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SF 49ers Player Chris Culliver

I'm a Hateful Bastard

... But Only In My Head

1/31/2013 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

San Francisco 49ers player Chris Culliver says HE's not really a homophobe ... but the voices inside his head sure are.

Culliver has released a nonsensical, insincere statement to save his ass after saying gay players are not welcome in his team's locker room and should stay in the closet until 10 years after they retire.

"The derogatory comments I made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how I feel," Culliver said.  

"It has taken me seeing them in print to realize that they are hurtful and ugly. Those discriminating feelings are truly not in my heart. Further, I apologize to those who I have hurt and offended, and I pledge to learn and grow from this experience."

So the following questions are raised:
1) Is Chris' head disembodied from the rest of him?
2) Will he say or do anything to play in the Super Bowl no matter how detestable he is?
3) Doth he protest too much?


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Some of you can't say that you have never had a slip of the tongue and said something that you were thinking (we are all human and we all make mistakes). The way he feels is just that HIS FEELINGS, so who are you (bi-sexual, gay, lesbian, straight) to judge him for that. He's the only player that has said it but nine times out of ten the other players think the same thing, even everyone's precious Tebow. So everyone should just get over themselves and their immature and judgmental thoughts and let it go. (FYI i've known him for 7 years and he's the nicest person on and off the field that i've ever encountered...judging a book by the cover is never a good thing)

638 days ago

keith kabza    

Apologize for what, because he don't want some gay guy sizing up his junk in the locker room. Screw gay people I am sick of having gay shoved down my throat. No Pun Intended

638 days ago


Yeah right. That cute pink headband match your purse, Chrissy?

638 days ago


What happened to free speech? Oh I guess that only applies to a liberal cause...Cant a man voice his opinion without being torn apart?

638 days ago


Again, I don't blame him. He simply voiced what most heterosexual men THINK. The gays had just better get used to it and apply the "sticks and stones" theory to get by and move on with life. Life is to be enjoyed not to expend negative energy on fighting negative energy.

638 days ago


Hope I don't get flagged for my comments, but if I do... Let it b a yellow flag not a hot pink 1!! Lol I'm not hating on gays but the same way they're passionate on their stance, I am wit that stop spreading AIDS!!!

638 days ago

Violent Pope    

The man is entitled to his opinion, he probably keep that one to himself.

638 days ago


I miss the day when you could have your own opinion, you know the thing that is supposedly garunteed by our Constitution, and not be forced (ar at least attempted to be forced) into something else by these overly sensitve, politically correct, jerkoffs that have pussified this nation. What he said was stupid, but it was his opinion, and he is entitled to have it whether you, me, or anyone else likes it. Show me something that says he's been violent or abusive to a gay and then I might give a damn. But until then, his opinion is his opinion, and he is entitled to have it, and Constitutionally protected to express it. So leave him alone, root for the Ravens if you pissed that bad, go look for something worthwhile to invest your poltically correct overly sensitive time into, and get over yourselves. Not eveybody is going to be accepting of you because you chose to lead an immoral lifestyle. Uh-oh, I said something not politically correct!! Can't wait to see the replies!!

638 days ago


What? That makes no sense at all. If he thinks it, doesn't it stand to follow thats how he feels? Damn. He just needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. One idiotic comment after another. Oh he's so sorry. Right.

638 days ago


He's full of sheit

638 days ago


Freedom of speech comes with a price sometimes. Had he been white and said he hates black people, he would be off of the team. If he turned his free speech into something in which offeneded anyone he would be in turn hated by some other group. Now if you walk down the street and tell someone you hate him because he is different from you, you have expressed your right to free speech. If that person knocks you on your ass, they have expressed their freedom of expression. Sounds silly, but any freedom comes with a price.

638 days ago


Proud the man said what he felt ;I'm not saying I hate gays but try going into a mens room or gas station and a group of them walk in.They hump,kiss and talk in a that should make any straight man uncomfortable if he's not -He'sfunny a Frank Ocean song away from crossin over

638 days ago


I don't know anyone upset by his comment. He was asked a specific quesitons and gave HIS opinion. Why are liberals so intolerant of any other views but their own? Go 49ers! Can't support a team w/ a murderer on it anyway - think helping having part in murder of two people is a little worse than a guy saying he in uncomfortable showering naked w/ a gay man.

638 days ago


Um yeah - ok " Cybil " - How many voices in that head ? Besides the one that secretly wants to be a " Tight End " On the DL ? Haha

638 days ago


no reason why gay men should not be playing just make them shower in separate area's ...

638 days ago
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