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Kim Kardashian's Doctor

Divorce Stress Puts


2/6/2013 6:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
's doctor thinks Kim's unborn baby may be at risk, because of the stress Kris Humphries is causing by dragging out their divorce ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... several days ago Kim called her doctor in the middle of the night to come to the house because she was having severe pains.  The doctor examined her, but then warned he believed the problems were largely stress-related.

Sources say ... the only significant stress in her life right now is the divorce.  And hours before her meeting Tuesday with her lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, Kim's pains returned in full force.

The doctor warned Kim she needs to handle the stress or else there could be "long-term effects."  The doctor did not elaborate, but we're told Kim is freaked out her baby may be at risk.

Kim's mom Kris Jenner appeared on "The View" this morning, saying, "Kim has been going through this divorce for months. She has been under a lot of stress because of it and the doctors told her you’ve had a really tough week and the stress could become a problem if she isn't careful."


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You have to read other sites to get the "facts", Radar is a good one. So far the facts are:
1) Humphries has been trying to get raw footage of the show to use as evidence but they won't give it to him. The K's are trying to get this going before he gets his hands on it.
2) The K's don't want an "annulment" because that allows him to have a trial and prove fraud. "Divorce" just lets her walk away.
3) Fraud eliminates any agreements he signed not to talk about her if the marriage ends.
4) Kimmykakes is in a bit of a pickle hahaha

591 days ago


More stress are the 9" heels you wear....................

591 days ago


My sister was pregnant while her husband was in Afghanistan. She had to wonder every second, of every day if he was going to be killed. Now that's stress, yet her baby was born perfectly healthy! Tell this fake ass BLITCH to get over it, She brought it on herself!

591 days ago


you would think this ridiculous, no talent family would read all these comments and say "geez, I guess we are highly over exposed and people are extremely sick of us, so lets cool it for awhile with all the BS CONSTANT press" . . . but not the extremely narcissistic and desperate Kardashians! In my 40 years in the entertainment business I have never seen anything so ridiculously over the top and desperate. Add Rihanna and Gaga to the list as well. At least Gaga's people finally realized it and pulled back 'somewhat'.

591 days ago


Kim Kardashian's Doctor Divorce Stress Puts ***BABY AT RISK

591 days ago


"Kim has been going through this divorce for months. She has been under a lot of stress because of it"

Kim K Superstar can end the entire divorce proceedings and agree to the annulment.

It's that simple. But then, they'd be no trademark BS Kardashian drama. And no paycheck.

591 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Why blame Kris Humpries rather than Kris Jenner.. She is probably having stess because Kanye is about to dump her. She used KH and wish to continue to tarnish his name. Tell the truth and Ma Kris needs to put her attention on raising those younguns at home and leave those grown ass children alone.

591 days ago


KK looks just like OctoMom lately!

591 days ago


Come on folks.. It was only a matter of time when the Kartrashian camp was going to use the fetus as ammo...

591 days ago


When is this JERK going to give it up! Give her a divorce already!Because in the end she will get it anyway. Her sister is right if she was going to use somebody for public gain it would have not been a nobody like him.Besides I watch their little marriage in KUWK and he acted the fool from jump constanly having to prove he was the man. I would have tried to divorced him sooner than she did.

591 days ago


Walked by a Sears store yesterday...bug sign in the window

591 days ago


kris should look in the mirror, if she want to see who causes the stress . she is advising and controling kims actions. if robt kardash, diaries are true, i dont think kris jenner will alter her need for fame and money, because of a baby. and i dont buy this story, its just another made up pr move to get what they want.

591 days ago


How sad that she would use a unborn baby for a publicity stunt. Her dad would be so proud of how her daughter turned out.

591 days ago


She wants to blame Kris for this??? Give him a f*cking annulment and his ring back. She is so greedy, she will put her own baby at risk to prove what??? 72 days and all the reality hoop la...give Kris what he wants and move on. Everyone already knows your marriage was a fraud, but the gifts were worth it. Greed plain and simple!!!

591 days ago


What are the advantages of getting the annulment besides voiding the prenup? Can he sue her for damages? Will whatever privacy contract end so he can blab everything about her family? Can E sue her for all the wedding cost plus whatever money they paid her? Can everyone demand their wedding gifts back?

591 days ago
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