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Trump Rips Bill Maher

How Dare You

Insult My Parents!

2/5/2013 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump has made it clear ... his legal war with Bill Maher isn't just about the money ... it's personal -- telling TMZ the comic CROSSED THE LINE when he suggested Trump's mom banged an orangutan.

Trump just appeared on "TMZ Live" and explained why he's confident he'll emerge victorious in his $5 million lawsuit against Maher ... claiming he doesn't believe Bill was joking when he appeared on Leno earlier this year and challenged Trump to prove he isn't the "spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan."

Donald says he vows to defend his parents' honor -- telling us, "What he said about my father is disgraceful ... and what he said about my mother, who's deceased, was in a certain way, even more disgraceful."

"I've never heard anything like that said about my parents ... who were truly great people."

Trump says he's willing to see his lawsuit through to the end -- unless Maher ponies up the money to the charities of Trump's choice immediately.


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Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Lame, unfunny, offensive parody of a public figure is still parody, and a protected first amendment right. It's already been done before and litigated all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.

No reasonable person could believe Maher's statements were anything but parody of a public figure, not a serious offer. And anyone who can't see that, or is so blinded by their hatred for Maher they think this suit has legs is an idiot! lols

Hustler Magazine and Larry C. Flynt, Petitioners v. Jerry Falwell (1988)

God Bless you Larry, you devious uncouth douche bag for being on the bleeding edge of defending all of our first amendment rights! :)

633 days ago


So the Orange man talks crap and insults all day long but cries when a joke is made about his momma. Stfu! People get pissed when the alleged truth is leaked.

633 days ago


Bill Maher is constantly insulting someone and usually not funny. Trump obviously has thin skin and should know better. This lawsuit will go nowhere and will probably be dismissed for lack of "a cause of action". Trump is a "public figure" which makes it difficult to be slandered and what are Trump's damages? Can't stand either of these guys but at one time I did like Trump. He has lost me now.

633 days ago


I see the BLOWHARD can't take a joke.He will do anything to get media attention!

633 days ago


Mahar stop being an ass. Trump grow the fk up Geech. All $$ no brains

633 days ago


Orangutans are the only ones insulted in all of this to do about nothing .

633 days ago


Well after all the terrible things he has said about other people they should start suing him. Rosie Odonnel should be first in line. He called her a pig, I think she can prove her parents were human, she should sue him for 5 million dollars for every time he said it.

633 days ago


Bullying t it's worst.
Trump is everything this country never should have become.
Then again, he is a product of his environment….

633 days ago


Could care less about either one of them

633 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

There was a song in the 80's about something like this;
I am a man who will fight for your honor. I'll be the hero that you're dreaming of. Gonna live forever knowing together. That we did it all for the glory of honor ...
Phishie from Philly

633 days ago

doesnt matter.    

Trump u do the same ass ignorant thing. What about rosie o donell? That's someones mom too. Ur a hypocrite and paybacks a bitch. U reap what u say! Raise ur damn kid and take care of ur own ****. Which u fought so hard for, stealing from poor people. Enjoy the attention!

633 days ago


Anyone on Trump's side shouldn't breed at all and probably wishes Bieber to perform at the next Super Bowl instead or an awesome rock band.

633 days ago


He will cause a lot of wasted legal fees and can be sued by Maher for filing a frivolous lawsuit. 1) It's technically impossible for a human and ape to mate. Therefore, the presumption is that he would know it's a joke. 2) Bill Maher is a comedian and provides commentary on public figures routinely, protected under law. 3) Trump would need to show that the comments harmed him somehow, primarily in business; he will be unable to show this since it didn't happen.

633 days ago


Trump im calling u a lil dick fake ass hair wearing prostitute paying to be ur wife ****tard. Sue me!

633 days ago



633 days ago
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