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Rapper Future

Settles Baby Mama Beef ...

I AM the Father!

1/28/2013 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Future
can call himself a rapper and a parent ... AT THE SAME DAMN TIME ... 'cause he just took a DNA test proving he's the father of a 10-year-old son ... TMZ has learned.

Future -- aka Nayvadius Cash -- was sued last year by Jessica Smith -- who claimed the rapper knocked her up in 2001 ... but should be ordered to pay her child support.

According to court docs filed in Georgia, the 29-year-old rapper took a DNA test -- which confirmed with 99.9% certainty the kid was his.

In light of the results, Future and his baby mama struck a deal ... he agreed to be legally recognized as the father, fork over $1,662 in child support per month and pay for the cost of the DNA test ($889).

The judge signed off on it, and the case was closed earlier this month.

FUN FACT: In the docs Future lists his monthly income as $16,516.30.

FUNNER FACT: At the beginning of Future's hit song, "Same Damn Time" ... Diddy insults all of his haters by calling them out on their inability to "multitask." How fun is that?!


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Among the comments, not one word about his son, who has lived 10 years without the presence of a father. Now that this sorry excuse for a man has been ORDERED to support his own flesh and blood, he can join the never-ending chorus of black men whose favorite chant is: "I take care of my kids".

Apparently, in the black male lexicon ,"taking care of" a child does not include: tucking them into bed, reading them a bedtime story, giving them a goodnight kiss, sitting on the edge of their bed when they have a stomach ache, teaching them to ride a bike, teaching them to say please and thank you, cheering as they learn to toss a ball, putting on a band-aid when they scrape their knee, reassuring them when the awaken from a bad dream, looking into their eyes and telling them you love them every single day. Nope. In the black male lexicon, "taking care of a child means writing a check after a white judge orders you to do so. And you wonder why the black race is in such a sorry state.

640 days ago


He get a check she get a check at the same damn time!

640 days ago


Does any one know what a Trojan are??? If they dont have it or don't know how to use it then dont do ****. Whats your right hand for it?

640 days ago


Stupid monkeys always sticking there nasty black (barf) penis in women and then don't claim crap.. I hope they all get death...

640 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

Like the old famous saying goes........Once you go black.........youre a single mom. Sad but almost always true. Ghetto negroes pro athletes and especially rappers= mandatory snip snip surgery to prevent any more unwanted babies

640 days ago


Omg every article I read on this website, all the comments end up in some sort racial war between a bunch of idiots! So annoying!!!!

640 days ago


I believe this is the same Jessica Smith that put this kid on NEYO. Extorted money from him because he acted as the father eventhough the dna test cleared him as the father. I guess him money ran out now and now she needs another cash outplan.

640 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I didn't see this on Maury and I watch it everyday.
Phishie from Philly

640 days ago


When will these black girls/women STOP opening their legs to these worthless excuses for men? You are condemning your children to lives of heartbreak. Do you even understand that your sons and daughters need FATHERS, real FATHERS, not merely someone to give you a check, but LOVING FATHERS? How much has this "man's" child been scarred by living 10 years without a father's love and guidance? For how many generations will this blind ignorance continue? VALUE YOURSELVES, and stop spreading your legs for creatures whose character you don't even know. 73% of black children are being raised by single mothers. 73%. 73%. 73%!!!! What an utter disgrace. Black men have no sense or honor or dignity. Even animals show more humanity toward their own offspring. Now come on, let's see the comments blaming the "white man" for your own irresponsibility. lol

640 days ago


Great. Another sparkling role model

639 days ago

Tanisha Clay    

They were actually a couple for years(high school sweethearts) ...he always knew that was his child and she tried to put him on child support WAY before is a process and any mother who has done it knows that. It wasnt until then that he wanted a DNA test. (to slow down the process) stand up guy...i think not! She should not be bashed, she is only ensuring security for her child. Something any GOOD mother would do.

639 days ago


575 days ago
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