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Justin Bieber

More Pot & Ferrari Trouble

2/1/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Justin Bieber is blazing down that marijuana trail once again -- but this time he has a new cohort ... Lil Za ... who also got arrested while driving Justin's Ferrari. Time for new friends ... or just time for Bieber to come clean about smoking weed?

Plus, Dakota Fanning is all grow'd up -- she shot a nude scene for her latest movie right after turning 18. She wants to break out of 'child star' mold ... but do you want to see her that way?

And, Tenn. State Senator Stacey Campfield calls in and ignites a heated debate over his proposed bill to keep all references to homosexuality out of kids' classrooms. You gotta hear this.

(0:00) More photos surface of Justin Bieber smoking a blunt -- a few hours after another one of his pals gets into trouble while driving his white Ferrari. If Harvey off-base when he says Justin's turning into Lindsay Lohan?
(7:00) Jason Trawick and his new haircut hit up one of L.A.'s newest clubs last night -- while Britney Spears was out shopping at Target.
(10:00) Ronaiah Tuiasosopo finally performs the Lennay voice ... but some people still don't believe he's the one behind it.
(13:00) Amanda Bynes hightails it out of her NYC apartment after her landlord accuses her of smoking weed all over the place.
(15:00) Kristin Chenoweth rips American Airlines for allegedly being rude about her "emotional support dog."
(18:00) Dr. Bill Dorfman calls in to talk about a weird new trend in Japan -- making your teeth crooked on purpose.
(23:00) Tennessee Senator Stacey Campfield gets into a heated debate with our newsroom about homosexuality -- which he considers dangerous. You gotta hear this.
(34:00) Lindsay Lohan's legs -- a total mess.
(35:30) Dakota Fanning -- who we've watched grow up -- is going nude in her next movie after barely turning 18. Too soon?
(37:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) A good friend of Harvey's -- former NYC Mayor Ed Koch -- died.

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629 days ago


Gay preach section. Stay out of politics. You don't report what senators say about other things.

629 days ago


This guy is really a fcuking idiot, he's in a position of power?.
Notice how he keeps bringing up Homosexual advocate. ROFLMAO, this guy is an idiot.

629 days ago


Geeze, this site talks about being gay more than Perez Hilton.

629 days ago


Gay guy= gay segment
black girl= Black segment
Fat guy= fat segment

Harvey, it is so obvious.

629 days ago


IS THIS GUY FOR REAL????????????????

629 days ago


How about you stop ramming Heterosexuality down everyone's throat.

629 days ago


That's not gruesome it's just facts, anal sex, "sodomy", obviously increases the chances of spreading of disease because of tearing of tissues...but factually women have anal sex just as often...the difference is that for every woman who has anal sex there's a *male* partner, so it's one woman and one man...making the AIDS numbers lower, whereas with gay men having anal sex there are two men involved, or "recipients", therefore the numbers tend to be a bit higher, it's *not* so-called proof that gays spread AIDS faster, just a matter of partner gender

629 days ago


TMZ always benefits themselves by picking the most stupid people to argue with.

629 days ago


Hypersexuality LMFAO, yet the schools all over North America are teaching Sex ed, earlier and earlier. Can someone please shove that man's head back in the sand.

629 days ago


I'm disappointed in you Harvey. Two days ago you lost your freakin mind on TMZ Live over statements by Culliver, I guess you only get passionate about that when you don't have a voice on the other end to defend themselves. You should've been down this guy's throat (no pun intended) on his stats and his beliefs. SHAME ON YOU!!!

629 days ago


Good discussion though, everyone from all sides is making valid points, at least it's being discussed instead of some useless yelling fest.
Far as sex ed, it depends on the teachers. In school the sex education classes we got were *very* anti-male. Full of accusations against boys and favoring girls, acting as if boys wanted sex and girls don't, and floating the bullsh-t idea that only boys pressure girls into sex, when in fact girls full of hormones are just as horny and use their own little methods to get boys to touch them.
But if you take out the typical anti-male agenda from sex education, it's actually an excellent way to educate young people on the facts about sex, and especially about the very real dangers of sexually-transmitted-disease.

629 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

4. DEPORT THE LITTLE HOSER - Justine Beaver can do ALL his nonsense back in his homeland -

629 days ago


Time for a beer and a schmoke.

629 days ago


Do little 6 yr old children have sex ed where this idiot senator is from? I didn't have sex ed until 6th grade. Oh wait, he's not talking about sex ed, he's talking about dismissing an entire group of people. Why are Republicans so hateful??

629 days ago
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