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Trump Rips Bill Maher

How Dare You

Insult My Parents!

2/5/2013 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump has made it clear ... his legal war with Bill Maher isn't just about the money ... it's personal -- telling TMZ the comic CROSSED THE LINE when he suggested Trump's mom banged an orangutan.

Trump just appeared on "TMZ Live" and explained why he's confident he'll emerge victorious in his $5 million lawsuit against Maher ... claiming he doesn't believe Bill was joking when he appeared on Leno earlier this year and challenged Trump to prove he isn't the "spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan."

Donald says he vows to defend his parents' honor -- telling us, "What he said about my father is disgraceful ... and what he said about my mother, who's deceased, was in a certain way, even more disgraceful."

"I've never heard anything like that said about my parents ... who were truly great people."

Trump says he's willing to see his lawsuit through to the end -- unless Maher ponies up the money to the charities of Trump's choice immediately.


No Avatar

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Gaaaaaaaawwwwwdddd. Shut. Up.

604 days ago

Angie O'Plasty    

Learn to take a joke, then stfu. Cry baby

604 days ago


I would do the same sh@t, if that ****y fck was talking sh@t about my parents. Pony up you rich Fck and give the money to the charities! Let's see if Bill has some balls and talks about this on his show. I guarantee he has his people talking to Trumps people trying to make this go away! Little Bit@h!

604 days ago


Trump bashes everyone from Rosie O'donnell to President Obama. If you talk sh!t, you better be able to take sh!t. Beside, Bill got it wrong. It was a baboon, not an orangutan.

604 days ago


No surprise that Trump thinks he'll win the lawsuit. Of course, he also thinks the chicks would dig him even if he was poor.

604 days ago


God, shut up Trump.

604 days ago

judy jetson    

Go Trump!!!! Make that mentally challenged ASS HOLE Bill Maher pay!!!! TEAM TRUMP!!!!!

604 days ago


Orangatan is not far off of what is father really was, which was a slumlord, over-charging rent and failing to make repairs on properties rented by hard-working immigants, that is how Donald's daddy amassed a fortune of over 400 million dollars, which is the bulk of the money that Donald Trump has today, although Donald would have you think he is a successful entrepeneur.
Team Bill !

604 days ago


Why is he still wearing a dead squirrel on his head?

604 days ago


A dot matrix printer in 1946? I don't think so. That looks forged to me. I'm going to need to see a long form birth certificate and some DNA. Dig up those bones Donald and prove to me you're not 1/2 primate.

A birth certificate doesn't prove who is the biological father of a child, it is only the name provided by the mother at birth.

I'm going to need to see further proof that Donald's mommy wasn't riding bareback with an ape. If it acts like an ape, looks like an ape and smells like an ape...? I say it's an ape. And Donald Trump certainly looks/acts and smells like a primate.

Monkey see -- monkey do.

604 days ago


Yea..and how DARE you wear your hair that way !!! INSIPID NITWIT!

604 days ago


Donald ~ You are proof that losers don't need to be broke to be a loser.

604 days ago


BUT, it's OK for him to dish on Rosie and the President??? HYPOCRITE

604 days ago


Easy to talk trash someone, not so easy to take it eh?

604 days ago

tom p    

what a thin-skinned piece of shlt Donald Trump has become. He was wrong about the President's birth certificate, and he's wrong about this.

604 days ago
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