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Frankie Avalon

The Beatles Would Be

Huge ... In Any Era!

1/30/2013 12:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Would The Beatles have been just as popular had they hit the charts today? You better believe it ... so says Hollywood legend Frankie Avalon.

Our cameraman posed the question to the '60s teen idol recently ... needless to say, Frankie's answer was a resounding YES ... telling TMZ, "I think if The Beatles debuted in ANY day, they'd be humongous. It was a great act, great songs, great music."

As to whether the band could've adapted to modern audiences, Frankie continued, "Look, great is great ... and they were great. I don't care what time, what year, whatever ... they were just wonderful."

And there you go ... great.


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631 days ago


Are the Beatles the greatest rock band of all-time? Yes.

That said, media was so limited back then. Easier to control what the kids listened to or watched. Beatles on Late Night talk shows and Beatles saturating the radio, Casey Kasem pushing the agenda. Different world now.

So sorry, Frankie. While they'd be successful, ' any era' is dreaming.

631 days ago


The BeAtles are sooo overrated

631 days ago


And Frankie was big back then. Glad to see him out and about

631 days ago


I love the Beatles but todays music biz is so F'd up that I dont think they would be successful today. To be successful today you have to flash skin, breath fire, say you are the devil and get involved in a drive by shooting. Being able to sing or write songs is no longer a requirement.

631 days ago

Max Smart    

They might have been as famous but they wouldn't have been as rich cause back then people had to actually pay for their records.

631 days ago


The Beatles' music is terrific & anyone who doesn't think so either isn't familiar with their albums or just doesn't like that type of music. That being said, they were popular because of the era the were introduced in & no one will ever compare to them.


631 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Of course Frankie would know. But when the camera guy asked if Frankie Avalon would be a big star if he came out now? Frankie replied, "go fvck yourself!"
Phishie from Philly

631 days ago


Yeah right. I love love LOVE the Beatles but in today's music scene John would have a Mohawk, Ringo would wear spiked colors and tight leather pants, George would write rap songs, and Paul would be caught in a love triangle with LiLo and Paris. Not to mention each would have a sex tape and "She Loves You" would be "She Fucs You" and P Diddy would guest rap in the back. Because their is no way they could have a clean image and make it in rock or pop today. They would have to sell out to make it today.

631 days ago


And there you go...Frankie Avalon filler.

631 days ago


He is right..great music is timeless

631 days ago


Stones r better.

631 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

It's a very different world today. We would have to Rap and all that sh*t to be successful in todays world. It was'nt even easy in the 60's for us to make it. We were F*ckin’ big bastards, that’s what the Beatles were. You have to be a bastard to make it, that’s a fact, and the Beatles were the biggest bastards on earth! Paul and The Stones need to give it up. There well past it. Especially Jagger! I think Mick was always jealous of us. I was always very respectful about Mick and the Stones, but he said a lot of sort of tarty things about the Beatles, which I am hurt by, because you know, I can knock the Beatles, but don’t let Mick Jagger knock them. I would like to just list what we did and what the Stones did two months after on every f*ckin’ album. Every f*ckin’ thing we did, Mick does exactly the same — he imitates us. And I would like one of you f*ckin’ underground people to point it out, you know “Satanic Majesties” is Pepper, “We Love You,” it’s the most ****in’ bull****, that’s “All You Need Is Love.”

I resent the implication that the Stones are like revolutionaries and that the Beatles weren’t. If the Stones were or are, the Beatles really were too. But they are not in the same class, music-wise or power-wise, never were. I never said anything, I always admired them, because I like their funky music and I like their style. I like rock and roll and the direction they took after they got over trying to imitate us, you know.

He’s obviously so upset by how big the Beatles are compared with him; he never got over it. Now he’s in his old age, and he is beginning to knock us, you know, and he keeps knocking. I resent it, because even his second f*ckin’ record we wrote it for him. Mick said “Peace made money.” We didn’t make any money from Peace. You know. I think it's a lot of hype. I like ``Honky Tonk Women,'' but I think Mick's a joke with all that *** dancing; I always did.

631 days ago


The Beatles were popular because musical tastes in the 1960...'s weren't refined yet. Its like getting in on the ground floor and talent does not really count.

If a group as mediocre as the beatles even tried to audition for American Idol they'll be booted off ASAP!

631 days ago


Of course, we wouldn't have the "Now" that we know, if it wasn't for the Beatles. The Beatles were a product of those times. Performers were livestock performing what they were told to perform, and artless albums were mediocre padding for a single hit song.

Even with that, yeah yeah yeah, they'd still be seen as talented writers and performers, they'd still be huge.

630 days ago
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