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Lindsay Lohan


Flies First Class to L.A.

1/30/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina took the last flight out of JFK last night and jetted to L.A. after being warned she'd be a wanted woman if she was a no-show in court this morning.

Lindsay -- who is not just broke but deeply in debt -- waited in her car at the airport (above) until the last minute ... then flew first class on American Airlines and landed at around 12:30 AM.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay had no intention of showing up in her lying-to-cops case and got a doctor's note which was filed with the court, saying she couldn't fly because she had an upper respiratory infection. But then we posted pictures of Lindsay shopping and smoking in SoHo the very day she got the doctor's note.

We're told Lindsay went into a panic after we posted our story Tuesday and started calling everyone to find out if we were right ... that the judge would probably issue a warrant for her arrest if she didn't show. Our Lindsay sources say she was pleading with Shawn Holley -- the lawyer she fired -- to come back on the case, saying she didn't like her replacement -- New York lawyer Mark Heller.

Holley made it clear days ago ... she's off the case, so it's now up to Heller, who clearly started off on the wrong foot by submitting the doctor's note, along with a New York Post article saying a lot of people in NYC had the flu.

Heller has another problem -- the lawyer he got to sponsor him to appear in a California court has never met him, and it's possible the judge could deny him the right to represent Lindsay. 

So Lindsay could be lawyerless ... and you know what they say about a client who reps herself ...

We'll be livestreaming the action in court beginning at 8:30 AM.



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Joey Jr    

If she has a note saying it is a danger to other's to fly because of her germs , she should get in trouble for that.

575 days ago


Please do the right thing judge and throw her a$$ in jail and throw away the key.

575 days ago


She called TMZ to let them know she'd be at the airport if they'd pay for her first-class flight.

575 days ago


I'm usually the first one to come on here or other sites and try to defend the perceived best in people. But I'm not sure this one has any redeeming qualities. She needs to go to jail for her own good. The leeches will scatter and the people who actually care about her (not her family) will stick around. She can detox there. But, she will probably skate, and she will be date within a year, with her precious Heath that probably doesn't even remember banging her in a haze of drugs and smoke. Linds, you need help, but I don't think you are smart enough to get it.

575 days ago


It never changes. Always another story followed by excuses and lies and then the final scramble to save herself. She always gets a slap on the wrist and then let go. She needs to be put in jail, not just for a week but long enough to learn something. Obviously whatever punishment she gets handed to her isn't working.

575 days ago


I bet she HATES Tmz, lol..what an idiot!!! This chick needs to be medicated, and sent to jail asap! When will she ever learn??? What will it take?You can travel all over the country stalking van der sloot's lost cousin, but you can't come to court?? Really???Throw all of them in jail! Lindsey, Dina, Michael, Ali, Cody lol..

575 days ago


Yeah, because everyone thinks they can just blow off a court date with a dr's note and a stupid article clipping from the newspaper, as if it's just a high school class. She's an idiot, and the new lawyer seems to be an idiot. She's had so many chances in life, she deserves what happens. It's almost as if, on some level, she wants to implode. People are only going to try to save you so many times before they'll just let you drown yourself.

575 days ago


ALIA - thanks (i think...LOL!) for the heads up about the DM photos.

HOhan's lips grow and look at HOmama's chin. damn!!!

575 days ago


I think one of three things will happen in court:

1) The Judge will order Shawn to remain on the case because her dismissal was way too close to the pre-trial date. If that happens, it may still be possible for Linds to take the 6 month lockdown rehab deal, if the Judge agrees;

2) Judge Sautner will approve Holley's withdrawal, but DENY Heller's request to represent Linds, and re-schedule the hearing;

3) Judge Sautner will approve Holley’s withdrawal and allow Heller to represent Linds, but will re-schedule the hearing to allow Heller to review the file.

If Lindsay had taken the lockdown plea, ALL of this would be over – no more court dates, no probation violation hearing. At this point, I doubt she can even afford to be flying back and forth for all the future court dates and hotel bills.

Lindsay has a personality disorder and addiction issues. I think the end result will be a choice between lockdown rehab and jail. If she takes jail but is released due to overcrowding, she will have to wear an alcohol monitoring device and get tested for drugs.

I think Lindsay is most afraid of not being able to feed her addictions. I ‘get’ that she’s not ready to deal with her addiction issues right now, but she will be a lot more comfortable ‘coming down’ from the booze in drugs in rehab. And, who knows? Maybe she will benefit from the counseling?

575 days ago


I'm broke and in debt, so I don't fly first class. I must be doing something wrong. Dear TMZ, how does one get a credit line at American Airlines?

Thank you for your forthcoming suggestions.

575 days ago


Per Sweet Brown: "Aint NOBODY got time for dat!!

575 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Ahhhh.... so THERE'S Carmen San Diego.

575 days ago


Sounded like a fake phone call just so she could avoid the paps. Who's talking to her anyway?

575 days ago


Lindsay -- who is not just broke but deeply in debt -- waited in her car at the airport (above) until the last minute ... then flew first class on American Airlines and landed at around 12:30 AM.


575 days ago


Could there finally be a light at the end of the tunnel? Could she finally be ordered to lock-down rehab by the judge in lieu of jail, and away from her mother and other enablers and media, be forgotten for a litle while, and learn how to be alone, and learn how to take responsibility...? I keep hoping she'll pull a Drew Barrymore and create an amazing story for her life, but it won't happen till someone holds her accountable for everything she does, the way normal functioning humans are.

575 days ago
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