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Judge to Lindsay

'I'm Glad to See

You're Feeling Better'

1/30/2013 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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9:27 AM PT
-- Heller is currently inside the courthouse and is expected to come out to address the media ... because he can't help himself.

Judge Stephanie Sautner couldn't help herself during Lindsay Lohan's hearing this AM, quipping, "I'm glad to see you're feeling better" -- referring to the fact that she was almost a no-show because her doctor said she had an upper respiratory infection -- which apparently didn't get in the way of her shopping spree last Saturday.

Lindsay reluctantly told the judge in her criminal case she's down with saying goodbye to longtime lawyer Shawn Holley ... and put her fate in the hands of New York attorney Mark Heller, who arrived to court today with a rabbit's foot on his bag for good luck.

A sleepy Lindsay hesitated when Judge Sautner asked if she was comfortable with the change.  Lindsay qualified her answer by telling the judge she was OK with it today, but the judge wanted to know about today and tomorrow ... Lindsay said it was.

Judge Sautner gave Heller permission to rep Lindsay in the lying-to-cops case and Heller then tried to turn on the charm, telling the judge they had a NYC connection since she was once a Big Apple detective.  The judge fired back that flattery would get him nowhere fast.

The judge also laid down the ominous fact -- that Lindsay could be found not guilty in the lying case, and her probation in the jewelry case could still be violated since the standard of proof is lower.

The Judge set March 1 as the next hearing.

FYI -- for whoever cares, Lindsay wore Chanel to court today with Celine shades ... and Louboutins on her feet, obviously.



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Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I hope that they hang her pompous little ass.

602 days ago

paul a.    

She will never go to jail. Until she finally kills someone while driving drunk

602 days ago


Well, I would recommend that her lawyer should be tested of drugs. He's strange. She definitely went downhill with her lawyer. But what really serious lawyer would taker her as a client? I don't think that a really serious and good lawyer would accept her and put a good reputation on the line. She's absolutely not worth it. In everything you can call her, people should put the word "wannabe", like wannabe actress, wannabe celebrity, and so on. It would be better for her to look for a normal job because she's absolutely no movie business material.

602 days ago


After having watched "it" I can only ask: "This was it?" A lot of fuzz for what?
The other question that comes in my mind is: "Who's going to foot the bill?" Lindsay Lohan? I don't think so. Mark Heller? I don't think so. The judge? I don't think so. The taxpayers? Almost certainly 'YES'.

602 days ago


Her idiotic lush mom is probably doing Heller. That's why she came along.

Like someone mentionned earlier, the barfly's knees definetly look like they have major carpet burn.

In 5 minutes they both will be in a bar.

602 days ago


I hope Shawn and her team are going out for drinks later to celebrate getting rid of this ****roach. Now they just need to get the 300K back she owes.

602 days ago

Wow ...    

Who is the judge that will replace Sautner? And WOW, Lindsay really got rid of Shawn for this guy? Huge mistake, HUGE!

602 days ago


What is with the ECHO!

602 days ago


the california court system really should be shut down.

that money could be used for something else in the f*cked-up budget.

how much does ms. suckme make a year?

602 days ago


Linds looks like she totally wanted Shawn there, and not this idiot. He just seems so greasy to me.

And as far as this judge retiring, who cares? Sautner wa supposed to be a hard azz, and she's been nothing but mush! She hasn't done anything other than let LiLo off the hook so far. I won't believe this girl is going to jail until I see it with my own eyes.

602 days ago


I didn't realize that the new charges were not only for lying to police but also for reckless driving!

602 days ago

furious cupcakes    

I like this Marc Heller... love the rabbits foot, love the bag and suite... this guy is going to be great to watch.

602 days ago


Her lawyer looks s***my

602 days ago

Kev the Realist    

What a pretentious, loud mouth New York lawyer. Who the hell shows up to court with a Louis Vitton Bag. Just another reason why Attorneys get a bad rap.

602 days ago


I'm not surprised the matter was re-scheduled, but Geeze Louise - Heller was even WORSE than I expected! He was beyond inappropriate. DOUCHE x 100. I can't wait to hear the press conference.

602 days ago
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