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Justin Bieber

"Bodyguard" Accused

of Threatening Shopper

2/4/2013 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0125-justin-bieber-tmzA member of Justin Bieber's crew allegedly threatened a man who snapped a pic of JB Sunday night, and now police are investigating ... TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources ... Justin was shopping at a Best Buy in the San Fernando Valley when the adult male -- not a crazed tweener fan -- approached him and took the photo.

We're told the man claims someone in Justin's entourage -- someone he thinks is a bodyguard -- immediately, and angrily, told him to delete the photo ... which he did.

The photo opportunist -- who we're told is not a paparazzo -- felt threatened enough after the encounter that he called police ... but when LAPD officers arrived Justin and his posse were long gone.

We're told police took a report from the alleged victim, and plan to investigate his claim.

Justin's camp had no comment.


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Joseph Diehl    

This little boy, should be thankful he has money and a roof over his head. Many do not.

593 days ago


this kid is an ass he should belong in canada . he think he good, but wait you will dump soon haaaaaaa

593 days ago

Randy Reynolds    

Hard to believe someone as masculine As The Beav wold need a bodyguard.

593 days ago


what does he do? I just don't get it. Has he had some kind of a sex change operation that makes him look so weird?

593 days ago


lol,,,his fan base are twits

593 days ago


that little kids just a little too pretty. And, since bisexuality is expressed by both ears pierced....well, hopefully the young GIRLS wont mind....

592 days ago


Just really who does this untalented spoiled punkass kid think he is. I'd have told whoever the bodyguard was to shove it. There is no way I would have deleted the pic and dared his groupies to touch me. Hopefully the guy didn't really delete it.

592 days ago

charles cole    

He is a spoiled brat, lousy image for today's children. I hope he an/or his entourage get what is deserved.

592 days ago


i think he would make a better drag queen

592 days ago


I am so sick of these whiny celebs. They want fortune and fame. Can't wait to be noticed... Then, when they get it they want to get up- set and ugly to their fans. They need to think about all the attention they may get if they become a celeb before becoming one. Without your fans you won't last long.

592 days ago


The guy was wrong to delete the photo. You never let security push you around. I know a few nice security guards, most however are raving egomaniacs.

592 days ago


I don't want my photo taken without permission, but I'm not famous. This is what you sign up for. Yes the paparazzi is out of control, but this was a seemingly ordinary person. Get a clue Beiber. Dont join the Sean Penn club.

592 days ago


Apparently stalker man is unaware of the laws in California. You are required to be employed by the media and be licensed to stalk celebrities. The security have every right to tell the guy to delete the pic. Maybe he would've gotten a pic he could keep if he had asked. For some reason, I don't think the guy is telling the whole story about what led up to the security guy making him delete the photo.

592 days ago


I JUST finished posting over on a story about Bradley Cooper about how I think the media is too intrusive into the lives of celebrities (and listed myself as a photographer and writer, which I am, although I'm not working at present).

That said, ANY public figure in a PUBLIC PLACE is fair game for a photograph, and Bleeper's bodyguard had NO RIGHT to force that man to delete that photo. Had it been me (although I'd sooner photograph doggie doo), I'd have refused and called management.

A private citizen has a right to privacy -- even in a public place. Public citizens, including celebrities, DO NOT. Courts have ruled they've given up that right by virtue of having chosen to be famous. The man had every right to taks as many photos of Bieber as he wished. I'll just be glad when that overgrown thumb-sucker is a has-been.
Jeff Hayes

592 days ago


Should have been honored someone wanted to take his picture. I wouldn't have deleted it. It was a public place. Unless JB can go out invisible then he should expect this and happily pose for a picture. Doesn't he remember he was a snot from the trailer park not to long ago. Sue them!

592 days ago
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