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Tennessee Senator

Tells Pro-Gay Constituent

... You Need a Shrink

2/1/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Fun Fact -- Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) personally responds to emails from his constituents ... how cool is that?

Not So Fun Fact -- If he doesn't like what you say, he'll tell you you're a mental case.

Backstory -- Sen. Campfield has been cloaked in controversy ever since he reintroduced the "Classroom Protection Act" to the Tennessee General Assembly this week ... also known as the "Don't Say Gay" bill.

The bill forbids teachers from discussing anything gay-related from kindergarten through 8th grade ... even banning the word "gay" itself from classroom discussion. The bill also has a provision requiring school counselors, principals, assistant principals and nurses to out potentially gay students to their parents in some circumstances. 

Sen. Campfield has been receiving all sorts of letters criticizing his support for the bill ... including an email from one concerned Tennessean who wrote:

"I am appalled at your thought of [the bill] and how it will protect children. I [used] to be proud to call Tennessee my home but after this I am not so sure. Your mind set is pathetic as well as this bill. I encourage you to change your mind or you will make a bunch of people very upset. Imagine, if you have kids and one was gay, how this bill would affect them and you."

To the citizen's surprise, he got an email back a short time later from the Senator himself saying:

"You seem to have some serious, deep anger issues. Have you ever thought about therapy? I hear they are doing some wonderful things with medications these days.

Yours in service,

Sen. Stacey Campfield

Sent from my iPad"

We called the Senator for comment ... who confirmed he sent the email and explained that he just doesn't have patience for people who write aggressive letters toward him.

"When somebody gets into insulting or cussing or something along those lines, it breaks down communication and is not respectful," the Senator told us.

"I’m not here to be their piñata."

Still, Campfield says he's willing to give the concerned citizen another shot at an open dialogue regarding the bill ... if the citizen promises to control his "anger issues."


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There's a problem here    

If the GOP doesn't wake up and see America for what it is instead of the blazing white Christian bible thumping nation they want it to be, Hilary is going to be a shoo-in. I never thought I'd be thinking that Bobby Jindhal or Chris Christie were going to turn up as the best and the brightest but at least in my opinion if the GOP doesn't start looking at real Americans they're doomed once again.

628 days ago


Me thinks He will NOT be Re-Elected..............No more Politics for you !

628 days ago


@ Flyboy --

HOw is it victimizing gay people?
Schools don't have to discuss this issue in elementary and middle school years. Waiting until high school is fine and proper.

Also, telling the child's parents is helpful.

You're exaggerating the impact of the bill and being histrionic to drum up a sense of victimhood. Shame on you.

628 days ago


This bill would require teachers to out potentially gay students to their parents? WTF? I'm sorry I have strong feelings on that one. One of my friends in school was gay and his dad liked to find any reason he could to beat the heck out of him. So if these teachers out this student to an abusive parent and that parent beats the kid to death...what? The teacher was just doing their job?

A LOT of bad things could happen if that bill passes. So if you are someone that doesn't like gay people...whatever, that's your opinion. But how about being against something that could bring serious harm to another human being who has never done anything to you?

628 days ago


This guy is an idiot and he doesn't speak for Tennessee. He starts more crap than he can handle.
Google his name and you will see where he was kick out of a bar for his views on AIDS and Gays.

628 days ago


Finally, a politician with some guts. Everyone calls it progressive, wrong, it's regressive. All the great civilizations have fallen when they took the path of so called progressiveness. This great country will be like Rome soon.

628 days ago


Love It!!! I would have said the same thing.

628 days ago


I GUARANTEE you that man is gay. And hates himself for it. Sad.

628 days ago


sounds like this senator is a passive - aggressive type of person. not the all out vulgar type. now he's got more anger issues than the person who wrote to him.

628 days ago


He didn't say he needed a shrink dueto hispro gay stance but because of the angry tones in the way his letter was worded. They both need to be reminded of the wise, old saying, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar".

628 days ago


It's just a matter of time before he gets caught in a gay sex scandal.

628 days ago


I am not a leftist, I am not a democrat but Campfield is very wrong here. Manage your anger issues at the poll and vote this clown out of office.

628 days ago

Dana in Tennessee    

Stacey Campfield is a complete embarrassment and thank God he was not born in our state - we just have the misfortune of him being here now. To Stacey Campfield: why on earth did you move to our beloved state after you completed community college?

628 days ago


If you want to be gay then be gay but stop shoving the lifestyle down everyones throat! Everything has it place but keep it where it belongs. This politically correct BS is really getting old. Now the Gay politics are starting to get as abused as the Race Card. Grow up and stop whining about anyone who has an opinion. It's called freedom of speech!

628 days ago


This guy is brainwashed AND phucking nuts.

628 days ago
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