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Jason London

I'm the REAL Victim


1/30/2013 12:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0130_jason_london_launchJason London's face was a broken, swollen mess following the crazy brawl at the Martini Ranch bar in Scottsdale, AZ on Sunday ... and it's clear Jason was on the losing end of the fight.

A rep for London tells TMZ ... the actor doesn't exactly remember how the violence began -- but says he DOES remember that someone had approached him in the bar and accused him of "looking at his friend's girl." Jason says the man then got physical with him.

Jason says the next thing he remembers is getting arrested ... but before he wound up in cuffs, the actor claims he was brutally assaulted by the bar's security staff ... and he doesn't know why.

"Jason's injuries are consistent with a brutal attack with deliberately and expertly aimed landed shots to the head which, according to eyewitnesses, continued even after he was unconscious," the rep tells TMZ.

We're told Jason suffered a right orbital fracture in the attack ... as well as a sinus fracture, multiple contusions, hematomas, abrasions and a concussion.

Jason claims he didn't throw one punch -- and his fists can back up his claim, because there are no bumps, bruises or cuts on either of his hands.

We're told Jason is currently exploring his legal options.

Jason's story is a stark contrast to the police report, first obtained by TMZ ... in which cops say London was a drunken, obnoxious mess who instigated the fight and even attacked police.

London was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct/fighting and assault. 

The owner of the Martini Ranch tell TMZ ... "We stand behind our security staff."

He adds, "We feel confident that when the time comes between witnesses, police reports and our surveillance footage, that the truth will come out and show that the comments by Mr. London and his people are clearly inaccurate."


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But he still crapped his pants right?

576 days ago


i go to martini ranch ALL THE TIME and the security guards are totally professional...they wouldn't intentionally beat someone up. they ALWAYS throw out guys who are causing issues with anyone.

576 days ago


Look, I'm not defending the drunk, but what if someone from your family was beat to chit like this? I know he chit himself, and ran his mouth, and was drunk, but do you seriously think beating someone like this is acceptable? Let's hope he wins the lawsuit and makes another dazed and confused.

...without Parker Posey.

576 days ago


This guy needs to grow the hell up . . . . the only part of his story that is REALLY truthful is 'an alcoholic / addict (supposedly in recovery) was wasted and in a blackout in a bar' . . . . after that, the rest of HIS side of the story is BS. I say this after having 21 years sober. If an addict is wasted and his mouth is moving . . . he is lying.

576 days ago


It is irrelevant that London was a drunken, obnoxious mess or may have started a fight. The point and legal matter in this situation is security is NOT supposed to beat someone half to death. Aren't security guards suppose to be big strong guys that can merely escort a person to the door?
Sounds to me like the Martini Ranch security guard(s) are a bunch of punk ass sheep who use human beings as a punching bag to get their cookies off. Look out Martina Ranch because you will get slapped with a lawsuit to put you out of business and charges will be filed for excessive
brutality and hopefully serve time in jail.

576 days ago


Was is Jason or Jeremy that had a drug problem within the past twelve months? I assume its not Jason since it hasn't been mentioned in either story. Terrible either way. Scary that alcohol is legal but we need to have drunk tanks because so many people get out of hand yet they don't need a smokers tank.....but pot is illegal. I'm all for responsible drinking but there are so many stories of it going to far, people die or drive drunk and make an ass out of themselves. Too many things can come from alcohol and I think we need to take a look at these situations. No matter what the initial cause the outcome would not have happened had he not been drunk.

576 days ago


Maybe the cameras will be pointing to somewhere else too, a la Halle Berry!

576 days ago


My apology to this guy . . . I thought he was the one supposedly in recovery . . . . I just learned it's his brother.

576 days ago


What a convenient memory this guy has !

576 days ago


At this point it doesnt even matter who tarted the fight or over what. No security guard should beat a person to this extend. They should go to jail for this. Call the cops damn it but do not beat the person to this extend when you're job is to protect people.

576 days ago


I thought that guy looked familiar. He has an identical twin brother named Jeremy London that looks like a carbon copy of him. I've seen Jeremy in a few movies but not Jason.

Apparently, both of them have screwed up personal lives based on this drunken incident. Twins are like that you know. Even if they are separated at birth I hear that they tend to live the same kind of life and achieve similar goals, etc.

576 days ago


what's that saying? a picture's worth a thousand words? you throw and land even one punch, your knuckles are going to show it - period. not making excuses for a drunk, but seems to me like alcohol + getting your face beat in = erratic behavior.

576 days ago


Of course the owners will say they stand behind their security team. How bad will they make their club look if after this they didn't back their security. This does not make Jason London automatically guilty just because the owners are backing up their own security guards.

576 days ago


Ok, firstly... obnoxious and beligerant is not an excuse for him to be beaten to a pulp. Second, if the surveillance footage exonerates the bar staff, then why haven't they released it for all to see? Is it priviledged to only those involved in the assault investigation? (that's what this is now, by the way). The evidence clearly shows he has no defensive wounds, nor does he have any wounds that would indicate he swung - and connected - with anything. And even if he did swing, bouncers are suppose to control the situation and remove the problem, keeping the person outside of the bar until police arrive, not beat that person to a pulp in a 3-on-1 brawl. So... will the bar settle out of court for Mr. London's damages or let this case go to trial and let a jury decide how much he gets for his trouble? And he will win, by the way.

576 days ago


Well he clearly didn't use his fists against anyone. Did the bouncers just beat the hell out of the guy because he used harsh language? Bunch of thugs.

576 days ago
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