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Shawn Holley to Judge

Get Me Out of Lindsay's Life


1/28/2013 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shawn Holley
just filed legal docs asking the judge in Lindsay Lohan's latest criminal problem to let her out of the case ... and Lindsay is down with it.

We've learned Lindsay signed Shawn's documents, which will allow Shawn out of the case and New York attorney Mark Heller to serve in her place.

Judge Stephanie Sautner will almost certainly make the change official when Lindsay appears in court Wednesday.

But here's a potential snag. Since Heller isn't licensed to practice in California, he needs a California lawyer to sponsor him. The lawyer who agreed to do it doesn't know Heller from Adam and thinks she's vouching for another lawyer who has worked with Heller in the past. It's possible Lindsay could be lawyerless.

We'll be livestreaming Wednesday's hearing, so stay tuned.


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Is Blo's next NYC court date set?

That will be court date # 23 and counting.......WHEEEEE!!!!!

633 days ago


I'm waiting for her to pull the "I'm broke, I can't afford to fly to CA" card.

633 days ago


Good luck getting paid the balance of your fees, Shawn!

633 days ago


Ass pissed off as I am at the seeming inequitable treatment Strawberry Snortcake has received vs. what you and I would as non-celbs, and as a Cali taxpayer footing the bill for these shena****ns......there is only so much the judge can do. I happen to know for a FACT Judge Sautner has NOT been happy being at the center of this ****storm. This is not going to go well for HighLo.

633 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

@ Flea.........still laughing about them leggings bursting into flame.........LMFAO

633 days ago


All this free publicity has given Shawn the BIG HEAD...

633 days ago


Judge do us all a favor

633 days ago


Lock her up

633 days ago


Holley didn't get her out of ANYTHING. Her "defense" of Crackie has always been lame. When before Sautner, Holley proclaimed that Crackie's intent wasn't to "permanently' deprive the jewelers of the necklace, but that she planned to return it but wasn't "considerate" or "courteous" to return it a timely manner. So it wasn't stealing. Furthermore, Holley said that she wasn't going to "deny" that Crackie left the store with the necklace. Duh, of course not, there is a video of it. THAT was Holley's defense. LOL. Lame-but when you're grasping at thin air trying to come up with a tall tale to tell for your Crackie client-that's the BEST she could do. Crackie gets off easy for her shi*t because California is broke and can't afford to keep her and thousands of others behind bars. And while the prosecution-trying to maintain some respect- asks for significant jail time, the reality is that ALL nonviolent offenders are jailed for only 20% of their sentences in LA County. The DA and the Judges seek out alternative, less costly, "incarcerations" like rehab treatment to alleviate jail overcrowding and seek out of plea deals to avoid costly and time consuming trials. So Holley always negotiates a plea deal for Crackie. Always. And everyone says afterwards "HOLLEY GOT HER OFF." In reality, she has really done shi*t and is merely taking advantage of the financial crisis. Now if she actually took any of Crackie's cases to court and got a NOT GUILTY verdict then she would earn the title of getting Crackie off. And in my opinion, Holley has done her more harm than good negotiating these plea deals. Years ago, Holley should have realized Crackie wasn't a good probationer and advised her to take the jail time and just get it over with. And if Crackie didn't follow her advice, Holley should have dumped her. Being on continuous probation since 2007 has only made Crackie's life worse-each little infraction netted her more probation time,community service and more actual jail time for probation violation. Although ultimately it is Crackie's fault that she has been in constant trouble for the past 6 years while on probation, it is also Holley's fault for negotiating said probation. For example, take this current drama. Crackie would not be facing a VOP for 245 days if she wasn't on probation for the necklace theft-probation that Holley brokered. And it is doubtful that the police would have pursued the PCH case as agressively as they did-to the point of a 6 month investigation and bringing it the DA- if Crackie wasn't already on probation. They knew they could "get" her on VOP-very easaily-and so the rest was just cream. Ironic,no? A Good lawyer KNOWS their client and advises based on that knowledge. Jail for her would have ALWAYS been the better "deal". And if Crackie refused, then Holley should have quit her. Perhaps, this is what is the root cause of their split now. Maybe Holley FINALLY told Crackie that she needed to take JAIL(or 6 mo. LOCKDOWN REHAB) and refused to negotiate more probation time. When Crackie balked, Holley grew some balls and quit.

633 days ago


Lohan can stall all she want's but nothing is going away. Just because she's been able to keep stalling her charges aren't dropped, IRS not going away, lawsuites piling up, no work coming in, legal and court fees owed are beyond nuts.

Lohan still thinks this is the hahaha look like what I can still get away with. Wouldn't wan't to be in her stolen shoes.

633 days ago


What is judge sautner going to say to crylo, I told you I didn't want to see your sorry-ass face and fu nails here anymore? What are you tryin to say to me you wretch, I should f- myself?

633 days ago


Go ahead Lindsey - I " Dare" you to write " Fu*k You" on your finger nails again for court on Wed- Ha !

633 days ago


Why can't TMZ hire a real lawyer to provide accurate analysis of what is supposed to happen? I know Harvey supposedly is a lawyer but this site's information is awful.

633 days ago


Morning Bitcho's.

633 days ago


One of the moments I like when she's in front of a judge is when she's being talked down to like child that she is, with, "Ms. Lohan." Wednesday should be chock full of "Ms. Lohan's."

633 days ago
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