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Tennessee Senator

Tells Pro-Gay Constituent

... You Need a Shrink

2/1/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Fun Fact -- Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) personally responds to emails from his constituents ... how cool is that?

Not So Fun Fact -- If he doesn't like what you say, he'll tell you you're a mental case.

Backstory -- Sen. Campfield has been cloaked in controversy ever since he reintroduced the "Classroom Protection Act" to the Tennessee General Assembly this week ... also known as the "Don't Say Gay" bill.

The bill forbids teachers from discussing anything gay-related from kindergarten through 8th grade ... even banning the word "gay" itself from classroom discussion. The bill also has a provision requiring school counselors, principals, assistant principals and nurses to out potentially gay students to their parents in some circumstances. 

Sen. Campfield has been receiving all sorts of letters criticizing his support for the bill ... including an email from one concerned Tennessean who wrote:

"I am appalled at your thought of [the bill] and how it will protect children. I [used] to be proud to call Tennessee my home but after this I am not so sure. Your mind set is pathetic as well as this bill. I encourage you to change your mind or you will make a bunch of people very upset. Imagine, if you have kids and one was gay, how this bill would affect them and you."

To the citizen's surprise, he got an email back a short time later from the Senator himself saying:

"You seem to have some serious, deep anger issues. Have you ever thought about therapy? I hear they are doing some wonderful things with medications these days.

Yours in service,

Sen. Stacey Campfield

Sent from my iPad"

We called the Senator for comment ... who confirmed he sent the email and explained that he just doesn't have patience for people who write aggressive letters toward him.

"When somebody gets into insulting or cussing or something along those lines, it breaks down communication and is not respectful," the Senator told us.

"I’m not here to be their piñata."

Still, Campfield says he's willing to give the concerned citizen another shot at an open dialogue regarding the bill ... if the citizen promises to control his "anger issues."


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Comments are gone again.

629 days ago



629 days ago

Tony S.     

That from a man named Stacey!

629 days ago

Barbara Shannon    

Did Sen. Campfield and I read the same letter? He thinks that was an 'angry' constituent... it sounded like a fairly well written letter with some thought behind it. I think that with Sen. Campfield's ideas he'll have plenty more encounters with actual 'angry' constituents to deal with soon enough.

629 days ago


He needs to be butt kicked out of office immediately!! Their is enough closed minded ignorance in the South without yet another idiot spewing hs hatred!

629 days ago



629 days ago


What a totally, ignorant loser.

629 days ago


GOOD FOR HIM!!!!! I am so sick of hearing "gay rights this and gay rights that". Every friggin day we are bombarded with "gay news". 5 years ago I had no opinion either way. What you did in the privacy of your own bedroom was your business. Now I am so sick of hearing about I want to throw up. I am sick of queers, I am sick of lesbians, I am sick of the whole damn thing. You don't get special rights juts because you stick your c*ck in some guys ass, or you need a double dong to get off with your same sex girlfriend. I am tired of it being forced on school kids. It's not the schools repsonsibility to inform our kids about this stuff, it is a parental decesion. From this day forward I am no longer indifferent to the subject. I am anti-gay, I will not hire gays, I will not allow my kids to be corrupted by this left, wing politically correct crap, overly sensitive, I deserve special rights because of who I f*ck bull****. Way to go gay community, you have officially created someone who once had no issue with you into someone who hopes you all get AIDS and die!

629 days ago


gays and gay supporters are nothing but bullies.if you do not agree with their lifestyle choice they call you bigot and homophobe then try to get you fired from your job.that is some sick bullying.stop heterophobia

629 days ago


Not So Fun Fact -- If he doesn't like what you say, he'll tell you you're a mental case.

i swear this made me laugh..meanwhile the gay supporters and gays call him gay of course because he has to be in the closet because he is against being gay.homophobe,bigot the usual.the other side are the bullies who love to resort to name calling if you do not believe in their lifestyle choice.its like a pedo callilng an anti pedo a hater.

629 days ago


I had a friend marry another woman. And then my life went on. I don't understand why today so many if us care or think we have the right to tell others how to live their life. Treat others with respect and worry about your own house.

629 days ago


You gotta love this upside of social media technology. Before email, this is what would have happened:

1. His admin. assistant would open and read the 'written letter'.
2. The assistant would put it in a 'low priority' folder for the Senator to see.
3. The Senator would glance at it, think "F-off idiot" in his HEAD, and send it back to the assistant with a sticky note saying, 'respond'.
4. The assistant would use a pre-written blanket letter thanking the person for their view and saying he/she would definitely use their opinion to better serve the people.
5. The letter would then be passed back to the Senator for signature.
6 The Senator would sign it, then pass it back for mailing.

In other words, his assessment of the letter would have stayed in his head. I'm glad we get to know what people like him are really about.

If this 'Senator' thinks the word 'appauling' is indicative of rage, then HE needs a shrink and/or medication. The word 'politically correct' is losing meaning more and more every day.

As for his support of this 'bill', kick him out of office - you can't fix stupid. It sounds like he needs to find a time machine so he can go back to the 1950's.

629 days ago

Mrs Luciano    

Oh please he looks rather suspect him self. It's always the ones in the closet who makes the most fuss.

629 days ago


He sounds arguementive...

629 days ago


i'm starting to think that this website is actually a sounding board for harvey levin's personal agenda. if there's something he doesn't like he'll post it, then the other websites copy it and it's all over. i love that dustin hoffman called tmz out the other day. look what happened to matt lauer since harvey smeared his name, and now he's retracted. it's money in the bank for harvey, but watch what you post, your messing with people's lives.

629 days ago
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