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TN State Senator

Homosexuality Is Dangerous

2/1/2013 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) has a message to the gay community -- stop ramming the gay agenda "down everybody's throats" and leave the straight people alone!!!

Sen. Campfield just called in to "TMZ Live" to talk about the strongly-worded email he sent to a pro-gay voter ... who had objected to a bill Campfield recently reintroduced to the Tennessee General Assembly.

During the call, Campfield insists he doesn't hate gay people -- he just doesn't believe students from kindergarten through 8th grade should discuss ANYTHING gay related.

Among the highlights:
-- Campfield says the people in the gay rights community are "the biggest bullies in the world."

-- Campfield says comparing the gay rights movement to the African American civil rights movement is "insulting to the civil rights movement of the black people."

-- Campfield says he wishes the gay community would just leave the straight people alone ... saying, "We don't wanna hear about it every day ... quit trying to ram it down everybody's throats ... and quit pushing it on everyone. Just leave us alone."

Some people in the newsroom disagreed with the State Senator's views ... check out the video.


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"The biggest misconception is probably that I don't have my head in the right place."

536 days ago


the next closeted **** sucker in congress.

536 days ago


“Shawn, listen, I’m sor-”
“B.itch, you shut your mouth. You shut your mouth and you don’t say another word, or I’ll literally sprout wings and fly over there to beat your until your mama has to pour coke into you with a funnel. Now here’s what you’re gonna do: You’re gonna fire that crooked lawyer in New York today, and then you’re gonna turn around and suck every rich d.ick in London until you have my money or I swear to God I’ll tell motherf.uckin’ Interpol you’re a damn opium mule for Al Qaeda. Have I made myself clear?”
“Yes, yes, ma’am.”
“Good. Now have a nice flight. Shawny misses you! Mwah!”

536 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So look, here is the dilemma. Both the Senator and Lindsay Lohan are redheads and they are both Leos. So does that make Justin Bieber famous? I think not!

536 days ago


Actually, I find it interesting that we can't even allow this man to state his concern without labeling him numerous disparaging names. He is concerned about children. He doesn't feel the subject of homosexuality should be taught in school. Where is the problem? What is evident is that he is being ostracized in the manner that some homosexuals claim they are ostracized.

536 days ago


Its not a how to ...its a respect and don't treat soneone differently for who they choose to love in this hell suck world thing

536 days ago


Leave straight people alone? Um, Stacey, it's not gay people that are creating laws and going out of their way to denigrate people who have sex with the opposite-sex and are attracted to the opposite-sex.

People like this have no shame and have no awareness of their own ignorance and inconsistencies. He says that gay people are bullies and intolerant yet he's fabricated a bill that effectively FORCES LGBTQ CHILDREN IN THE CLOSET. And then he says that other people are intolerant?

It's amazing. He and anti-gays in general do not have even a shred of awareness of their own image.

536 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

If only Lindsay Lohan were here, she would know what to do. Is the bar open yet?

536 days ago



Why so many are commenting on Lindsay? This IS the HOMOSEXUALITY IS DANGEROUS article, right?

536 days ago


Why are anti-gay conservatives so prevalent on a website run by a gay man? LOL. Doesn't really make sense.

536 days ago


How dare TMZ accuse an innocent and honest human person of lying! I'll have them know that Lindsay Lohan has the walking flu (sort of like that walking pneumonia she had). She has to walk around stores in SoHo and steal things or it'll get worse. Her doctor says so and everything.

536 days ago


Stacey really should be thanked. I think most people will realize his insane, crazy hatred is a lot more dangerous than someone being attracted to the same-sex. People like him do more for gay rights than he'll ever imagine----in a positive way.

536 days ago


Dina Lohan ‏@dinalohan
@ me and my girls and my nieces love the bev housewives!!!!

536 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Blind Item #4
It was just like old times when this A list female celebrity got together with this former B list actress who is now a solid C-. They were involved in a love triangle, but the A list female celebrity wanted no part of it this week when they got together again. The C lister thought she could reignite the flame but the A lister said that she is not into women any longer and that the C lister looked awful and the most the A lister would do for her is buy her lunch. She also threw in a pack of cigarettes.

I am pretty darn sure this is Lindsay Lohan

536 days ago



536 days ago
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