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Chris Brown & Frank Ocean

Parking Brawl Goes Deep

1/28/2013 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Chris Brown and Frank Ocean's late night brawl allegedly started over a parking space ... but there's a lot of history behind it too. Who's really to blame -- and should Chris be worried about violating his probation?

Plus, Rick Ross was shot at -- and completely missed -- 20 times! Which makes it either the worst attempted murder of all-time ... or a really scary threat.

And, two "American idol" alums -- Taylor Hicks and Melinda Doolittle -- joined us to defend "Idol" in that lawsuit accusing the show of racism. Soul patrol, in the house!!

(0:00) Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight over a parking space -- which sounds ridiculous ... until you hear Evan's take on it.
(7:00) Lindsay Lohan says she's just banging Max from The Wanted -- not dating him. The suprising part -- how ticked off Ryan is about this story.
(10:00) Rick Ross is the victim of the worst drive-by ever -- when a gunman shoots at his car 20 times ... and misses every time.
(14:00) Casey Anthony is broke -- probably because no one of Earth would hire her to do any job.
(18:00) Two "American Idol" alums -- Taylor Hicks and Melinda Doolittle -- join the show to say how stupid the racism claims against "Idol" are.
(23:00) Taye Diggs thwarts a home invasion -- all on his own.
(27:00) Justin Bieber investigated for an assault ... involving a Nerf gun.
(31:00) Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders -- finally getting divorced after the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal.
(33:00) President Obama and Hillary Clinton sat down for a "60 Minutes" interview ... so how pissed off is Joe Biden right now?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Beyonce speaks out about her lip-syncing scandal -- via a t-shirt ... we think.

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Good for her. I hope she gets HALF of his earnings too whether she's worth more than him, BWUAHAHA

603 days ago


Whats that guys name ?

603 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHA. Honeychild, please, go put your drag outfit on and leave the intelligent people to comment.

603 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

I question if your heterosexuality is real Dax.

603 days ago


Was that skyper a guy, girl or drag queen? No name given?

603 days ago


Okay, I'm done. Politics and TMZ is a joke. After that, it's Viewers choice. I'm going to go check the back six pages and make sure I didn't miss any fantastic commenters. If I don't make it back. HAVE A GREAT DAY, EVERYONE. See you Wednesday (tomorrow is cheap beer day at the Legion, I'll be there LOL).

603 days ago


Chris Brown is a thug like Bobby Brown!!!!!!

603 days ago


I can't even read this site any longer. It's gone from celebs and stars to just whatever bozo got in trouble the night before. blahhhhh As another poster said it's like they're self-destructing.
Bring back some "entertaining" stories! geesh

603 days ago


If Hillary won in 2016, America would probably get attacked by pretty much all of its enemies. Worst thing to imagine. Ever.

603 days ago


Charles just made a gay crack

603 days ago


Harvey voted for Obamba cuz he thought they said (4 more rears)

603 days ago


Harvey, give your head a shake. You're a lawyer, so you should know better than this. It's an investigation, not a conviction. There's a difference. Every criminal complaint is investigated. You have to investigate it before you know what really happened. Idiots.

603 days ago


What type of a police do you have in USA, PIGS. In Canadian we have Law enforcement. Mounties are National. Sometimes your show your shoe size. It's a good thing you have your adopted father Charles to look after you.
A pissed American Canadian

603 days ago


So I am sitting here watching TMZ ...I have noticed that Harvey puts his ENTIRE right hand into his pants pocket. All the way up to the wrist. Who does that? Unless it's really cold out. His left hand just goes in up to the about the knuckle line. I am beginning to wonder if his right arm is longer than his left or something. Lol, I am sorry, it is distracting me! After a couple of gestures, there it goes, slammed back into the pocket wrist deep. Juss sayin...Distracting! (Love you Harvey, and the rest of you too! Love the show.)

602 days ago


Harvey is the biggest racist bastard on all television! First this show appears a day later, which makes your comments out of touch with other news that has already been reported. News flash! regardless of the high opinion you have ofyourself,you are proven day after day, stupid comments and all YOU are not the authority on everything! Harvey, can u say,PRESIDENT Obama????

602 days ago
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