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Dina Lohan

We're Shacking Up

in Beverly Hills

1/31/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0130-dina-lohan-beverly-hills-hotel-tmzLindsay Lohan's hotel rejection streak is OVER ... 'cause she and her mother Dina were finally able to score a room at the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... LiLo and DiLo were turned away from TWO famous hotels in Santa Monica late last night ... after they arrived in L.A. for Lindsay's court hearing.

But the search continued ... and the Lohan ladies were finally able to find a suite in the Hills of Beverly ... at the same hotel where Howard Hughes lived on and off for 30 years.

In fact, the BHH has hosted some of the most famous people in the world ... including John Wayne, The Beatles ... and even Liz Taylor.

It's also where Harvey Levin famously asked Paris Hilton how she felt about TMZ users comparing her to a "fart in a mitten" back in 2006. Enjoy ...



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I saw article in the NYDN that Lindsay's atty stated that there was no morality clause in the contract. I guess the company will be trying to say Lindsay was bad for its image. Hmmm even the attorney knows her client has no morals and thats its a win her contract didnt require her to have any.

608 days ago


Jennifer Lawrence is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. As long as Blo is on vacation, she might as well attend the taping and beg her too for another chance.

608 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Just wanted to share this with you. Looks like Lindsays trip is to do more whoring for money.

Lindsay Lohan‏@lindsaylohan

Chatting with @sheerazhasan about Dubai looks like I might be making a trip soon @drinkmrpink @krisfade @mikelohan

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20hOK! Middle East‏@OKMiddleEast

@lindsaylohan @krisfade We look forward to partying with you when you're in town! Let us know when you're here x


22hMiss Danica Dillon‏@danicadillon

@OKMiddleEast @lindsaylohan @krisfade I'm in!

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Miss Danica Dillon
Im prissy,sassy, and a diva at times. But who isnt? I love to f*ck and get f*cked!! Being dirty is just me. For bookings please contact ATMLA.

California ·…
Than check out this pic


Miss ya!

608 days ago


First, let’s talk clothing. Bitch was braless – what did I tell you? She never wears a bra to court. She wore a sleeveless black dress by Chanel, sunglasses by Celine and the highlight of her court outfit was her $1295 Louboutin hooker heels. You know what? I’m tired of complaining about what is and is not appropriate for court. I know I’m old fashioned about it, but goodness sake, COVER UP and don’t wear hooker heels to court!!!

I’m sure she is looking for a “new wealthy pal” – the problem seems to be that she has a lot of wealthy pals who pay her for all kinds of things but they don’t want to “keep” her – like, as a “kept woman”. How much does that suck – that her wealthy johns don’t even want her as a consistent mistress?

608 days ago



608 days ago


It's two am and Crawford is telling me on a infomercial how she look hot because of an extract from melons in a secluded valley in southern France. I doze off and some crazy guy named Cramer is yelling at me about stocks on some show called Mad keeps happening........

608 days ago


The little side story, but not about the court appearance. Her so broke (allegedly) that she wants to move back to L.A. but can't even afford a one bedroom North Hollywood apartment. So she's back living with Dina on Long Island. But the problem is, Dina is cramping her style because she wants to go party with Blo and she wants none of it. Dina is going as far as calling her while she's out, but Blo won't answer. You have to think that story will unfold and they'll want to ring each other's neck anytime now. Dina's with her in California, probably to rake in the TMZ dough because the tax man is on to Blo and then they'll return to Merrick eventually into the same house? And it's about to be foreclosed on? I mean, that's good stuff. It was my understanding she was sick of Los Angeles and was getting a place in Soho. What happened????

608 days ago


further proof tmz pays the lohans, how else would you get such a perfect picture of old dinosaur lohan posing with the beverly hills hotel sign, or "exclusive" pictures of lindsay in her private planes

608 days ago


Harvey that was really cruel and degrading for you to do. I've met Paris and she's beautiful in person and friendly and warm. She's a really sweet person.

608 days ago


Harvey that was really cruel and degrading for you to do. I've met Paris and she's beautiful in person and friendly and warm. She's a really sweet person.

608 days ago

Suzy Q     

Here's an interesting little story.

Yesterdatm FU wrote a comment to Dina that said, in part "Maybe you can pose for a paparazzi picture of you pointing at the exit sign - just to prove to the HaTeRs that you were actually there."

I responded with a comment about other places the paps could take her photo - like pointing at the CA state line as she leaves; pointing at the broken window as she breaks into her foreclosed house; pointing at the corner street signs of her drug dealer as she makes a purchase etc., and that it would make a nice coffee table book.

Well!! It was DELETED!!! WHO would do something like that?!!! Hahahahaha.....

608 days ago

Suzy Q     

Did you see the article in the NTDN about the lawsuit? (The tights in the photo alone are worth a look.)

They write (snippets):

Lohan claims the southern California-based apparel company that licensed her 6126 Collection as part of a five-year celebrity clothing deal has defaulted on $900,000 in guaranteed minimum royalties plus 10% of net sales.

"The agreement did not have a morals clause, and Lindsay Lohan had no responsibility to promote the line, so there's no defense for their actions," he said. "They're trying to insert those as a defense, but they weren't part of this deal."

Lohan struck the deal back in 2008, shortly before a conga line of Los Angeles County criminal judges slapped her with jail time for offenses related to her DUIs and a shoplifting conviction.

"They owe us a million dollars. We're suing to force them to pay," Lohan's civil lawyer Perry C. Wander told the Daily News.

And here it is.........BAM.!!!!

Wander said her future plans include more work in the fashion industry.

"Lindsay is very passionate about her fashion design, and she's looking forward to re-launching the line with another partner," he said. "She wants to enter into negotiations to license a clothing line and accessories."

It's (6126 line) no longer available at premium stores but continues to sell in overseas markets like China and Japan, Wander claimed.

608 days ago

Suzy Q     

Someone keeps deleting a remak I made about Dina. I just reposted it on this page and it's already been deleted.

It was in response to a post by FU and it was about taking pictures of her pointing at things, LIKE THE CORNER STREET SIGNS WHERE SHE MEETS HER DRUG DEALER.

WTF Dina. Maybe I should sue you for harrassment and for violating my civil rights. Go to sleep!

608 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Oh for God's sake... only a fat loser like Marvin would confuse a limerick for a rap.


608 days ago


If anyone sees this post can you reply,something weird going on. thanks.

608 days ago
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