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Chris Brown & Frank Ocean

Parking Brawl Goes Deep

1/28/2013 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Chris Brown and Frank Ocean's late night brawl allegedly started over a parking space ... but there's a lot of history behind it too. Who's really to blame -- and should Chris be worried about violating his probation?

Plus, Rick Ross was shot at -- and completely missed -- 20 times! Which makes it either the worst attempted murder of all-time ... or a really scary threat.

And, two "American idol" alums -- Taylor Hicks and Melinda Doolittle -- joined us to defend "Idol" in that lawsuit accusing the show of racism. Soul patrol, in the house!!

(0:00) Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight over a parking space -- which sounds ridiculous ... until you hear Evan's take on it.
(7:00) Lindsay Lohan says she's just banging Max from The Wanted -- not dating him. The suprising part -- how ticked off Ryan is about this story.
(10:00) Rick Ross is the victim of the worst drive-by ever -- when a gunman shoots at his car 20 times ... and misses every time.
(14:00) Casey Anthony is broke -- probably because no one of Earth would hire her to do any job.
(18:00) Two "American Idol" alums -- Taylor Hicks and Melinda Doolittle -- join the show to say how stupid the racism claims against "Idol" are.
(23:00) Taye Diggs thwarts a home invasion -- all on his own.
(27:00) Justin Bieber investigated for an assault ... involving a Nerf gun.
(31:00) Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders -- finally getting divorced after the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal.
(33:00) President Obama and Hillary Clinton sat down for a "60 Minutes" interview ... so how pissed off is Joe Biden right now?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Beyonce speaks out about her lip-syncing scandal -- via a t-shirt ... we think.

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You, bastages, you did it again. You post a Smeghan thread an hour before TMZ Live, why are trying to drive away viewership? You know damn well we are going to split if it's boring here and go over there.

633 days ago


Had a great weekend, hope everyone had a fantabulous one. Lot's of beer, books, and good food. I didn't know whether to read, get drunk, or have a nap, LOL.

633 days ago


Sure, Chris will get probation like Smeghan will go to jail on Wednesday, GTFOH.
Can't wait to hear TMZ staff trash Humphries today and gush over Karstoogians.

633 days ago

Flying Blind    

today is going to take 10 of my IQ points. and I don't have 10 to spare ....

633 days ago


Well, not only am I embarrassed that Bieber is Canadian, I'm even more embarrassed that the Police department is investigating a woman getting hit with a nerf ball. WTF is happening to Canada? Someone send that chick to a Hockey game and fill her up with beer and food, maybe she'll finally chill out.

633 days ago


I guess I'll leave once the Brown-Ocean news is ovah.

I hope Frank whooped that ass!! And no, not that way... Hehehe...

633 days ago


Hello Kiddo's, hope everyone had a great weekend!
Are Lohan, Chris Brown and Casey Anthony made of teflon or something, they all keep getting away with murder.

633 days ago

Flying Blind    

it's actually good to see people fist fighting and leaving the guns in the SUV.

633 days ago


Congrats to TMZ, for yet again glorifying a scuzzbag like Anthony. I could careless if she's declaring bankruptcy, my only hope is she ends up homeless and giving back alley B.J'S then shooting that money into her arms. I don't like to wish the worst on someone, this beyotch, she's the MAJOR exception.

633 days ago


Lindsay is a moron.

633 days ago


I hope Max sues you a-holes, how the hell do you know he's a FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS? Of course, I guess you could get off with a technicality in court since you didn't specify what the BENEFIT was huh?

633 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Truly: As a former 3-time amateur boxing champion,
I personally find cat-fights highly-offensive.

The House of David 2 Chronicles 13 Victory, is HERE:
NOW, The Most Holy Christ King Yeshua reigns!

633 days ago


Blah, blah, blah. This is not street cred, or the fights of old like the bad ass gangsta rappers. Fighting over a woman, now fighting over a parking spot. Yeah, Chris Brown, bad ass, don't talk about my woman, or my car. Frank Ocean, bad ass, DON"T PARK IN MY SPOT.

633 days ago


Evan threw his yamaka at the other guy, threatened to call his loy-ya over the spot....

633 days ago


Sup, MAJESTIK -- For real! I am sick of that guy. And his punching bad (RiHOnna).

633 days ago
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