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49ers Legend Ronnie Lott

Chris Culliver


1/31/2013 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Chris Culliver should have paid closer attention to Barack Obama's pro-gay rights inauguration speech ... this according to one of the greatest 49ers of all time ... Ronnie Lott.

We spoke to Lott in the wake of Culliver's anti-gay comments -- when he told Artie Lange gay players shouldn't be allowed in the team locker room (see video below).

Lott responded, "Everything [Obama] mentioned in that speech I stand for-- inviting gays and inviting people of color, inviting all of us to understand what we're doing right now, is the right thing."  

FYI -- Obama talked about the importance of gay rights during his speech ... telling Americans, "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law."

So far, the 49ers have not said if Culliver will play in Sunday's game.

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Obama didn't want gays to marry up until about 1 year ago. So he changes his mind about gay marriage and Ronnie Lott follows. Whats Lott gonna do if Obama decides he wants to have gay sex, turn gay right along side him?

609 days ago

I am Spartacus    

So far, the 49ers have not said if Culliver will play in Sunday's game".... NEWSFLASH TMZ, no team is going to NOT play a player over something he said, especially something like this. Culliver is entitled to his opinion, as a public figure he can expect backlash and the 49ers have a right to say they don't agree with him. But they aren't going to bench the guy for the Super Bowl just because he doesn't like gays.

609 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@Mikey: Word-on-the-street? Shillary Clinton has some REAL dirt on the Pharaoh regarding his REAL
sexuality, and he knows it.
Of course, Clinton's closest "Aide" has a family
with DIRECT ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Meanwhile, Pharaoh just approved MILLIONS
of U.S. Tax-payer dollars to the -you guessed it- Muslim Brotherhood-led regime in Syria.
Of course, there's always the Muslim Brotherhood-members that have infiltrated high-levels of U.S. "Government".

ALL, in -NEAR- due time!
The House of David 2 Chronicles 13 Victory, is HERE:
NOW, The Most Holy Christ King Yeshua reigns!

609 days ago


: he retracted his statement very fast. So his oppinions are not that important to him. He's just another idiot shooting his uneducated thug mouth off. Shame on him, he's a bigot...and a dumb one.

609 days ago


Thank you Mr. Lott for being the role model Culliver is not. You speak elegantly while Culliver speaks like a street thug and uses slang and hate. Your message to the youth of this country is to be thoughtful and kind, where Cullliver represents bigotry, stupidity and hate.

609 days ago


I thought Artie Lange used, drank and ate his way to oblivion since leaving the Howard Stern Show.

609 days ago


Way 2 back pedal nimrod.

609 days ago


This is the problem when you have literally thousands of reporters and journalists descending on these guys days before the Super Bowl. They run out of questions to ask about the game or the teams so they start asking about players' previous problems, politics, and anything else they can think of because they're all bored and they're talked out. Yet the NFL insists the players do this and this is what you get. He was laughing when he said this and honestly, he shouldn't have said it but who cares???? Enough is enough with this!!!

609 days ago


The best thing about this idiots statement, well now, what's the difference between a heterosexual player and a gay player? A gay player will never have four baby daddy and six kids.

609 days ago


"Everything [Obama] mentioned in that speech I stand for-- inviting gays and inviting people of color, inviting all of us to understand what we're doing right now, is the right thing."

"inviting all of us to understand what we're doing right now?" WTF? You don't know what you're doing and need and someone to explain things to you? So don't know what you should think with out instruction from someone else?

609 days ago


yes, Artie Lange, staying relevant. World's most lovable **** up.

609 days ago


So dude doesn't like ***gots looking at his package in the locker room. No different than letting a man into a women's locker room. A man would invade the women's privacy by looking at her. So a *** looking at a man in the same locker room would be the same thing.

609 days ago


Obama sucks, man lol

609 days ago


It's the people who have doubts about their own sexuality that lash out against gays. Gay people are not trying to recruit, they are just living their lives like every one else. If he chooses to exclude gays in his own life so be it, but when it comes to broader issues he is so wrong. Chris, as a man of color should be aware of how it feels to be discriminated against. There was a time when whites felt like excluding blacks from places. Grow up and learn some history.

609 days ago

The Truth    

What is wrong with what he said? If he personally not comfortable then he shouldn't say anything? Then he would be in the same position as the LBGT community 4-5 years ago. It's an opinion not law, we all have them. Just because you don't agree with them does not mean you fear(Homophobic) them. Just my 2 cents.

609 days ago
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