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Chris Brown

Children's Center Honcho:

Chris Did the Work

2/6/2013 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown performed community service a bunch of times at the Tappahannock Children's Center near Richmond, VA -- this according to the administrator.

Ida Minter told our photog ... Chris was at the Center plenty of times, but when he asked her who was supervising Chris, Ida asked him to leave.

TMZ first reported ... the L.A. County D.A. believes Chris didn't do his community service and the documents may have been phonied to make it look like he did.  The D.A. claims Chris' mom was put in charge of supervising him -- as in the fox guarding the hen house.

Chris will be in court today and the judge is expected to have plenty of questions.  We'll be there too.


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Tiahzzi Cherrelle    

In the world of riches and connections I wouldnt be surprised if he didnt do any community service or very little! This was a felony assault! You think average Joe would have dont a slap on the wrist penalty of such an assault? But in Hollywood where you are surrounded by people making money and fame off of you he could have burned Rihanna alive and it was caught on tape and nothing would have happened to him as the groupies keep their head up his ass! But God repays that explains his rise and fall! From his "Run it" days to the modern "studio thug druggie" days!

623 days ago


Prosecutors have already leaked the fact that Chris Brown was actually in Cancun on at least one of the days Chris was supposed to be working. If Prosecutors didn't have contradictory evidence, why would they even think about Chris Brown. I think Chris could use some Anger Management Classes because he gets into too many fights. If he doesn't stop, he's either going to end up in prison, or worse. Chris needs to man up, learn some manners, learn how to avoid fights, respect others, and then enjoy his life instead of acting like a banger.

623 days ago


He probably threatened to give her a black eye if she didn't cooperate and sign the do***ents.

623 days ago


Man, In my opinion, Harvey is trying his best to ruin Chris Brown. He just can't let this dude go. Maybe if Kris Kardashian told Harvey to lave Chris alone he would. lol. Or maybe Fat Mike can get to the bottom of this. He got peeps at Buckingham palace spill details about the lack of security on Harry didn't didn't he? But for some reason, TMZ was one of the last gossip sites to get on the Kim K pregnancy.

623 days ago


liar liar pants on fire..

623 days ago


Well, like Lucy said, this ladies credibility is NIL. She answered the first question, but couldn't answer the hard question that would force her to tell the truth.

623 days ago


honestly?!? that video proves nothing. whether she lied or said the truth. that's just so random. bs post

623 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Was she a victim of spousal abuse? Because that's the only way I'll understand why she won't tell the truth is if she was a victim herself and knows the reprecussions of speakin up.

623 days ago


Why don't yall just leave Chris alone. you got Lindsey Lohan running around here hitting people and doing all kinds of things and no one is tring to put her in jail

623 days ago


We may NEVER know if a cover up on community service really occurred!! With his money and his attorney's influence, why hasn't he been violated for the chair throwing and fight with Drake and Ocean. Even without anyone not willing to press charges, battery did occur!! The destruction of property was live on TV, so clearly he still needs help!! I do believe good people make mistakes and deserve to be forgiven!! He still has severe anger issues, And regardless how good his heart and mind may want to be good,'he could have killed someone in all three events!! How the chair or glass did not injure someone is a miracle!! Mr. Attorney please help your client and help doesn't mean just keeping him out of jail!!

623 days ago


He probably threatened to punch her unless she said that.

623 days ago


Good for her, none of anyone's business :D

623 days ago


Who the hell in their right mind would let that scuz near kids.... I wouldn't trust him with a piece of lint, let alone being present to kids.

623 days ago


I can't picture an ******* like him doing anything with honesty. So of course they set it up to look like he did

623 days ago


Not surprised, Chris is excellent with kids, in fact I would venture to say it's a very safe bet that kids are safer when with Chris than they would be if they were with most of Chris's haters ;)

623 days ago
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