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'Justified' Stuntwoman Sues

Show Wrecked My Body

... and My Marriage

2/1/2013 4:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A stuntwoman who was severely injured during an accident on the set of "Justified" is suing producers ... claiming they are responsible for her broken bones ... and her broken marriage.

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by Lisa Hoyle -- who claims that during a stunt for the show in 2011, a vehicle on the set smashed into a parked car ... which ran over her ankle and sent her crashing into the ground.

Lisa claims she lost consciousness and suffered an open head fracture, soft-tissue injuries, bruising and lacerations.

In her suit, Lisa claims she was never informed the parked car was part of the stunt ... because the stunt coordinator held a meeting about the stunt while she was out getting a snack.

And if the injuries weren't bad enough, Lisa and her husband claim their "marital relations" deteriorated because of the accident ... and they separated as a result.

Both Lisa and her husband are seeking unspecified damages. So far, no comment from the "Justified" people.


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"Lisa claims she was never informed the parked car was part of the stunt ... because the stunt coordinator held a meeting about the stunt while she was out getting a snack."
Ignorance of the law, (or in this case, "the rules"), is no excuse. She just wants to make a quick buck.

631 days ago


I don't care what you people think of what I do in bed, just keep your filthy mitts out of policy

631 days ago


I don't know, I have a reeeeeaallly hard time buying that the team only discussed a pretty major stunt just once, oh, and she happened to be out of the room but no one told her anything about the ONE item of importance when she got back.

631 days ago


At least they didn't treat her like a down horse and shoot her.
Second thought. Think they are wishing they had.

631 days ago


We need more news

631 days ago


Harvy cut me off but I forgive him

631 days ago


It's a long road when you face the world alone. There is an answer if you look deep within yourself, you can find love...

631 days ago

Spicy mag    

Simple solution. Outlaw snacks.

631 days ago


There is a telephone call for you master....

631 days ago


Brainscan I saw you kill the evil thing! Your a good person...

631 days ago


Sounds like she's better off without him
She gets hurt and and aparantly it's all about him

Whatever happened to:
"In sickness and in health"
"For better of for worse"

631 days ago


typical woman blaming other people for her relationship problems. Also next time you step out for a snack I would ask if there were any changes since I left.

631 days ago

Justified employee    

I work on the show Justified and was on set the night this accident happened. This stunt woman is 100% right to file suit. The stunt that she performed was set up poorly, had no safety meeting for the cast or crew, was being directed by a PRODUCER (not a director) and above all else the stunt woman was not even on camera when the producer put her in harms way. This stunt woman’s life was put in extreme risk for NOTHING! This story makes it sound like she "fell down and got an Owie??" but seeing it in person I can attest that she was hit by a car that was slammed into by a speeding car which trapped her leg between the curb and the car door jam then slammed her to the ground and bounced her head off the concrete. If it had not been for the on set medic and fast response of an ambulance this woman would be dead. She spent months in the hospital and has still not made a full recovery. The Producers first response the following day was to stop the crew from taking up a financial collection to help with Lisa’s families expenses, they tampered with the scene of the accident before OSHA could investigate and generally did everything they could to cover their own asses. This was not an unfortunate accident. This was a greedy, stupid, arrogant PRODUCER who is 100% negligent in this woman’s injury. I Love Justified but this event is inexcusable!

630 days ago


Being a stuntperson is a hard job, but are they contractually obligated to fill you in a stunt even if you're on lunch break is the question. The injury I can understand but your marriage c'mon, there would have to be problems beforehand or you have a ****ty husband you can't wait long enough for you to heal before saying "omg you never have sex with me" don't marry a stuntwoman if you want a wife who doesn't get injuries.

630 days ago


This is a freakin joke get a real job and you want to blame them for your marriage breaking up. Seems like a ginnic to me. You to must have really loved each other, you are suiing for the divorce. If they give her any money out of this our justice system truly dose stink

630 days ago
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