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Trump Sues Maher for $5 Mil



2/5/2013 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Donald Trump
's mother is no orangutan-banger ... so says the Donald himself in a new, actually-filed lawsuit obtained by TMZ. Seriously, Trump actually filed this.

The Donald just sued Bill Maher for $5 MILLION ... claiming the HBO talk show host is skipping out on his promise to donate $5 mil to charity if Trump could prove he isn't the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan.

According to Trump, Maher made the offer during an appearance on "Leno" ... after Trump had made a $5 million challenge to President Obama regarding POTUS' birth certificate.

In his suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Trump says he formally responded to Maher's challenge with a copy of his birth certificate, proving he is, in fact, the "son of Fred Trump" ... who is not a member of the Great Ape family.


Trump claims 5 "worthy charities" have now been deprived of millions of dollars in donations ... and it's all Maher's fault.

Anyone in the mood for a banana?


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I watch Bill Maher. He was joking. Donald Trum knows it too. Donald Trump is a tool. What's up with his crazy these days?

And a birth certificate is not proof. You can put any baby daddy name you want on the birth certificate. Just saying. I know people who have.

563 days ago


Where did Mr.D Trump parents came from Poland?? what are his children rights in America did they get the American citizenship by birth?? His wife is not born American.Did he get everything settled cashwise??????

563 days ago


Has Maher created an oral contract on TV? Has Maher insulted a deceased woman that lived an honorable life? Has Maher tarnished the memory of a beloved mother & grandmother and caused suffering and pain to her children and grandchildren? Is Maher a bully and a liar? Do the charities deserve to be paid what Maher promised he would pay on TV?

563 days ago


I don't think this is settled. Is that really his real Birth Certificate? Anyone can forge those. That hair is not human. Maybe we need to get his DNA and sequence it. I bet there is some shared DNA with an Orangutan. And I think we better compare his DNA to his parents, exhume if you must. I'd go to court over it and demand close up examination of the hair and the pigment. I think he'll have to disrobe to show that he doesn't have other ape features. There is just alot about the Donald we don't know. I hope he is human and I hope his father was Fred Trump. I'll be the happiest man on earth if he shows that.

563 days ago


Donald, you'll do anything and everything to get yourself on t.v. or in print. Maybe u should donate the $5 million --- as you can well afford to.

563 days ago


This is the guy that said he would donate millions if Obama would provide his birth since Obama did not...millions of dollars were not donated to people that needed it, yet he is going to file a law suit and waste tax payers money over this bs...this man get more and more obnoxious and irritating as the years go by, he needs to just go away...anyone that actually likes this guy or follows this guy is a complete idiot. What a tool!!!

563 days ago


Where's his long-form certificate? And how do we know it isn't a forgery?

563 days ago


2 year old dancing gangdam style

563 days ago

Jeanie Texas    

he needs a signed agreement that is do***ented as a contract--to win this thing--outside of that Bill was making a joke.

563 days ago


producing a birth certidiicate actually proves trump is a part of the Great Ape family. its obviously a fake as we all know trumo is really an alien.

563 days ago


I still don't believe you, Donald.

563 days ago


Very hard to STOP an OPPORTUNIST who is a class A attention HOE... and that is TRUMP.This CLOWN is like a bad YEAST INFECTION that's just won't go away.

I don't know why other fall into the trap by mentioning his name knowing it will get him the shine.

563 days ago


Trump is hell-bent on reducing his legacy to that of crackpot and buffoon.

563 days ago


Good. Maher ought to be sued just...well.... because he's Bill Maher. Why should he be allowed to public insult anyone he wants? Who the f__k does he think he is, anyway? Every time he opens his mouth I am offended.

563 days ago


Trump will sue anything with a pulse.. no doubt. But Maher is a pious, obnoxious as*hoL*. Maher is vicious in his attacks on anyone who doesn't believe as he does. Trump is an egotistical maniac. I'd love to see them both duke it out in a ring! May the worst one lose!

563 days ago
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