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Bobbi Kristina

BLASTS Cissy Houston ...

Don't Buy Her Book!

2/2/2013 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobbi Kristina
is on a mission to make sure grandma Cissy Houston's new tell-all book crashes and burns -- by BOYCOTTING it altogether and pleading with her fans to do the same.

Cissy released a book this week called "Remembering Whitney" -- which is all about Whitney Houston's life -- and made the rounds on a slew the talk shows promoting the hell out of it.

But Bobbi wasn't too happy, tweeting to her 119,000 plus followers, "Anything concerning my grandmother's book, I and @nickgordon of course personally have nothing to with."

She continues, "I haven't read and won't ... I find it to be disrespectful to my mother and me being her daughter won't tolerate it."

FYI -- Cissy was on Oprah earlier this week (again promoting the book) and admitted her relationship with BK was strained ... and admitted she knew that Bobbi didn't want the book written.


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She looks just like Bobby Brown and that is not a good thing. Woof.

635 days ago


Hope she od's on coke like her mom!!!

635 days ago


Fans? BK has fans? What does she do? Does she even have a JOB of any kind? Or does she just spend her life partying, recovering from hangovers, and thinking she's important.

I haven't read the book, but I will buy it on Nook. And if Cissy's tale of her daughter's demise helps even one person then it was worth it. Whitney Houston had an incredible gift and threw it all away so she could get high. Sad and pathetic.

635 days ago


The story of a famous drug addict Singer's dope addict brat...Bobbi Kristina Brown: she? let men use her and OD too! What new could possibly be in the book

635 days ago


Before I jump on the "Bash BK" bandwagon, let me ask a few questions: where was her mother's publicity for her beloved daughter when she was still alive? When Cissy was busy blaming Bobby Brown for introducing Whitney to drugs and ruining her life, are you content to believe she never knew it was actually her other druggie kid Michael? And finally doesn't it seem just a weee bit opportunistic that once she couldn't stop the runaway train that was Whitney's life, she sees it fit to jump one the gravy train that is her death? BK may not be a model teen, but it doesn't seem as if the so-called adults in her life were anything to model herself after. Continue the bash...if it gives you closure.

635 days ago


Hope this family finds peace at some point. I won't be reading the book, can't imagine there's anything unknown in it.

635 days ago


News flash.... BK your "fans" will not buy the book because your "fans" don't buy/read books. Your Twitter followers are much like you, uneducated and unemployed. Your mom was able to get by for as long as she did without the benefits of a proper education because she had a God-given talent, you are not so fortunate. You desperately need to get an education or else you will end up just another sad statistic.

635 days ago

Mrs Luciano    

It's way to early to do such a trashy book and the fact that Cissy stooped so low shows how irresponsible and selfish she is as a Grandmother. Her first priority should be making sure BK is mentally stable enough to handle the plublicity of a Tell All Book. Sounds like Ms. Cissy isn't as Holy as she tries to portray. I hope BK gets help soon because her life has been on display to public for way to long. Good luck to her future.

635 days ago


Ha like the people that she tweeting read books

635 days ago


"pleading with her fans to do the same."

Her fans? Her fans? Fans of what? Spoiled reality show celeb? Yet another proof of how ludicrous reality show celebs are--self indulgent and egotistical. I'd take her grandmother's talent and accomplishments over hers any day of the week.

635 days ago


Children of substance abusing parents almost always defend them. Bobbi Kristina has, most likely inherited her parents love of the drugs and was probably wiping her nose as she made those comments. I wonder if she'll make it to 30...

635 days ago


You know what? Ll Missy getting to big for her weave. Cissy has shown remarkable restraint and patience with her Granddaughter. How does Ms Thang even thnk that she can presume to tell the Mother of Whitney Houston, what she can do an dwhat she can't do with her own daugher? What lil Missy needs to understand is Ms. Cissy "birthed" Whitney, wiped her behnd and her nose, fed and clothed her and RAISED her against all odds. Who is this little brat to tell Cissy what to feel, what to think and she needs to get HER lil brat's permission to write about her won daughter. Cissy must be really praying to her God that she doesn't old school WHAT'S HER NAME and go and snatch that weave right off her sweet lil head. Is this what Whitney raised? A disrespectufl little snot? She thinks that Cissy disrespected her Mother? What is she doing to Whitney's Mother that Whitney always let her fans and the public know she adored an respected beyond measure. Lil Missy you don't hold the rights to your Mother's life. Shewas a daughter, sister, cousin long before you came into the is world and you need to sit at your Grandmother's knee and learn some things befoe she is no longer here to teach you...about life. Let the Church say Amen!

635 days ago


Wait to she finds out Grandma basically told Oprah she couldn't sing. Opsy :(

635 days ago


Bobby Kristina "fans"????? for what?????

635 days ago


What a bunch of losers. If it wasn't for Whitney all of them would be on welfare now.

635 days ago
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