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Beyonce Goes Live ...

But Way Too Far!!

1/31/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Beyonce sticks it to the haters -- belting out the National Anthem ... LIVE! No doubt she can sing, but did the move seem a little desperate? The newsroom got loud and heated over that question.

Plus, San Francisco 49er Chris Culliver made horribly homophobic comments -- but his apology might have made it worse! So, will the team let him play in the Super Bowl? We'll explain why we think he will play, and why that's fine.

And, supermodel Bar Refaeli says she wants to make a nerd's night by talking to him at a bar -- does that make her an angel or a bitch??

(0:00) San Francisco 49ers player Chris Culliver's apology is just as idiotic as his homophobic rant -- the question ... should he be able to play in the Super Bowl?
(10:00) Beyonce proves everyone wrong by singing the National Anthem at a Super Bowl press conference -- was it badass ... or a desperate move?
(18:00) Bar Refaeli says she wants to talk to more dorky dudes at bars in order to make their day ... and she's totally right.
(24:00) Lindsay Lohan owes Shawn Holley a boat load of money -- yet eats at the most expensive restaurants and stays in the most expensive hotels in L.A..
(29:00) Ronaiah Tuiasosopo thinks being gay is something you can "recover" from. So, yeah.
(32:00) Dustin Hoffman blames TMZ for the cancellation of "Luck" -- but he couldn't be more wrong.
(35:00) Ron Jeremy -- don't be afraid to admit you know he's a porn star, Emmy Rossum.
(38:00) The floor is yours!
(43:00) It's time again for ... Tim's worst pitches of the week!

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Internet Tough Guy    

Pizza's more important than you today Harvey.

638 days ago


I would have liked it if she'd sung the National Anthem "live" and f*cked it up. At least it would have been "the truth"!

638 days ago

Flying Blind    

Beyonce is no Roseann Barr, Roseann sings live.

638 days ago


TMZ has always been about undoing deception. Deception in be found out

638 days ago


I do not agree with him but this is America he does not have to like Gays people. your whole business is built of freedom of the press yet you come down on him for expressing his individuality. so what if he is an idiot but he shouldn't loose his job because he doesn't like gays. If that is the case then Harvey should be fired because he doesn't like woman. he has the right to believe what he wants even thought its not politically correct in your opinion. everyone is so scared of the gay mafia these days.

638 days ago

I am Spartacus    

TMZ continue to show how little they know about sports if they actually think the thought has come across the minds of anyone involved with the 49ers that Culliver should be suspended for his comments. Only the idiots at TMZ think he should be suspended. Amazing that a company who loves to bash celebs thinks someone should be punished for speaking their opinion. Pot meet Mr. Kettle.

638 days ago


stuck up

638 days ago

Flying Blind    

Give Bar 10 years and you'd pass when she asked.

638 days ago


If Michael Vick can say he's sorry for killing dogs for years, and is paid gazillions to play mediocre football,
and the NFL endorses him....and players who get arrested for abuse, DUI, drugs, tax evasion, etc., are playing.....for the NFL.......

and oh yeah, that Ray Lewis guy....the two dead bodies, the cover up there, the white suit never recovered w/ blood all over it, the states evidence turn he took, the million dollar+ payoffs he gave the families, and he's the STAR of the Super Bowl team...

a young NFL player saying something that may be his heart....but, not PC in San Francisco or the USA media....should be forgiven and use the time to be publicly and team chastised, and move on......

WE are all free to be you and me.........c/o Sesame Street.

638 days ago


Oh COME ON. Gary is not a loser. That guy is awesome. I'm sick of all the fat jokes and the food jokes they do towards him. He's probably one of the least fake people there. Keep your head high, dude.

638 days ago


Skyper girl looks like a mouth breather.

638 days ago


I think the only thing that would cure someone from being gay is an 18 inch dick sunk REALLY deep.

638 days ago

Robert Barr    

High on the hog comes from the days when rich poeple could order cuts of meat that were higher up on the hog. The legs and lower portions cost less so the poor people would get the lower parts of the hog and the rich would get the bacon and other nicer cuts of meat. So when a poor person gets the good cuts of meat they are living high off the hog. Lindsy is living high off the hog.

638 days ago


harvey has on pink today to go with the show theme today

638 days ago


Suck a dick, dude...see if you like it.

638 days ago
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