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Frank Ocean

NOT Pressing Charges

Against Chris Brown

2/2/2013 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0202_frank_ocean2Frank Ocean says he WILL NOT press charges against Chris Brown after last week's parking lot brawl.

Frank wrote a post on his Tumblr page to explain his decision, saying, "As a child I thought if someone jumped me it would result in me murdering or mutilating a man. But as a man I am not a killer."

He continued, "I’ll choose sanity. No criminal charges. No civil lawsuit. Forgiveness, albeit difficult, is wisdom. peace, albeit trite, is what I want in my short life. Peace.”

As TMZ first reported, Frank and CB got into a physical altercation last week outside a recording studio in L.A -- allegedly over a highly coveted parking spot.

You'll recall ... a witness on scene said CB threw the first punch and according to cops Chris was named as a suspect in the battery case. Sources close to Chris remained adamant Frank came at him.


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Frank Ocean has class and maturity. Chris Brown has neither, and is just a prison yard punk.

605 days ago


That's the way "beef" should be settled between others! Kudos to Ocean! I've never liked Brown, he's an egotistical pig!

605 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

great call. because our 'legal system' and making use of it gives way too many malicious freaks too much power. good thing this young man recognized how corrupt a fraudulent legal system is where all that counts is some psychos armani suit and the gold emblazoned degree on their dank decrepit room. quit begging lawyers for help. they will not help you. all you can do is help yourself.

605 days ago


Much much respect to Mr. Frank Ocean. This is what a REAL MAN is all about. You could learn something from him BEATDOWN CHRIS BROWN.

605 days ago

Mrs Luciano    

Chris Brown really should seek some type of mental help. It's clear that he still has serious issues with controlling his anger. To be honest, he is showing the signs of a Crack Head in the making. He reminds me of the character "Eddie" from the movie The Five Heart Beats.

605 days ago

john johnson    

mutilate a man?!?!?! sounds very gay, ugh!

605 days ago


No $ exhanged either ☆R I G H T☆

605 days ago


C-Brown nailed F-Ocean...

605 days ago


One day, Chris Brown will get his for his animalistic behavior, people shouldn't worry about him "getting away with it"... The REAL man just stood up, and told it like it is. KUDOS Brother Frank! Amen!

604 days ago


So, the reported 2 million bucks given to him by Chris Brown was just a rumor? LOL

604 days ago

Good Job Charlie    

Frank put CB in jail he needs jail time. He is a disgusting man who needs to be behind bars. He never got punish what he did to rihanna. He needs jail time to thing all the evilness he has on him. Frank press charges.

604 days ago


Listen, the story sounds fishy, If Chris Brown and his body guards had really tried to beat the crap out of Frank Ocean, he would have not come away with a pinky scratch. There is not 1 visible mark on his face or upper visible body. Whatever Frank and his crew is trying to do, maybe drum up some publicity, its wrong! No one walks away from a fight with only a pinky scratch. Its quite laughable. Something doesn't sound right about this entire story. And if all of this happened, it seems that Chris Brown's lawyers have the parking lot tape and in no viewing is Chris Brown seen hitting Frank Ocean. Chris Brown does not appear to be that stupid to jeopardize his probation as he hasn't so far. So try to give him the benefit of the doubt and wait til the full story comes out. Some of you are judging based on a one sided story that so far has only come from Frank Ocean's camp. Use your intelligence and wait til the full story comes out or until you hear both sides at least. Peace!

604 days ago

kayla warren    

i say that all chris had to do was just move out of the parking spot, it wasnt his anyway. none of this would have ever happened

604 days ago


Brown may have paid Ocean off to not press charges. Is Brown still on probation?

604 days ago


The way CB is leading his life, he won't need Frank's help to take him down. He will go down..... and HARD! Let's just pray he doesn't take Rihanna with him. Unfortunately, that won't be the case!!! I agree with Frank taking the high road. CB is a punk. His time will come and it won't be pretty!

604 days ago
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