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Judge to Lindsay

'I'm Glad to See

You're Feeling Better'

1/30/2013 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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9:27 AM PT
-- Heller is currently inside the courthouse and is expected to come out to address the media ... because he can't help himself.

Judge Stephanie Sautner couldn't help herself during Lindsay Lohan's hearing this AM, quipping, "I'm glad to see you're feeling better" -- referring to the fact that she was almost a no-show because her doctor said she had an upper respiratory infection -- which apparently didn't get in the way of her shopping spree last Saturday.

Lindsay reluctantly told the judge in her criminal case she's down with saying goodbye to longtime lawyer Shawn Holley ... and put her fate in the hands of New York attorney Mark Heller, who arrived to court today with a rabbit's foot on his bag for good luck.

A sleepy Lindsay hesitated when Judge Sautner asked if she was comfortable with the change.  Lindsay qualified her answer by telling the judge she was OK with it today, but the judge wanted to know about today and tomorrow ... Lindsay said it was.

Judge Sautner gave Heller permission to rep Lindsay in the lying-to-cops case and Heller then tried to turn on the charm, telling the judge they had a NYC connection since she was once a Big Apple detective.  The judge fired back that flattery would get him nowhere fast.

The judge also laid down the ominous fact -- that Lindsay could be found not guilty in the lying case, and her probation in the jewelry case could still be violated since the standard of proof is lower.

The Judge set March 1 as the next hearing.

FYI -- for whoever cares, Lindsay wore Chanel to court today with Celine shades ... and Louboutins on her feet, obviously.



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This was a good day. She's off the hook for zilch, her attorney looks like somebody that would be a longtime friend of the Lohans, and HOLLY IS GONE!!! She's still fvcked. Just another month for these sleaze balls to drag it out. Lohan might never see jail....yeah that's correct because the way she looks she might die before the verdict.

568 days ago


Funny how the judge set pre trial to March 1st the exact date the judge retires.

568 days ago


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568 days ago


Lindsay looks a hot mess. Uneven spray tan, puffy face and her skank hair scream I slept at Motel 6 :p

568 days ago


Check out the still of her face on the video portion above. WTF...that face of hers is totaled.

568 days ago


Lindsay's testimony at her trial will be a rehash of every interview she's given for the last 5 years:

(Crying) "I'm in a good place now. I've really been trying. I needed to sort some things out. I just want to work now. I'm clean and sober."

568 days ago


Lighten up on the judge she did all she could do.

Lohan should be kissing Holleys feet. Holley got her theft pled down from felony to misdeamnor. It's the 'misdemeanor' that's allowing Lohan pulling this. Lohan knows it.

Lohan knows full well how to play the legal loopholes she's had years of practice at it.

568 days ago


Nice spray on tan job to her arms and face...note the pasty white legs. My kid's a way in hel* is that upper body tan natural!! Who's idea was it for her to show such a contrast in skin color? Ick!

568 days ago


Sautner, however, won't be handling Lohan's upcoming case. The judge said she is retiring before the next court hearing on March 1. Lohan will not be required to attend that hearing.
Lohan's new trial date is March 18th. Maybe she will hit the jackpot and get a male judge. The women tend to be more nice to her. Enjoy the extra month of parting and looking 20 years your age you hag. I really don't think this year is going to be in her favor this time.

568 days ago


I thought one good part was when she had to officially let Holley go. She wanted Heller just for today, whatever that means and then grab Shawn. You could hear her displeasure when she had to answer that. Now pay her what you owe her you deadbeat!

568 days ago


I've a feeling that this is but the beginning with this idiot lawyer call it a hunch but yes its but the beginning...

568 days ago

King Beef    

This girl is never going to jail. She'll be dead by the end of the year anyways. Somebody better warn her that she's on borrowed time now.

568 days ago


Wow! Didn't she just file for bankruptcy? She manages to scrape up some pretty good stuff to throw on her back for court. Unless there are still some desperate designers out there who think that dressing her is good for their business. Just put her in jail already, please! I'm sick of hearing about her and seeing her strutting around like she's somebody.

568 days ago


Shawn Holley said, "free at last, free at last... thank you judge, I'm free at last!

568 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

The smugness, the smirks, holding back the laughter, she knows it's all a big joke and she can do whatever the fvck she wants! :)

568 days ago
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