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Dustin Hoffman

TMZ Caused 'Luck' Cancellation

1/31/2013 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0131-dustin-hoffman-luck-tmzDustin Hoffman says the TMZ reports surrounding the deaths of 3 horses on the set of "Luck" last year are to blame for his show getting canceled ... claiming our facts were wrong. 

Dustin just gave an interview to, saying the "real" reason the show was canceled was due to a collaboration between PETA and TMZ ... and NOT because the public was upset that THREE horses died during production.

Hoffman said, "It’s completely distorted. Anyone who raises horses know they break their legs. The accusations they made were distorted."

He also directs people to the horse racing website Paulick Report for the "real reason the show was canceled."

Truth is, the TMZ stories are in sync with what was reported on the Paulick Report.

Here are the facts that we published on

-- THREE horses died during the production of the show
(Confirmed by Paulick Report)
-- Horse #3 was euthanized on the set ... and production continued a few hours later
(Euthanasia confirmed by Paulick Report)

-- HBO acknowledged the deaths ... and released a statement saying “accidents unfortunately happen."

And the kicker ... the ratings for "Luck" weren't that great to begin with ... and there were MULTIPLE reports that HBO used the horse deaths as an excuse to cancel the show without having to admit failure. 
(You can also read about that on the Paulick Report)


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Sue their a$$es Dustin.....haha Harvey

630 days ago


Why is he still bitching about this?

630 days ago


Wow, how out of line! TMZ exploiting people's problems for their gain?! What a stretch! Everyone knows that TMZ is nothing but helpful and would never exploit anyone. No celebrity or production has TMZ to thank for their problems being magnified to the point of becoming a detriment to success. PS, it's not opposite day! Wink! PPS, TMZ you suck and you know it.

630 days ago


Way to go TMZ!! Keep 'em honest.

630 days ago


Luck was a boring ****ty show, he needs to own up to it

630 days ago


Dustin Hoffman is a creepy putz.
1. The show sucked horse testies
2. You are no longer relevant
3. The most important mention is the show was cruel to animals and was fully responsible for the death of 3 horses.
Now go suck an egg!

630 days ago

Ravenswood Drum Horses    

UMM! I raise and breed horses and that makes me qualified as an expert in identifying horse ****. Dustin Hoffman is officially full of it. I breed champions who jump and do dressage and we have yet to have a broken leg. My best friend breeds polo horses and says this is untrue. I call HORSE**** on this!

630 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

"It’s completely distorted. Anyone who raises horses know they break their legs."

Except they break them an inordinately number of times during the production of your show, Dustin.

630 days ago


At the end of the day what is more important: a TV show or the lives of innocent horses???

630 days ago


Thank goodness that TMZ spotlighted it. Disgusting killing horses for a freakin tv show & being so callous about it.

630 days ago


You killed his pay check for playing the same role in another horrible depiction.

630 days ago


Dustin talked to TMZ before I wonder if he will talk to them now! LOL I hope not!

630 days ago


Screw him! I'm so sick of people treating animals badly for their personal gain! I'm also speaking to Kim K. since she can't feel sexy unles she's wearing a dead animal!

630 days ago


the show sucked and was gonna get canned anyhow, why would you want to be in such sleazy enviroment anyway hoffman you dumb talentless focker. you have royally sucked for 20 years, you suck man.

630 days ago


Ha, so now TMZ puts up this story - it's already old, already read it elsewhere. From the version I read on another site, Hoffman didn't claim TMZ reported anything different than did the Paulick Report. Really, he was questioning the slant on things (and come on, like we all don't know TMZ slants things however it so wants). No one is saying mistreatment etc. of animals is ever excusable - Hoffman claims they were treated very well. Things happen to racehorses - perhaps it's the racing of horses in general that is wrong. Funny, I don't see Ray Paulick calling for that. Seems to me that Paulick himself is profiting off of the use of animals.

630 days ago
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