is so dirty , i hope they throw her ass in jail , most girls wouldn't want to be treated like a dirty hoe , not her she is proud of it ...icky

572 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


By Frank Lake on January 28, 2013

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Scientists were searching for a woman willing to give birth to a Neanderthal child. Lindsay Lohan has volunteered.

Scientists wanted a woman to offer her body as a way to test the abilities of modern science to clone a caveman.

American geneticist George Templar said that he was ready to clone a Neanderthal, but he needed a woman for the project, who could bear and deliver the unusual baby.

Lindsay Lohan read about the idea and said she would do it. Templar was ecstatic that she wanted to take a change. Then, Lohan’s agent demanded seven figures for using her body – and the scientists agreed to pay her.

So, Lindsay Lohan will be the mother of a neanderthal.

Some think the Lohan Neanderthal will look like this:

Others think the baby will look more like this:

Lohan will receive an embryo with the Neanderthal DNA, placed in stem cells. Templar told WWN that the actual birth would be significantly different from what women usually experience. The birth canals of Neanderthal mothers were significantly wider than those of modern women, so their babies did not have to turn to get in the canals. In addition, the head of the Neanderthal baby is expected to be larger than that of normal children.

But Lohan, feels that she is “big” enough to have the baby.

It’s a risk, but one Lohan is willing to take in order to keep her fame and – dwindling fortune.

“If it works out – ok, if it doesn’t – and it’s disgusting – well, at least I’ll have money and will keep my name in the press.”

Templar said that this could be the greatest scientific expert ever done. ”We may see the creature – I do not even want to call it a human being – that will have a poorly developed left part of the brain. It will understand that it was born in this society, to this mother, Lindsay.”

If medics find abnormalities in the fetus of a woman, they will recommend that Lindsay terminate the pregnancy. But Lindsay will still get her millions. So, she’s “good” either way.

The Lohan Neanderthal is expected to make its debut in January 2014.

Theres a video


572 days ago


Some morning his pecker will turn black then fall off-haha-good for him

572 days ago


what ever he is to her it's positive cuz she looks good here, she looks healthy and happy.

572 days ago


you know they are hooking up. they HAVE to deny it, otherwise they lose fans.

572 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

TMZ Bleated:
We're told Lindsay is not taking things seriously with Max at all -- she just likes hanging out with him -- and he's free to tweet whatever he wants.

Why doesn't TMZ just tell it like it is? Lohan's willing polish his knob for cash, Maxxie likes getting his knob polished and has disposable income, and most importantly, that grotesque canker sore that erupts on Lohan's upper lip has been quiet for the last six weeks.

572 days ago


They're probably just knocking out some drugs and screwing but who gives a ****.

572 days ago


And the benefit? Chlamydia. Stay classy, Lindsay.

572 days ago


they're walking/talking std-laden human mattresses.

572 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hmmm, is this why her relationship (no) with Max is casual? Getting ready for Wednesday I guess.

572 days ago


Van Der Sloot

572 days ago
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