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Kim Kardashian

& Hot Friend Plan Trial Strategy in Divorce

2/5/2013 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

In case you're wondering who Kim Kardashian's hot friend is ... well, it's her lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser!

Kim showed up at Wasser's office today, and we're told the two of them are gearing up for a divorce trial against Kris Humphries.

Our sources say Kim isn't even thinking about settling anymore, because Kris has made it clear he wants the case to drag on endlessly, so she spent hours with Wasser going over trial strategy.

As for when the trial will take place ... there's a trial setting conference set for Feb 15, and Wasser has made it clear she wants a trial in March.

If history repeats itself, Kris' lawyer will appear and say Kris needs more time to prepare.  By our count this will be the 4th time Kris' lawyer made the delay argument. The judge has bought it 3 times, but we're guessing this time a trial date will be set.

As for reports that Kim is an emotional wreck because she doesn't want to have her baby while still legally married to Kris -- not so. We're told she's over the whole thing and just wants a divorce so she can get him out of her life.


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How about at least having waited to get a divorce or annulment before you get knocked up? Or does your church teach that's the way to run it? Plastic Christians.

623 days ago


Is it wrong that I hope she gets really fat? I wish they would all go to the moon. I'm sick of no talent hoes getting props for letting someone pee on them. If I was her kid I wouldn't admit it, yuck.

623 days ago


I didn't know lawyers can dress like whores going to court... And take a whore day to work.. YUKK smells like a big black CACA penis ..barf.. Oh wait it's Kim

623 days ago


Kris is such a flipping a$$ get over it and move on@

623 days ago


Whoever wrote this is a complete dumb@ss and for the bottom part of the article. You seem proud to know so much about Kim K.? Like it is the most awesome thing to know and act like you're special? You are a f*cking moron, it's the Kardashians? No one important, you should get your @ss whooped and banged in a prison, for thinking you are hot sh*t for knowing ANYTHING about he Kardashians. You f*cking douche bag!!
P.s. Kim should be a ashamed for not giving a sh*t that she got knocked up, while she is married to another man. That is f*cking sick and low class. To think that any celebrity, normal person or fan, that would be friends with her or even be associated with her, is disgusting and tragic beyond words. She is the most irresponsible, classless wh0re, I have every seen.

623 days ago


Who gives a this the best you can do?

623 days ago


I hope Kris drags it long after Kar-nastians baby is born! LOL!!! *POOR KID*!!!!

623 days ago


both ugly slobe, wasser being daughter of Gloria Allred

623 days ago


Amen! Humpty needs to get over himself and let the woman move on already. ... come on man she is preggers with a lil west! Stop being the loser leeching off a woman!!

623 days ago

Joe Blow    

Not hot.

623 days ago

Chris Kaman Your Eye    

How does Kim fit on a toilet? I mean...seriously?! She probably lifts the toilet seat up just so she could wipe...and fit.

623 days ago


Kim Kardashian is a human waste , a human being having an insignificant existence

623 days ago


Aww poor Kimmy............................NOT. Good on you Kris take this bitch down. This is all her fault and she wouldn't be in this situation if she didn't do her money making scam to fake a marriage to make millions shes got no one to blame but herself. Why should Kris quickly settles because she wants it? Its actually her who's dragging this on if she really wants to "get him out of her life." give him an annulment. Shes a disgusting, nasty whore. Also I don't believe this slut is even pregnant funny how shes not taken any pics of her stomach usually this famewhore is attention seeking and posting pics of her plastic face and body on Twitter or her website why not the bump? I just think shes fat because shes eating junk to put on weight to look pregnant. Wont be surprised if this vile woman had a "miscarriage" just to gain sympathy and make even more money from the magazine and TV interviews she'll do.

623 days ago


Hot Friend Harvey You must be Gay to say that

623 days ago


Kim is such a good Christian . Haha so she claims

623 days ago
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