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Kim Kardashian

Shows Off Baby Bump

All THREE of Them!

1/31/2013 7:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0131_kim_kardashian_akmgsiKim Kardashian's unborn kid is proving to be a big star ... as the growing fetus made a splash by bulging out of her belly on Wednesday.

With her lovely girls also on display and busting through her sheer tank, Kim and her baby bump went for a late prenatal workout in L.A. last night.

Kim's making sure she is fit to be a mom.


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Not happy or glowing, and total lack of excitement on Kimmel. Could it be pimpmama ordered her to get pregnant so she can get out of testifying? Expect bed rest, pregnancy problems just when she's ordered to court in a few months.
Kris H. hang in there.

594 days ago


Hey Kim you nasty greedy slut. You spend money like that hairy assed whore your mother does and it makes me sick. Flaunt your big ass all you want but I hope KARMA comes to town and your kid is born with a third eye.... Low life BITCH!!!!

594 days ago


People need to stop leaving all off these ignorant ass comments about Kim, she has done nothin to any of you. You would not want to be treated this way. How about if it was your mom or sister you wouldn't like it would you?

594 days ago


I am sick of this slut and her disgusting family and for what I read on here so is everyone else, so why are these disgusting sluts still on tele, news and everywhere else??? She is famous just for being a slut!!! It's disgusting!!! Poor kid!

594 days ago


She has a baby bump but none of the pregnant glow. This is what she really looks like without caked on makeup, and none of it is pretty.

594 days ago


She isn't fat, she is pregnant. It's one thing not to like someone, but my God to actually HATE someone that none of you have ever even met? For my second pregnancy i started showing at 2 months. At 3 months my stomach was just as huge as hers. It was because all of the weight went to my stomach only unlike the first time where my stomach looked smaller because the weight was distributed a little everywhere (arms, legs, ect..). Once baby #2 was born, i dropped almost all of it immediately because, once again, all of the extra weight went only to my stomach. I'm sure that she will have a good diet and exercise regime once she's done. If you don't like her, why waste your time making sure rude, negative comments?

594 days ago

Pimp Daddy    

Were is the baby bump? Is it under that whole chicken she swallowed? That hoe is a *** dumpster. Nigggggers been in and out of her hole more then rosco chicken and waffles.

594 days ago

Kev the Realist    

She was a heavy overmade up unattractive talentless whore beforwe she became an aldulterer now she is just a fat, disgusting piog who has no idea of how to dress. Oh Yeah she is still a talentless gypsy tramp.

594 days ago


I honestly feel sorry for people like you D-man. No one ever taught you how to respect people. What a life you must live being such a racist. I'm not ghetto and definitely not fat.

594 days ago


God I love Karma.

594 days ago


Awwwww...GOOD! She looks like crap.

594 days ago


Forget Miss Piggy, pray for the poor kid who never asked to be born into that train wreck of a family!

594 days ago


Wow! Reading some of the comments written has made me realize that people in this country have deep and disturbing hatreds for celebrites and probably people who aren't in the music or movie industry also. I pray for our country and its people, I pray that good hearts and minds will prevail over evil thoughts. But I don't see any improvements or changes in people. So I came to the conclusion that there is a reason why revelations is in the bible. Well, I geuss I will stop reading this comments because this is the state of the world today.

594 days ago


That's not baby weight...that is pure fat ass, fat thighs and just fat! But since you are in the pockets of those "K's", nice way of spinning it.

594 days ago


You don't know how selfish she is or isn't. You don't know if she contributes to charities, helps out friends and fam when they're down and out. Matter of fact is that you spew all sorts of hatred and disgust for someone that you've never met, that doesn't know you, that hasn't done anything to you. You sit at home on your computer hating the woman because she made something of herself. It kind of makes you sound psychotic. Maybe you should just keep sitting at home and stay away from the public.

594 days ago
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