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Shawn Holley to Judge

Get Me Out of Lindsay's Life


1/28/2013 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shawn Holley
just filed legal docs asking the judge in Lindsay Lohan's latest criminal problem to let her out of the case ... and Lindsay is down with it.

We've learned Lindsay signed Shawn's documents, which will allow Shawn out of the case and New York attorney Mark Heller to serve in her place.

Judge Stephanie Sautner will almost certainly make the change official when Lindsay appears in court Wednesday.

But here's a potential snag. Since Heller isn't licensed to practice in California, he needs a California lawyer to sponsor him. The lawyer who agreed to do it doesn't know Heller from Adam and thinks she's vouching for another lawyer who has worked with Heller in the past. It's possible Lindsay could be lawyerless.

We'll be livestreaming Wednesday's hearing, so stay tuned.


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If I had to choose a place to go to jail, (Famous) it would be Cali. Fame is POWER

611 days ago

BB not bb    

If she can prove that she is really broke, she can get a public defencder, but they actually want to get paid also and it is a real gamble trusting one. You can get a dud who just throws your case and it is worse than trying to speak for yourself because the lawayer is the only one allowed to speak on your behalf.

She could beg Shawn to come back, but I don't think Shawn is willing to be on a legal team with Heller. Maybe if Lindsay dumps him as far as her CA cases, Shawn might come back.

Her crimes aren't even that bad, so if worse comes to worse, she won't have to serve much time. She might get out in months.

611 days ago


of course lilo agreed to have shawn outta her life cos shawn knows exactly what she did, shawn betrayed the client /lawyer privelege, lilo could ruin shawn because of this,

tmz didn't you say lilo wanted shawn to carry on as her lawyer? lol crapolla! tmz at their worst.

610 days ago


The attorney finally woke up and smelled he coffee.

610 days ago


The ONLY way SCH would represent her again is if she paid the 300,000 owed and put down a hefty retainer. That is NOT going to happen . . .

610 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

I'm totally psychic, check out my predictions:
1) Hundreds of people who willfully do nothing through their day will show up and spit their lack of self-worth onto Lindsay on this comment board
2) Dozens of TMZ staff members will make negative comments to fuel the fire
3) Lindsay will ultimately benefit from the massive amounts of attention she gets from both in addition to the internet-wide world of media
4) DaveT will read through it and laugh, like this....Bahahahahahaha! :D


OMG you're retarded

610 days ago


@SAM. Yes, I'm sure Holley told Crackie to take the jail time from the beginning. When Crackie refused, Holley should have quit. She didn't-that's the point. Blair Berk was her original lawyer that got her probation for her DUIs-not Holley-and then she quit. Besides the numerous VOPs, the only case that Holley has repped her for was the necklace theft. Blair Berk was the one who got her the "sweet deals" you blather on about. And I repeat-BLAIR BERK QUIT HER A.S.S. Something Holley should have done years ago. Holley never needed Crackie for free publicity. She helped get OJ Simpson a NOT GUILTY verdict. She was already well respected when she started repping Crackie. Why represent a client who is guilty and won't follow your advice? And she wasn't being paid for it either. That's just STUPID and a WASTE OF YOUR TIME AND SANITY. Who the he11 wants Crackie wailing into the phone 24/7? Who the he11 wants her equally insane family wailing into the phone 24/7?

610 days ago

kanye east    

Hey NICOLE.... why don't you hook Linds up with Thuggy Ma's lawyer. They did a spectacular job gettin' Thuggy locked up (like Lindsay Lohan).

610 days ago


i've always liked shawn holley but she made a real bad mistake, she talked to milo behind lilo's back. ya'll know a lawyer and client relationship is sacred. shawn holley proved she is nothing more than a pawn to milo's games, sorry shawn, you fcuked up.

lilo wanted shawn out, thats why lilo fired her. no matter what hapens to lilo with heller as her lawyer , it won't be any worse than if shawn was her lawyer

610 days ago


Love how TMZ adds to the drama!

610 days ago

Tick tock, Lindsay

610 days ago


Why did she change lawyers, you ask? Silly...he works for *******s.

610 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

OMG, the people that say that Lindsay can get a public defender because she is broke crack me up. She had 2 million dollars in taxable income last year. No, she is not entitled to a public defender.

610 days ago


Yea!! I am getting hate checked. That means I am in good -no make that GREAT company. I am honored.

610 days ago


did someone say that HOhan was out shop(lifting) this past weekend?

if she was able to pick up something she'll show. if she didn't, she won't.

610 days ago
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