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Lindsay Lohan

Drags Marilyn Monroe

Into Million $$$ Lawsuit

1/31/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for news ... Lindsay Lohan is a plaintiff for a change.

We've learned Lindsay has filed a $1.1 million lawsuit against a clothing manufacturer called D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries -- claiming the company licensed Lindsay's "6126" trademark ... which Lindsay uses for her clothing line, sold at several high-end L.A. boutiques.

Lindsay started the 6126 clothing line several years ago with an entrepreneur named Kristi Kaylor.

According to the lawsuit -- filed by celebrity attorney Perry Wander -- D.N.A.M. licensed the trademark to manufacture clothing for sale internationally ... and agreed to pay Lindsay and her partner hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange.

But Lindsay and her partner say they were shortchanged big time ... and now, they're suing, claiming they've suffered more than $1.1 million in damages.

FYI -- 6126 represents the birth date of Marilyn Monroe. In case you're slow, that's June 1, 1926. Lindsay apparently has a thing for dead actresses. We're talkin' to you Liz.

Oh yeah, Lindsay and her partner are still very much in business -- and are currently negotiating a new licensing deal with a different company.


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King Beef    

And that, my friends, is the face of a raging alcoholic. If her face is that puffy god only knows what her liver looks like at this point.

599 days ago


With any luck, her obsession with dead actresses will lead to her joining them. I'm so sick of this puke and her vomitous parents.

599 days ago


One more tidbit from Wikipedia ... "Photographer Scott Nathan said that he was suing Universal Music Group, Lohan's musical label, when he discovered that a photograph he shot of Lohan was used as the cover for her single "Bossy" without his permission. He also claimed he was suing 6126's parent company after being promised one percent interest in the clothing label for photographing Lohan in the leggings."

599 days ago


Please, putting their pictures side by side goes to show how bad Lohan is aging. That picture of Monroe was taken pretty close to when she died, million times better looking than Lohan at 26. Lindsay, leave Marilyn Monroe to RIP.

599 days ago


Of COURSE she'll file a lawsuit. It's her only way of generating income. Wonder which lawyer is repping her for free on THIS piece of legal twaddle.

599 days ago


A quick search on the USPTO shows that 6126 LLC owns the mark...

599 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

Ain't nobody got time for this?! -- seriously how she is suing when she has to appear in court herself?

599 days ago


What am I missing here? When you make a deal with a manufacturer to make and distribute your trademarked clothing collection then they are allowed to sell it under that trademarked name. Anyway, who the hell wants to buy clothes designed by Lindsay.

599 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So Lindsay is living back at home with her mother? Nothing wrong with that. Lindsay has payed for that house and Dina has sucked out the equity. Kind of like getting paid twice for doing nothing huh Dina?

599 days ago


I fail to understand why exactly she is suing. First off, from what I've read, it was a joint business venture and she doesn't own the trademark, THEY own the trademark. Second, it hasn't been active since 2010, when she decided she was too busy partying to have anything to do with it. Third, the "profits" are questionable. It's looking like there weren't any. My understanding is that what was made went back into the company and when they essentially went out of business, they owed more than what they were worth. I could be wrong, but from the info I read, that's what I got.

599 days ago


Her leggings come pretreated with spermicide.....

599 days ago


can she just die already?

599 days ago


Dubai awaits......the Lohan Two For One..........Lindsay and Ali............Special......and add another nickel in and you can Have Duina Too!

599 days ago


Anyone out there know anyone that owns a pair of these leggings? Wasn't this another one of her failures? And finally..if you associate Marilyn with any product or use of her name or likeness, cant you be sued by The Marilyn Monroe Estate?

599 days ago

It's Dave    

We've seen this before with the Lohan family. Apparently it is their side-line... to sue people for money. I wish Lindsay success with her clothing line. After all, with her acting career now over, and her tax debt growing ever larger, the mean girl really needs a payday.

599 days ago
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