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Trump Sues Maher for $5 Mil



2/5/2013 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Donald Trump
's mother is no orangutan-banger ... so says the Donald himself in a new, actually-filed lawsuit obtained by TMZ. Seriously, Trump actually filed this.

The Donald just sued Bill Maher for $5 MILLION ... claiming the HBO talk show host is skipping out on his promise to donate $5 mil to charity if Trump could prove he isn't the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan.

According to Trump, Maher made the offer during an appearance on "Leno" ... after Trump had made a $5 million challenge to President Obama regarding POTUS' birth certificate.

In his suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Trump says he formally responded to Maher's challenge with a copy of his birth certificate, proving he is, in fact, the "son of Fred Trump" ... who is not a member of the Great Ape family.


Trump claims 5 "worthy charities" have now been deprived of millions of dollars in donations ... and it's all Maher's fault.

Anyone in the mood for a banana?


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Hmmm. It's the short form and it looks like a fake certificate to me. Trump hasn't produced a real certificate it looks like. He needs to have people testify for him from elementary, middle, high school, college and grad school and show all his transcripts to prove that's really him.

590 days ago


I think it would be appropriate, that we should call for PROOF that Donald Trump's grandfather "Friedrich Drumpf" had his name "LEGALLY' changed to "Trump"!
After asking Obama to prove that he was born in the USA, I think that people should, at the very least, ask for legal, proof this his family's German family's name has been legally changed!

590 days ago



590 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Next story on TMZ, Orangutans angrily call up TMZ in their defense with undisputable DNA proof that Trump isn't from their blood line. They don't want him either!

590 days ago


This is not a copy of an original birth certificate.

When was a "BAR CODE" invented? I don't know, but it most certainly not used in 1946!

This isn't even a legitimate copy of an original birth certificate. It may be a copy, of a copy, but it a bar code can be added to a birther certificate, makes one wonder, what else can be altered?
Isn't the Fred just a nickname? Since when did they start putting "nickname" on a birth certificate?
His grandfather's name was Fredreich Drumpf, born in Germany.
Their name was Anglosized. Therefore, can we assume he is hiding more?

590 days ago


**** Bill Maher, he's the only person on the planet who is more of an insufferable prick than Trump.

Bill, you're not funny, you're not ever original. Bill Hicks and George Carlin ran mental circles around you and your toad/halfling/****wit ****buddy, Patton Oswalt.

Sad that we are left to suffer these unfunny "comedians".

590 days ago


Trump known around the world in 1 Word

Seriously he had to get his birth certificate " tosser "

590 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Remind me who it was who started making offers to donate $5 million dollars to a charity of someones choice, but only if they submit to his ridiculous demands as a publicity stunt, then after huge publicity pull the offer off the table and never donate a dime to any charities because the offer "had expired"? Umm, that's right DONALD TRUMP.

Trump is the asshat here. Maher like him or not, is the political satirist mocking how dis-ingenious and full of bullsh*t Trump is... lols

590 days ago


Like Trump or not he is 100% accurate about Barry Soetoro, aka Obama. Obama is nothing more than a shill and you got to love his leaked DRONE policy on US citizens, very chilling and scary.

I doubt many of you even realize Obama signed the NDAA into law.

Good for Trump for calling out Bill, Bill is just another dim wit talk host shill, we know who butter's Bill's bread.

Thanks Donald for having the guts to show Obama is nothing but a fraud, but then again so are all US Presidents, not that anyone in the US is smart enough to realize that

590 days ago

Will Williamson    

Trump's birth certificate looks fake

589 days ago


First of all, it was a joke and will be proved that way. What fool actually believes that Trump could be the off-spring of a monkey? Also, I don't recall Maher stating how and when he would donate the $5M to charity. Could be in the year 2050. Could be $1 a day.

589 days ago


Trump is totally off his rocker!

589 days ago


Donald Trump obviously has nothing better to do with his time....

589 days ago


Go for it, Big Don. We want someone to shut Maher's mouth finally.

589 days ago


I would guess that Maher's mom did a possum. He's smug, arrogant and effete, and since he had a million for Obama and loves to shoot his mouth off, its great that another arrogant sob is calling his hand.

589 days ago
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