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Tennessee Senator

Tells Pro-Gay Constituent

... You Need a Shrink

2/1/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Fun Fact -- Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) personally responds to emails from his constituents ... how cool is that?

Not So Fun Fact -- If he doesn't like what you say, he'll tell you you're a mental case.

Backstory -- Sen. Campfield has been cloaked in controversy ever since he reintroduced the "Classroom Protection Act" to the Tennessee General Assembly this week ... also known as the "Don't Say Gay" bill.

The bill forbids teachers from discussing anything gay-related from kindergarten through 8th grade ... even banning the word "gay" itself from classroom discussion. The bill also has a provision requiring school counselors, principals, assistant principals and nurses to out potentially gay students to their parents in some circumstances. 

Sen. Campfield has been receiving all sorts of letters criticizing his support for the bill ... including an email from one concerned Tennessean who wrote:

"I am appalled at your thought of [the bill] and how it will protect children. I [used] to be proud to call Tennessee my home but after this I am not so sure. Your mind set is pathetic as well as this bill. I encourage you to change your mind or you will make a bunch of people very upset. Imagine, if you have kids and one was gay, how this bill would affect them and you."

To the citizen's surprise, he got an email back a short time later from the Senator himself saying:

"You seem to have some serious, deep anger issues. Have you ever thought about therapy? I hear they are doing some wonderful things with medications these days.

Yours in service,

Sen. Stacey Campfield

Sent from my iPad"

We called the Senator for comment ... who confirmed he sent the email and explained that he just doesn't have patience for people who write aggressive letters toward him.

"When somebody gets into insulting or cussing or something along those lines, it breaks down communication and is not respectful," the Senator told us.

"I’m not here to be their piñata."

Still, Campfield says he's willing to give the concerned citizen another shot at an open dialogue regarding the bill ... if the citizen promises to control his "anger issues."


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This guy is a bona fide idiot. I'm from Knoxville and have been familiar with his antics for years. He was thrown out of a Tennessee football game in 2009 for being disrespectful and continually asking a police officer if it was "illegal just to walk around." Some local businesses have refused to serve him. No way he gets re-elected next year. Check out Senate Bill 0132. He's horrible.

600 days ago

all about the money    

Umm if that letter from the constitute is complete it hardly warrants such a crass reply from an elected official. Perhaps the Senator has forgotten he is an elected official. By his response I would say the Senator needs some therapy for anger issues including his hatred and discrimination of gay and lesbians. Hope he isn't too tied to his job...if he responds to others the same way he shouldn't hope to be re-elected or continue his political career.

600 days ago


This is an outstanding bill. I support Sen. Stacey and applaud him for protecting children in Tennessee. I only hope all states will seek to enact such legislation.

NO CHILD NEEDS TO BE INCULCATED OR BRAINWASHED WITH GAY RHETORIC IN SCHOOLS. Children are still impressionable and developing in their young years through the 8th grade.

The choice of an alternative lifestyle should not be done in your grades when kids are likely confused about their changes happening with their body.

And it's wonderful for parents to be informed that their child is developing improperly and could possibly end up gay. Parents can then help the child, get them counseling, or simply support them if the child wants to make the CHOICE to be gay.

Society is trying to force the belief that gayness is natural (science has not reached a consensus on this) and it's damaging to youth whose sense of orientation is fluid and confused.

Let the babies have a childhood where they are protected from overzealous people with agendas to make half of the population gay and make gayness seem like just another natural option. It isn't.

600 days ago

Fark Noble    

whata flockin idiot... btw-- he looks, GAYYYYYYYYY!!!!

600 days ago


This guys an azzole...pure and simple........lets hope the fool gets hit by a Mack truck, thats what these typesmofmpeople are...just useless....the red headed prick!

600 days ago


He spouts Christian beliefs, but I bet the idiot is phking his brothers wife.......people like him usually are hiding something...and I bet its a penis's that a bout as big as a two year olds ......on top of that he looks as homo as the next homo.........

600 days ago


A few comments from the "tolerant" pro-gay people here on this site:

"What rock do you live under?"

"Ignorance is bless when people like you keep promoting STUPIDITY!!"

"He looks like he has fun with apple pies in his spare time..."

"It's embarrassing that the people in my state would elect such an idiot to represent them"

"It's the South ignorant is still bliss there!!"

So.... This is tolerance? I mean come on... maybe people would take your position more seriously if you didn't ridicule them for having a legitimate opinion.

And what are people being intolerant of anyways? Please tell me, pleaaaase tell me what fact I have missed to immediately obtain the title of "ignorant".

These hate-filled comments about the senator and this bill need to stop,

600 days ago


It's funny how conservatives on this page and this anti-gay bigot here Stacey Campfield think anyone who is gay or pro-gay straights "need therapy" or are somehow damaged or ill, yet they're the ones who are straight and clearly completely fixated with and paranoid about homosexuality, something that wouldn't affect them as straight people if they didn't allow it to. Says a lot.

600 days ago


Why can't the Senator have an opinion and a belief just like anyone else does. Homosexuality should not be taught to younger students and I a glad that the Senator feels this way. Some people need to start standing up for conservative views. Our country is going to hell with all of this liberal ****!!

600 days ago


Anti-gay individuals, social conservatives in general, are completely intolerant of homosexuality and then complain about not being tolerated for being intolerant. How rich.

And then these people expect their opinion to be taken serious. Hello! Do you really think a majority of people in states that aren't completely right-wing would even contemplate a bill like this? They're contemplating marriage equality or already have it. Then you have states like Tennessee, and you have you anti-gay cons, who want to effectively destroy the gay community and try to wipe us out.

You are not only on the wrong side of history, you're on the wrong side of right now. Don't expect respect until and unless you give a little bit and realize gay human beings are just that-----human beings.

600 days ago


Senator needs to go back to where he came from. If he can't tell difference between a voters opinion and anger issues then he doesn't need to be there.

600 days ago

judy jetson    


600 days ago


In fact, I doubt a majority of Tennessee citizens are even for this bill. This is straight up victimizing gay people, and straight up intentionally going after the gay community. Why continue to do this? Going after CHILDREN? Incredible. The level of hatred and contempt is incredible.

600 days ago


There are many people commenting who are giving gay-supporters a bad name. So, many have called the senator gay -- and have used despicable language to do so.

If you believe in gayness so much...why use it to shame someone ... why use it as an insult and a slur.

Why? Because you're irrational idiots; you're making the senator and other supporters of Nature and heterosexual superiority look mighty good.

600 days ago


Those Republicans are so backwards

600 days ago
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