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Jason London

Beaten, Arrested and

Allegedly Craps Himself

1/29/2013 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jason London mug shot

Jason London crapped himself in the back seat of a cop car Sunday morning ... minutes after the "Dazed & Confused" actor was punched in the face in a bar fight ... this according to a police report obtained by TMZ.

Here's what the report says ...

Cops were called to the Martini Ranch bar in Scottsdale, Arizona at 1:42 AM on Sunday morning after getting a call about a man who was bleeding on the street.

When officers arrived to the scene ... they found Jason nursing a swollen eye. Cops spoke to a bouncer who told them Jason had been inside the club, walked by him and sneezed on him.  The bouncer asked for an apology, and Jason allegedly punched him in the face.

40-year-old Jason was thrown out of the bar kicking and screaming and in the process he was beaten up.

Paramedics arrived to the scene to treat London, but cops say the actor got aggressive with the responders and shoved some of them. Cops say one of the officers was forced to deliver a knee strike to London's right thigh so they could seat him on the ground. London later called one of the officers a "f**king hillbilly."

Jason was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct/fighting and assault.

On his way to the police station ... Jason uttered a homophobic slur to the cops ... saying, "Guess what fa**ot?  I f***ing love this.  I f***ing own you guys so hard.  I'm rich and I'm a motherf***ing famous actor!  F***ing look me up, bitch."

Jason continued ... "It smells like s**t in your car and your breath smells like diarrhea."  According to the police report, Jason then leaned to the left and crapped in his pants.  Jason then said, "I told you I'm happy as s**t."

The next day, cops say they spoke with Jason's wife Sofia who told them ... "I know he's an a**hole when he drinks."

Cops say Sofia also told them she had spoken with Jason ... and he had no recollection of the incident.

1:50 PM PT -- Jason just tweeted about the story ... saying the police report is a "total f*cking lie."

Jason explains, "I got jumped by three 250 pound bouncers. They knocked me out and beat me for several minutes."

"I would never say or do the crap they are reporting. Have faith in me. The truth will come out and you will see."

He continues, "Some guy thought I was hitting on his girl and had me jumped. My wife was in the next room, had no idea what even happened. I hate Arizona."



No Avatar


His famous? I haven't seen him on anything lately.

603 days ago

nipples mugee    

He pooped his pants .

603 days ago


Jason Who?

His wife must be so proud.

603 days ago


hahahahah jason and jeremy london obviously cant handle their booze. And YES, we KNOW you crapped your pants jason.

603 days ago


Ummm, so it didn't happen at all or it happened but he doesn't remember??. Its funny that he remembers enough to make the cops story look like the truth. He must not have been THAT wasted.
I really dislike active alcoholics. They are pathetic, embarrassing and can be mean as hell. I should know I grew up with one as a father. I don't know how many times he passed out in the yard and I had to step over him to go to school. Then he claimed he didn't remember. And he was always crapping in his pants too. I admire my mother for putting up with his mess. She would just let him lay out in the yard until he came too. Alcohol is just as bad a drug as meth, crack, heroin and other street drugs. Only this is more acceptable to society and to some more funnier. There is nothing at all funny about having someone in your family be an active drunk.
I remember this guy on Seventh Heaven. Too bad he turned into this.

603 days ago


Don't know who he is and, more importantly, don't care to find out.

603 days ago


I believe this story 100%

603 days ago


He an Chris Brown would make awesome cell mates. I smell a prison buddy movie in the air. Oh no wait, that's just the crap in his pants I smell.

603 days ago


Well, that's quite a story! He kinda looks like Rainn Wilson in the pic. Sounds like Jason's not such a good drunk. That 'calling card' he purposely left in the back seat of the cop car is the ultimate form of disrespect. Unfortunately, it's all part of the job for cops, correctional officers and first responders.

603 days ago


"I'm totally famous,...just look me up" If you were famous...why would they have to look you up? Now that's funny......

603 days ago


He is so getto

603 days ago


This is officially the funniest mugshot of all time.

603 days ago


Sounds like he got exactly what he deserved.

603 days ago


I have no idea who he is. He's disgusting, and I'd make him clean up the s h i t in the car. Nasty a s s.

603 days ago

Throwback kid    

He almost has a smug look on his face like "Is that all you got?" almost like he would like them to blacken the other eye too!

603 days ago
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