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Shawn Holley to Judge

Get Me Out of Lindsay's Life


1/28/2013 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shawn Holley
just filed legal docs asking the judge in Lindsay Lohan's latest criminal problem to let her out of the case ... and Lindsay is down with it.

We've learned Lindsay signed Shawn's documents, which will allow Shawn out of the case and New York attorney Mark Heller to serve in her place.

Judge Stephanie Sautner will almost certainly make the change official when Lindsay appears in court Wednesday.

But here's a potential snag. Since Heller isn't licensed to practice in California, he needs a California lawyer to sponsor him. The lawyer who agreed to do it doesn't know Heller from Adam and thinks she's vouching for another lawyer who has worked with Heller in the past. It's possible Lindsay could be lawyerless.

We'll be livestreaming Wednesday's hearing, so stay tuned.


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Rogue Warrior    

After seeing Miley on TMZ last night, it's out with the old (ie Lilo) and in with the new. Start trading em in at 25, and more frequently every 10 years after that. Cause at 50, they're rendered, OBSOLETE!!!!!!!!!


599 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Rouge Wearer Rouge Wearer
Your idol is such a loser
And just like you, she's nothing more
than a lying thieving boozer.

You lonesome fool, you inbred s***
Am I to be your mate?
Your posts are old and tired and boring
No wonder you have no date.

You smell like crap, you rarely bathe
Half your teeth are missing
It's no wonder that, on Friday night
Your cat is all you're kissing.

I should call PETA for what you've done
It's cruelty to your pet
If I had my way, YOU'D be the one
Who gets fixed at the Vet.

You closeted freak, you flaming gay
Your tool is oh so tiny
Give me one night alone with you
And I'll promise to split your hiney.

Just one last verse, before I go
And find something better to do
Just how many times will it be tonight
That you'll be guzzling some guy's goo?

599 days ago

Just Sayin     

Poor little train wreck

599 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

FUTMZ, you are better off emailing ROL. They will look into it and get te story out. TMZ is lame, plus they know by now if Shawn will be her lawyer and is saving that for the 1am story

599 days ago

kanye east    

Rouge Wearer Rouge Wearer
We know you’re a git
It seems pointless to go on pretending

All your “cat-sex” is vile
We see through your denial
Your ridiculousness never-ending

I wonder, like most
If your cranium’s toast
Too much vodka can have that effect

When the Coroner’s through
They’ll confirm what we knew
You had too few brain cells to connect

599 days ago


From Twitter....Hahahahahahahaha!
Ashley's Book Nook‏@ashsbooknook

I have been on a role with my book choices lately. I'm giving out stars like Lindsay Lohan probably gives out handy j's in public bathrooms!

599 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Rouge Wearer Rouge Wearer
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You're immature and boring
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599 days ago


Does she seem all that concerned that she's going to the clink? So people that say she is this time should wake up as she must consistantly know something that the public doesn't. On another site it said that this judge might not release SH from the case. Why? This gig is just as nuts. But who's nuts are getting yanked to keep her skating. That's the question.

599 days ago

kanye east    

So. Zillow shows 1749 Old Mill Rd Merrick, NY 11566 as "Not for sale". They also list it with a value of 1.28 million. This means two things.....

1) DUIna is still in denial and thinks Linds will come through with the loot to save the boarding house, so she won't put it up for sale.

2) The amount of default is $910,000.00, which is the amount of the CASH LOANS DUIna took to keep the delusion going.

Who cares what happens to Linds in court? This is MUCH better. Plenty of DUIna-brand grief ahead after Linds gets locked up (like Lindsay Lohan).

599 days ago



599 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Here are some pictures of Lindsay and one of her many turbanator mounts out shopping (paying for services rendered)

Looks like he bought her a new wig and got her some fresh duck lips

599 days ago


Look at the pro hac vice motion:

Berger Sacks signed the application WITH HELLER'S NAME ON IT. Look at the last page===the proof of service. The paperwork was submitted by Peter Toumbekis--Berger Sacks' attorney friend. Somehow they both Heller and Tounbekis are involved and no I doubt that Berger Sacks is not fully apprised of the situation.

599 days ago

kanye east    

If you look overhead at 1749 Old Mill Rd and the elementary school Next door, you'll notice that there's maybe 45-50 cars parked there - at a school that should have maybe 12-15. How many teachers could even fit in there? I bet the rest of those cars are the private security goons the school had to hire to keep the Lohans from stealing the copper plumbing and to keep NICOLE away from the little nieces.

599 days ago


@dinalohan Genuine copper-plumbing 4 SALE!!!----almost NU!! Call me!!!!!

599 days ago


Good, let that psycho try and represent herself in court and see her try and explain her actions to the judge. I'd pay to see that action, would be the funniest thing ever!!

599 days ago
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