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Oh, Wait ... There He Is

2/4/2013 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201-nadya-suleman-tmzCops were called to Octomom's L.A. home Thursday ... after she called her 7-year-old son's school panicking that he had gone missing ... TMZ has learned. 

Long story short ... Octo was convinced her child was NOT dropped off by the school bus at the usual time ... and freaked out in a desperate effort to locate her boy.

School officials were confused ... since the bus driver said he personally witnessed Octomom greet the child when he was dropped off at Octo's home.

School officials contacted police because they were concerned about the situation. Cops responded to the home ... but by the time they arrived, Octo's nanny had already discovered the boy sleeping in his room where he usually takes naps after school.

Octo told police she doesn't remember greeting the child at the bus -- and is convinced someone else must have dropped him off.

It's not the first time Octo's panicked about a potentially missing kid -- she called police in 2008 when she couldn't find a child ... but it turns out the kid was with his grandma.



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Everytime a story pops up about this woman, my stomach sinks. Not sure of exact number but have read that 3 of her 14 children are special needs. One of my daughters has an autistic child. Fortunately she and my son-in-law have the time, money, and love to ensure that this adorable child gets all the help and ATTENTION needed for all the issues involved in this condition. How can this woman possibly be giving any of these children the love and attention that a child needs let alone the three (or more?) special needs children. Again I wonder, what is going on in that home? And if those babies are taken from her how can they be kept together? Getting placed in the foster care system is little guarantee that these children's needs will be met either. I still feel that the Doctor who continued to plant eggs in this obviously mentally ill woman should be held MONETARILY accountable. The money could be put in a trust operated by a respected conservative accounting firm. That would enable Nadya to stop making money stripping and doing porn--that would be made a condition of the trust. She could hire REAL nannies and maids and devote her time to just loving and raising those babies. No matter how angry this woman's choices make us, the focus has to remain on those babies and their needs. The more time that passes, the bleaker each child's future seems.

604 days ago


Easy to criticize the actions of an exhausted, sleep deprived (and sure a little strange) mother of 14 kids but since I can't imagine trying to keep track of all those kids I'm not going there...

604 days ago


That rehab sure did her a lot of good, didn't it? Loses her own child in her house, because her child followed the routine.

604 days ago


She probably took half a script of her xanax bars and blacked out... haha.

604 days ago


For heaven's sake, cut the lady some slack. She's obviously concerned about her children and she's got 14 of them to keep track of.

604 days ago


Her lips look like a big black donkey **** went in her mouth and just stretched out her lips.. Both of them lol

604 days ago


"I lost my kids" is what we should have heard her say after Child Protective Services investigated her

604 days ago


Suleman met her child at, and received her child at the schoolbus, but...she doesn't remember doing so. Why not ? It makes me wonder just what else she doesn't remember as concerns her own hands on care of her children. She is convinced that someone else dropped off her own child. What absolute twaddle...the bus driver witnessed Madame receiving her child. How to explain Suleman's lapse in memory ? And yes,DB...Madame, misplaced her child, as he lay sleeping in his own bed. She went off half-****ed and called the school. The school called the police. And 'someone' called the media, killing three birds with one stone:
Publicity, Money, and successfully making Suleman look like a bloody imbecile.

604 days ago


Yup...Xanax abuse has a way of totally wiping out your memory like that. Guess she's in need of another stint in rehab...

604 days ago


RENYA 38 said it all!

603 days ago


Sorry REYNA38, my bad! But u couldn't have said it any better. LMFAO still..

603 days ago


What a waste of thought time. Please find something of value to report

591 days ago
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