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Bobbi Kristina

BLASTS Cissy Houston ...

Don't Buy Her Book!

2/2/2013 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobbi Kristina
is on a mission to make sure grandma Cissy Houston's new tell-all book crashes and burns -- by BOYCOTTING it altogether and pleading with her fans to do the same.

Cissy released a book this week called "Remembering Whitney" -- which is all about Whitney Houston's life -- and made the rounds on a slew the talk shows promoting the hell out of it.

But Bobbi wasn't too happy, tweeting to her 119,000 plus followers, "Anything concerning my grandmother's book, I and @nickgordon of course personally have nothing to with."

She continues, "I haven't read and won't ... I find it to be disrespectful to my mother and me being her daughter won't tolerate it."

FYI -- Cissy was on Oprah earlier this week (again promoting the book) and admitted her relationship with BK was strained ... and admitted she knew that Bobbi didn't want the book written.


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So the ugly lil bitch is blasting her about disrespect....Whitney must be fuming in her grave over this one....second...does the ugly lil bitch actually have fans? And what the phk are they a fan of.....some lil whore who is spending what her mother left her on useless pricks like Nick and hanger onners.......lil bitch will be cracked outta her mind in a year....Im buying the book...just cause this lil whore says not too!

594 days ago


BK is an ungrateful spoiled brat.

594 days ago



594 days ago


bk has fans???

the direction she's headed grandma is going to get to write a book about her with the same ending as her mama.

594 days ago


Good for her. I'm happy to see her publicly slamming her family's attempts at money grabbing. That's all they ever hung around for - to live off of Whitney's success and now they're trying to get every penny they can out of her death.

594 days ago


BK is just a money hungry greedy spoiled brat. She's probably just mad because she won't get a penny from this book.

594 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Wow, bobbi kristina young, then bobbi kristina old, amazing.

594 days ago


I honestly don't get why Cissy Houston needs to write a book about Whitney. The last thing I would do is write a book about my child, if famous, on the heels of how she died. Why didn't Cissy write this book when Whitney was alive? I think BK is on the wrong path but why shouldn't she be angry with her family trying to make money off of her mother's memory? I find it also strange, a book now, after losing the battle to be executor of Whitney's estate and stop BK from getting what Whitney wanted per her wishes. If anyone is disrespectful it's Cissy for not taking a more active part in her grand daughter's life and keeping her daughter's memory alive through other means.

594 days ago


First question:
What has Bobbi Kristina done to have fans?

Whitney did this child a huge disservice if she is disrespecting her grandmother like she is especially knowing how much Whitney loved her mother. I understand BK can still be very raw regarding her mom's passing but she wasn't the only person to lose someone she loved. Cissy brought Whitney into this world and supported her for 49 years.

594 days ago


Wow since Whtiney is gone now they are all in the spotlight, too bad they did not put as much effort into helping Whitney with her addictions but love riding on the tale of her demise.

594 days ago


She has fans? I think they are just spectators to the trainwreck she calls her life

594 days ago


For all her $, it's a shame BK still sounds like an illiterate hood rat.

594 days ago


bobbi kristina is jus a lazy brat, from the time her mom died she went on a rampage trying to get her hands into everything,she is jus mad tht she didnt write the book tht is if she can write, on another note i dont really care for reality shows, because i think they all lack one thing,,,,,,,,,,, the reality,, but one morning i got up couldnt sleep, decided to for the first time to look at tht houston reality shw, look i dont even knw the correct name it is the worst shw on tv, well no not the worst there is one tht tops it ...honey bo-bo yea bo-bo dam u dont have your mom to fall back on anymore u are still young stop fighting down everyone who is trying to let the public knw about whitney,,,,,,,but wow tht was fast ,,, a reality shw and a book dam the houstons are not wasting time to tell all

594 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

It's sad that this girl has more common sense than her grandma. Family isn't supposed to spread family business to outsiders. Whitney hated being in the press and I'm sure she'd hate that her mother wrote a book about her a mere year later. Have some class and respect for your own daughter! A book was not necessary!!

594 days ago


Bobbi has fans?

594 days ago
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