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Casey Anthony

I Won't Be Held Back Anymore

1/29/2013 10:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Casey Anthony has broken her 7-month silence ... telling CBS 5 in AZ that she's determined to move forward with her life -- and the station insists Casey wasn't paid a single cent for the interview.

The 26-year-old agreed to a phone interview from her Florida home on Friday under the condition that the reporter ONLY ask her about her bankruptcy situation.

"This is the next step towards closure for me," Anthony explained.

Anthony was also asked about a pending lawsuit filed by a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez who claimed Casey had defamed her when she told cops in 2008 that a fake nanny named "Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez" kidnapped her daughter, Caylee.

Gonzalez is suing Anthony for unspecified damages. Anthony told CBS 5 she hoped that case (and two other pending lawsuits against Anthony) would be behind her by now.

"These are the things holding me back," Anthony said. "This is the key for me to move forward."

Casey also gave the station a couple of recent photos -- showing her hanging out with her legal team back in August.

The reporter who got the interview later released a statement ... saying, "TO BE PERFECTLY CLEAR... Anthony and/or her legal team are not, have not and will not be paid or compensated in any way by me or my news organization. Nor have I personally received any financial consideration in relation to this story.”


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Im sick to my stomach.. That the media are still releasing stories bout her! America hates her!! Only sickos take a pic with a child killer!! But even charles manson has fans!

595 days ago


Notice the majority of them are men......poor fools.

595 days ago


BABY KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

595 days ago


I would not want to be anywhere near that baby killer!!!!

595 days ago

carla gonzales    

She didnt make any money with this interview? Really? No money? Really?? BS

595 days ago


Boycott this station how dare they interview her asking about her life after what shes done. I have no doubt they paid her I doubt she would do any interview without getting paid. Absolutely disgusting and she wants to "move forward" well your poor daughter you murdered never got to "move forward". If she really didn't murder her daughter she would be still to this day be trying to find out who killed her not saying shes "moving forward". Shes a evil, vile, **** and shame on you TMZ for putting this sick, twisted bitch as a celebrity on your site. Shes infamous for killing her poor daughter she is not a celebrity.

595 days ago


Makes me sick to look at her smiling face.

595 days ago

It's Dave    

Won't be held back anymore? Bitch, you murdered your child. Go hide in a hole somewhere.

595 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Haha shes back HOT and not FAT as all the fatties here claimed. Guys go back and read all the angry female names. Its jealousy nothing more.

Welcome back Casey! Looking good!

595 days ago

carla gonzales    

BS!!! She didn't got any money for this interview? BSSS Really? reallY??

595 days ago


Why is everyone smiling with this evil baby KILLER? CREEPY

595 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Hey crows please boycott tmz like the other 500 times you have threatened to do so.

595 days ago

bailey 79    

I've said it before. The only person you should be mad at is the prosecutor. He got greedy and wanted to be the badass the put Casey to death, but he needed unreasonable doubt. But there was, if he just didn't get greedy and not try to get the spotlight, and went for life, then she would be sitting in a jail cell right now. So **** the persecute. This is what happens when you get greedy. The justice system worked, he was just stupid in thinking the jury would based on emotion and not evidence and reasonable doubt. They did job. If we rule on emotion and not blindly then that makes the justice flawed.

595 days ago

cynical me    

Crazy b*tch still wants to be famous.
The only thing holding her back is 'her civil suits' Um, no what's holding you back is the fact you killed your daughter and nobody wants a baby killer around.

595 days ago

bailey 79    

Why does this page cut some of my words out? Must have been too long. Sorry about that, but I'm sure you know what I'm saying

595 days ago
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