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Judge to Lindsay

'I'm Glad to See

You're Feeling Better'

1/30/2013 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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9:27 AM PT
-- Heller is currently inside the courthouse and is expected to come out to address the media ... because he can't help himself.

Judge Stephanie Sautner couldn't help herself during Lindsay Lohan's hearing this AM, quipping, "I'm glad to see you're feeling better" -- referring to the fact that she was almost a no-show because her doctor said she had an upper respiratory infection -- which apparently didn't get in the way of her shopping spree last Saturday.

Lindsay reluctantly told the judge in her criminal case she's down with saying goodbye to longtime lawyer Shawn Holley ... and put her fate in the hands of New York attorney Mark Heller, who arrived to court today with a rabbit's foot on his bag for good luck.

A sleepy Lindsay hesitated when Judge Sautner asked if she was comfortable with the change.  Lindsay qualified her answer by telling the judge she was OK with it today, but the judge wanted to know about today and tomorrow ... Lindsay said it was.

Judge Sautner gave Heller permission to rep Lindsay in the lying-to-cops case and Heller then tried to turn on the charm, telling the judge they had a NYC connection since she was once a Big Apple detective.  The judge fired back that flattery would get him nowhere fast.

The judge also laid down the ominous fact -- that Lindsay could be found not guilty in the lying case, and her probation in the jewelry case could still be violated since the standard of proof is lower.

The Judge set March 1 as the next hearing.

FYI -- for whoever cares, Lindsay wore Chanel to court today with Celine shades ... and Louboutins on her feet, obviously.



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She should do the taxpayers a favor and OD tonight when she celebrates by snorting coke off her john's dick. But not before blacking out and murdering her mother.

448 days ago


Eonline had a legal expert saying that it was out of the judges control to hold her today. All she could do was revoke bail but Lilow could just turn around and post new bail

448 days ago



448 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Yayyy! She walks free!!

448 days ago


This **** is dumb enough to think she's out of the woods. Did anyone see her when asked if she wanted Heller to represent her. "Yes, for this day" She SOOOOO wants Shawn back. As far as the judge change, well Sautner seems to kiss her ass so I don't see it as a negative issue. There is no way any judge will not jail her on the PV. The DA has her ass nailed to the wall to with their case. So, I don't see how it's great news for Blo. Yeah, she can take it to trial. The DA is going to go HARD at her but she could be innocent. But that's up to the judge to use common sense.

448 days ago


How much did this little court day charade cost the great state of California's taxpayers?

448 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..omg..lmao..this is excellent comedy today...from the big mouth nyc lawyer too the smug LL....right down too the tmz camera dude...PURE COMEDY! can't wait for the " press conference" haha...

448 days ago


Harvey predicts court cases like he does football!

448 days ago

furious cupcakes    

That " Glad to see you're feeling better" snide comment from the judge was PRICELESS! Mark Heller was impressive, no? Great personality, great energy.... and kudos TMZ on getting that best spot for this Heller press conference....

448 days ago


Did anyone else notice the female cop signal a pap that she had talked to earlier that Lindsay was coming out of the building?

448 days ago


yeah I saw that smirk on her face as well. Got away with it again. Wonder who the new judge being Saunter is retiring.

Im still happy for Holley.

448 days ago


I can't begin to imagine the personal satisfaction Shawn Holley must have watching Heller get scolded by Sautner. GOOD TIMES!

448 days ago

Keyser Söze    

God... this is so ridiculous.

Alright - short of killing or raping someone (and even then...), this girl will never go to jail. The judge just made fun of her and her new lawyer... and that's it?!? Seriously, we have to wait AGAIN 'til March now for some sort of punishment to be done? How can it be so hard to understand that the woman is a SOCIOPATHIC REPEAT OFFENDER who will NEVER learn from her mistakes and will keep on breaking the law as long as she is free!? What, five years of this continuous nonsense isn't enough, so let's go for another one?

As I said... ridiculous. So over this whole circus now - for real, wake me up when she's finally in the slammer, where she belongs. But let it be known again: if she was anything else than a (kinda) rich caucasian, she would have been in jail already, that's for damn sure.

448 days ago


That little mexican man was adorable...the lawyer is a leetal short

448 days ago


Harvey predicts court cases like he does football!

448 days ago
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