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'Alex Mack' Star

Gets Restraining Order ...

A 'Stalker' Stole My Name!

2/4/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201-larisa-oleynik-tmz"Secret World of Alex Mack" star Larisa Oleynik got a three-year restraining order against a crazed fan who was so obsessed he changed his last name to Oleynik ... TMZ has learned.

A judge granted the order against Josh Hathaway -- a.k.a Josh Oleynik -- in L.A. County Superior Court on January 31.

In legal docs, Larisa says the harassment began in July 2012 when Josh started calling her mother nonstop, and leaving gifts for her at her mom's apartment.

Larisa says Josh wrote books and love letters for her featuring creepy passages like ... "You are very beloved by me everyday. You are very precious to me ... keep me on your wheel of love."

She also says Josh left a voicemail saying he changed his last name to Oleynik in 2010 ... to "build a relationship," and wanted to propose to her.

In Larisa's legal filing she says, "I feel that I am being stalked. I am worried he is unstable and could snap at any moment."

The judge clearly agreed ... ordering Josh to stop all contact with and stay 100 yards away from Larisa and her mom until Jan. 2016.


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So she used her Alex Mack residuals to buy a stalker and the TMZ five-story value package in hopes of having a career again. She could learn a thing or two from Amanda Bynes - you need to be attractive (at least in a filthy, slutty way) and criminally insane for anyone to care if you live or die.

633 days ago


Yea like a simple piece of paper will stop a bullet. Those things don't work when it is given to a stalker they will continue their behavior until someone gets seriously hurt or until the stalker finds another victim. So sad to have that kind of thing hanging over your head. Been there done that!

633 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Here's a re-send with better edits. Typos can alter perception.

I know that can happen to Alex.

I'm in a smaller town doing some writing and research. I've got a lot of information about these issues that I'll be sharing in the near future.

Is Hollywood trying to design the new Rebbeca Shaeffer?

Be careful out there Alex, there is a lot of deception.

I know the difference between a real stalker and a person who just likes or is inspired or interested or curious.

Some people want to know and meet other people and they don't know how for fear of rejection so they do unusual things. I've learned to take more things as a compliment.

Stalkers come from all socio economic levels and backgrounds.

I had people using my name likeness a few years ago and had to contact media and tell them because the media can take a name likeness and use it to ruin someone, on purpose.

There are some vicious "journalistic predators".

I hate to admit it but sometimes it's the police who enable and help stalkers. Sometimes its enemies and competitors or haters who envy, who also enable and hire stalkers.

Some stalkers are bred and groomed while some are natural pure ones. Some stalkers don't even realize they are stalkers. I'm qualified to speak because I have been stalked by men and women. However, if someone is looking out for me and loves me and cares for me and are trying see me, fine.

I try to stay human and not blow things out of proportion. I don't think walking around in fear is healthy. Once you let a stalker know you are afraid, it can be crazy. And people would be surprised to know most stalkers are actually women, some who really are potentially dangerous. But the most violently dangerous of all stalkers are usually men.

It's when it gets dangerous and threatening and becomes violation that concerns me. I generally tell people when they are too far in my space but the problem is you don't always have a chance to because some of these people are more dangerous than others.

A lot of people are desperate for emotional satisfaction due to emotional deprivation. So when they see something or someone that inspires their impulses they pursue and sometimes it becomes obsessive and potentially dangerous.

I must also add that some people are just hyper paranoid in general and they want to be wanted and say people are after them, even when they are not.

I think Alex is being stalked. Some stalking is legit pure stalking and some is carefully orchestrated stalking by design.

Recently a creepy guy named Lloyd Smith who has been stalking for years approached me. I confronted him about his overt stalking. Over the years he kept coming closer and closer. I tried to be nice a few times just to be human. I may have reinforced him to believe that his behavior was wanted for something beyond just passing interaction.

He became upset and called the police. So now you have a stalker calling saying they are the victim when they are stalking you. That's real creepy.

I had a witness. The police were already on the scene waiting in the parking lot. Before the stalker, who they already know is a stalker, hung up the phone, they were already in the door harassing me, and I was the victim. Impossible. They were helping a stalker stalk.

The girl cop handled things fine but the guy cop who had been following me around for weeks as a field training exercise had another motivation. He wanted trouble.

Oh yeah cops are trained to stalk, they just call it surveillance.

Most cops are good guys and good girls.

Alex has to understand that someone like a corrupt cop, a preacher who wants her soul, a mate, controlling parents or just about anyone looking to alter her psychology and perception can literally groom a stalker while also shadow stalking themselves can make trouble. They also have group stalking. Where groups stalk at once and then witness for one another to overwhelm a victim and intimidate them. You can give a person a nervous breakdown or a panic attack that leads to stroke or heart attack.

Some people stalk because they want to be wanted by the victim. The rejection becomes obsession and dangerous.

The police can craft death to get someone murdered or injured by a stalker.

Especially if they feed them incentive to believe what they are doing is wanted by the person or for attention from police.

For example I watched store managers and store employees feeding Lloyd and giving him food and attention and rewarding him to stalk. This guy is ex military, mentally and emotionally ill, living in a halfway house and creepy as hell. That's a potential danger. In the past he had exposed his naked genitalia to me in a restaurant. I don't even know him, nor am I gay.

Out of compassion for the mentally ill I did not call police and instead asked him to not do that and told him it was unwanted. He apologized and said he did not intend to offend me but the stalking continued.

He would arrive everyday when I eat and work for months to make it seem like he just ate dinner when I ate. So I varied my times and he would show up every single time and be calling out my name and talking to me as if I knew him.

Sometimes you just know other people who share the same social habits.

He wasn't just showing up, he was inducing contact when I told him it was unwanted.

The media here also panders to social attacks. So they might make a stalker feel important by giving them an interview to allegedly find out what happened in an incident and then use that to craft a public smear campaign against someone.

In the south a lot of things are also racially motivated so you have a stalker with a love/hate attitude, which is even more dangerous. Then when they are trained to kill after having been soldiers, obviously that could be perceived as a threat.

He has a history of such behavior. In his past he went to jail for cutting and stabbing someone for similar behavior.

So think about that. When the police are suppose to go after the real threat and they instead go after the victim for racial motivation, something bad can happen.

A deep south stalker is a whole different animal from a progressive market stalker.

And they stalk at a lot of different levels not just drifters and transients.

It can be racial, political, religious or sexual hyper vigilance which is a form of stalking and pursuit.

Your employer, the employees at the places you go will get in their car and stalk. Small town mentality is even more dangerous because stalking can go viral and you can see people of all ages and classes, from the local area and surrounding counties and sometimes different places from around that state and region, in pursuit of someone or something they might not even know, just because they heard about it.

It's designed for violence and murder. To find a way to get you to breakdown, go into fear and paranoia and panic or become violent.

It's going on all over the country. That's why so may people are going crazy and I haven't even mentioned "journalistic stalkers", media stalkers. The people who are paid to pursue other people but want no one pursuing them the same way in their personal lives.

The internet has so deprived people of human contact that the natural human urge and impulse takes over and people start pursuing something to fill the void of human contact.

It's normal for people to like other people and admire and be around other people. Be fanatics etc. until it becomes threatening and intrusive.

A southern drifter and stalker is something unlike the pop culture perception of a stalker but the behavior amounts to being the same things. You have to know how to keep them off of you. And really, you have to expect anything. Most of them are just creepy people, some with roach like behaviors who are harmless looking for crumbs, but some are dangerous and they always seem to leave a nasty trail.

People have a right to their personal space.
Human contact is normal but not when violating people.

Lastly, in order to practice for these cases the DAs in every area have to design some people and some cases to train and study and research stalking. So they too contribute to breeding stalkers, on purpose. As a matter of fact if you look closely you might learn there are a lot of legal stalkers who pursue cases they want and write it up as investigation, pre sentence investigation etc.

Stalking has a lot to do with emotional confusion and isolation. Emotional trauma that leaves them longing and obsessing.

It's okay to love. Its okay to meet people and interact. But its not okay to violate people.

Sometimes its a fine line because people do some very bizarre things for attention because they fear rejection or not being taken serious.

I use to be a lot more trusting with everybody until I was violated.

Things I see regularly in a small town are people who no one really wants except people who are like them who believe everyone wants them, when they have nothing to offer. Its a very fine line.

Alex, never let a stalker think they can scare you into their intimidation and emotional bullying.

Women are crazy. Sometimes they stalk and don't want to make trouble. They just want to take a look at the guy. I've learned to take that as a compliment, unless they are trying to hurt me.

Private investigators are paid stalkers.

633 days ago


OMG I remember her. I use to watch Alex Mack all the time as a kid. I'm guessing she hasn't done anything worth noting since she is still being called the Alex Mack Star, which finished in like the late 90s.

445 days ago
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