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Frank Ocean's Music Producer

Chris Brown Tried to Beat

the 'Living S**T' Outta Frank

2/3/2013 9:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown
and his hired muscle tried to "beat the living s**t" out of Frank Ocean during their infamous brawl ... this according to Frank's music producer who says he saw the whole thing go down.

Michael Uzowuru -- who produces tracks with Frank and Odd Future -- says he was with Ocean the night of the fight. Uzowuru detailed his version of events in a blog posted early Sunday morning. 

Uzowuru says the whole thing did indeed start over a parking spot. He says that he, Frank and a guy named Chito arrived at Westlake Studios that night to record, when they saw an orange Lambo parked in the spot labeled "Frank."

Uzowuru says they told the front desk to move the car and were informed it belonged to Chris Brown. He says Chris Brown came out 10 minutes later with a "big dude" and a "skinnier dude" -- and when Frank told CB, "You parked in my spot, move" ... that's when it all went downhill

Uzowuru says the big dude suddenly punched Chito in the face for NO REASON, adding ... "Then instantly Chris and the other dude grab [Frank] and try to jump him." He adds, "There's no doubt in my mind the whole thing was a set up."

Uzowuru goes on to say the big dude continued to pound on Chito, while Chris and his other lackey tackled Frank and sent him crashing into a "big fake candle display laced with glass," adding, "Hence ... his finger being cut."

Uzowuru claims CB's buddy cornered Frank and pinned him up against a wall "while Chris was trying to beat the living "s**t" out of [him]." He says Frank fought back -- throwing elbows and punches of his own.

Uzowuru says the events get hazy, but remembers screaming for everyone to stop -- and they did.

Uzowuru ended his post by saying, "I don't know what type of demons Chris is facing, but I hope he clears them all and finds a new life rooted in love and light."

Frank said yesterday, he will NOT be pressing charges.


No Avatar


So Frank is being a dumb bitch........ just like Rihanna?

439 days ago


CB is an idiot but Frank shouldnt talk sh*t without expecting that situation to escalate...Sonny in Bronx Tale said it was over a parking spot too (ha)

439 days ago


Chris Brown will never fight fair because he is a coward. He beats women and needs muscle to help him jump another man.

439 days ago


People need to stop harassing Chris brown. Rhianna has anger issues, and this ocean guy is just trying to get his five minutes. Cb, don't listen to the haters....

---- Oj Simpson

439 days ago


Who cares! What a waste of time for anyone who reads this article.

439 days ago


i dont believe that but you dont just ask someone to move you say can you please move and if they dont then you do something else and frank is lying thats why he dont want to press charges.

439 days ago


@Rob....I hope he is more of a man than me because I am a woman. What a dumbass. Stay in your place fool

439 days ago


Well, IF this version is true, I wonder who will pay for the damages to the studio? I don't blame Frank for not pressing charges, because he will certainly be made fun of (even more than he already is).

If that happened where I live, the police would have interviewed Chris B.and charged him with a probation violation (failing to keep the peace and be of good behavior). Since he was pulled over and let go yesterday, it appears that will not happen. I'm starting to see why you CA folks are so disillusioned with the law. SMH.

439 days ago

Cool Papa    

Frank Ocean is acting like a battered woman who just wants everything to 'go away'.

439 days ago

Jrz JLo    

Chris Brown is a classless punk

439 days ago


Chris Brown is SO DISGUSTINGLY GROSS IN EVERY WAY! What's that growing on his skull -- a fungus?!

439 days ago


Wow, I commend Frank Ocean for being such a strong person and forgiving CB. CB will dig his own hole. They always do. It's obvious he STILL has anger issues.

439 days ago


The public can hit Chris Brown back where it hurts -- don't buy his so-called music!!

439 days ago


demons? the demon on your shoulder that let's you decide if you wanna e a douchebag or not?

439 days ago


Will they wait until Chris Brown is a murderer before finally locking him up? With the path his life is on, it is just a matter of time before someone ends up dead. He doesn't seem to care about hurting others or throwing his own life away and there doesn't seem to be anyone trying to stop it from happening.

439 days ago
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