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Takeru Kobayashi

INHALES Whole Pizza

At Super Bowl Party

2/4/2013 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Know why your Super Bowl party sucked? Because competitive eating champ Takeru Kobayashi wasn't there ... eating an ENTIRE PIZZA in one minute flat.

Kobayashi's rep tells TMZ, some guy on Long Island paid the human garbage disposal to make an appearance at his 40-person Super Bowl party last night ... and perform an eating challenge.

Kobayashi decided to attempt to break his world record for scarfing a 12-inch pizza (1 minute 9.36 seconds). In the clip, Kobay downs the 12-incher in 60 seconds flat ... but it wasn't an official event, so it doesn't count as a new record.

His rep wouldn't comment on how much he was paid -- but Kobay's publicized rate for lunch or dinner appearances is $1,500.

Kobayashi also accepted a beer chugging challenge from a random party goer yesterday ... but we were a little disappointed with TK's performance. 

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He seems oblivious that he is the monkey at the party. Everyone cheering USA! Eating for sport is probably the most disgusting display of being a 1st world country.

593 days ago



593 days ago


I think it's cool that some people enjoy eating contests, either participating or watching, they seem to have a lot of fun.
But personally I just don't see what's interesting about it, I've tried to watch them and just seems so boring, whether it's this dude eating pizza, or the dude on TV who has a show about it, or the Asians in the hotdog eating contests.
Oh well, some like it so more power to 'em

593 days ago


Pizza sounds good right about now..mmm

593 days ago

BB not bb    

I think he stays skinny because he is probably like a snake that can swallow a large animal and just digest it for months. Maybe after he eats a huge amount, he just barely eats for days or weeks afterwards. I don't see how else he could stay so thin.

Thin people usually only eat the amount of one regular sized meal a day. I think the three full meals per day plan is what makes people pack on weight.

I don't see how this is offending people who are worried about starving people in the world. This guy is not overconsuming as you say, he is thinner than most Americans. I think he is showing that it is how much you eat in the long run and not at any particular time, that matters.

Alot of what Americans think is food is basically garbage. Third world people wouldn't want that anyway. You can't really get a healthy pizza because they are made with white refined processed flour most of the time, and very cheap quality flour very often. The cheese isn't very good in alot of respects either.

593 days ago


The record was just broken by Furious Pete it is now set at .46 seconds. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/2/prweb10387175.htm

593 days ago


Here is the video of Furious Pete breaking this World Record http://youtu.be/nE2PPe0lzqc

592 days ago


Wow...what a great Super Bowl party....50 guys and two girls...sounds like loads of fun...Hey *******s, there's a game on the TV behind you, lol.

592 days ago

Account Killer    

i dont understand why their are several comments having to do with race? in regards to this video? but since, it seems several people want to go there.... whites are not the only racist race. blacks are just as racist, as are asians and hispanics. there was a time when europeans were slaves just as blacks as were as were etc.. it never makes it right. racist comments from any race as well is never right. its terrible when a white person says racial slurs but its also racist when a black person says honky, cracker, etc. or a hispanic is calling white people whettos. or hawaiians calling white people howleys.. people not realizing this makes all of you ignorant. it is not ok from any race to use racial slurs ever. it is always wrong, no matter who says it. just as its wrong to call gay people ***s or ***gots. the race card no longer works. every race has very racist people in it. its not just whites. i read worlstarhiphop daily and go see for yourself. some of the most racist things ive ever read on their are towards white people. by making racial slurs, your just as bad as any white person u hate that uses racial slurs. way to stoop to a racists level, by being racist yourselves. and in regards to the video, those people are idiots.. not because they are white or caucasian, but because they are badly disrespecting yashi by mocking him.

443 days ago
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