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Justin Bieber's Ferrari

Pulled Over AGAIN!!!

2/2/2013 5:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0202-lil-za-justin-bieber-ferrari-tmzStop us if you heard this one before ... Justin Bieber's pal Lil Za was pulled over today while driving Bieber's white Ferrari ... TMZ has learned.

According to an eye witness, the car pulled up to a Chipotle around noon in downtown Los Angeles when Za dropped off a female passenger and then took off. The witness says he saw the car make a u-turn ... and moments later, cops pulled the car over. 

The witness says Za was given a ticket and, after about 20 minutes, sent on his way.

Bieber was not there at the time. 

As TMZ first reported, Lil Za was pulled over early Friday morning (see below) and cited for driving without a license. He could have been arrested then, but cops cut him a break.



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Waka Waka Waka    

Soooooooooooo let me get this straight he either got let go AGAIN 4driving w/out a license or they opened up the DMV on Saturday just 4him...dude when is this special treatment going 2stop

607 days ago

Wow ...    

It is Ground Hog Day.

607 days ago


Uhhhh I think this guy is more then a "pal" at this point..

607 days ago

get real    

Beiber................ Za Za aka LIl Za....... LOL LOL What he driving ur car for?

607 days ago


Last time I heard,no driving without a license, you get your car towed and you get a ticket.I guess stardom has its perks that most of us aren't allowed to get,Like being a normal JOE!! Never would it happen to us

607 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Lil Twink needs stop stop letting his bitches drive his car...

607 days ago


What the hell?......second time this fool was pulled over in that justina really wants to be a black ho! Where the hell is this brats brains.....they get him high and then use the muth will come down to this.......He can never say no to these thugs, cause they will turn against your sill dyke ass, as fast as they wreck your car, spend your money and ruin who you are! Justin is trapped with these way out now! The lil lesbian justin will be a dead celeb soon , if he keeps hanging with these dudes!

607 days ago


Someone at TMZ has Bieber envy.

607 days ago


About time we had a male trainwreck in the making. Lindsay will only keep on going for so long.

607 days ago


Wait, so this time he had a license?

607 days ago


Where are your parents? MY WORD! I don't care if you're over 18....I'd be seriously up all in your grill about the choices you're making, and trying to get these hood rats out of your life. You better check yo'self befor you wreck yo'self.....Oh and I hope you save your money. You keep going down this path and ya won't have so many fans as you once did.

607 days ago

It's obvious Bieber is being used. He looks like a fool. It is unfortunate that this looks like the end for him. Even if you don't like him you must admit how huge this kid got. As far as recent news, this may be what Selena couldn't take, I sure as hell wouldn't either. He needs an intervention. He's a talented singer but playing around with his health too. I'm not referring to weed, though starting too early is bad mmkay. C'mon Justin, I'm not a fan but you need to get in control of your life and don't forget where you came from.

607 days ago


Shouldn't this be titled, "Lil Za Pulled Over By Cops ... Again!!!"?

Way to stand out, unlucky white Ferarri! Justin should really trade that thing in.

So I guess Little Za has a license, but just didn't have it on his person the first time he was pulled over? I'm confused which 'Lil' did what with Justin's car, but I stand by my original comment:

Justin should stop lending his car to people ~ especially if their name begins with Lil (except Lil John, because he's very responsible).

607 days ago


That dang burn car is nothing but trouble I tell ya,
nothing BUT trouble.
Darn fool whippersnapper should sell that car
fore he gets in trouble himself, it's a bad luck car
nuting but bad luck. Should be red,Ferrari's are red,
not white that's the problem.
If that fool driving it was driving a Ford, he wouldn't even have a ticket probably

607 days ago


The cops need to stop with the "giving a break" and do their job regardless of who the driver is. These gangbangers are going to kill somebody while they are driving without licenses and speeding. Too bad Justin is getting mixed up with this trash but he will pay in the long run. Hopefully then he will wake up and get his life straightened back out.

607 days ago
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