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Kim Kardashian to Judge

Help Me Create a

New, Full Life

2/6/2013 11:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian says she wants a divorce because it "will help create a new, full life for me" ... this according to new legal docs.

Kim filed a declaration in her divorce case obtained by TMZ, complaining to the judge that Kris Humphries is not only standing in the way of her happiness, but threatening her health and welfare, and "also ... the health and well-being of my unborn child." We broke the story, her doctor is concerned as well.

Kim scoffs at Kris' claim she defrauded him in the marriage, and says it's actually Kris who is screwing with her life. She says she wants a divorce so she can move on with her life, and "the same should hold true for [Kris].

Kim notes Kanye is eager to sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity when their child is born, but he won't be able to if she's still married to Kris.

And Kim is citing some stories claiming Kris is saying he now has "all the power" and that "he is in control of my misery."

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The Man They Call Louis    

I truly hope this divorce drags out as much as possible. Kim's the one who cheated on Kris.

622 days ago


Phk this piss whore...and where do they come up with the quacks.......I know women that are pregnant and totally stressed out and manage to her normal kids......Bitch is just a married tramp that got whore self knocked up by some puzzy rapper...who the phk is she to call the shots all the time...good Kris , make his piss drinking whore just wait ...kids gonna come out a cooch that has been used by the NBA anyway!

622 days ago


Kim you'll look better if you just STFU now. You've been exposed. You should make a cheaters. Kartrashian STYLE.

622 days ago


Kim and Kardashians can make all the money in the world. Is anyone of them actually happy? Doesn't seem so.

Kimmy is going to loose her looks. Her breasts will sag down to her navel, her ass (enough photos showing she already has cottege cheese thighs and ass) down to her claves. The tons of make-up, fake eyelashes, wigs isn't going to change nature.

She can do all the plastic surgery she want's. Like her mother, it's just going to look like bad plastic surgery and a joke.

622 days ago


What a ****ed up person. What a ****ed up life. Only for cash and to think she was too ****ed up and get pregnant before a divorce is a real **** up ! She exposed her real personality in front of a judge and she thinks a judge will believe her ? She only showed how right her EX is

622 days ago


Could they find an older photo of her? That photo is when she had her ethnic features, pre plastic surgery!! Geesh!! TMZ

622 days ago


manipulative B****

622 days ago


Ryan Seacrest, who produces all of these Kardashian "reality" shows, is as much a spawn of the devil as the Kardashians. Humphries should drag out the divorce proceedings for as long as he can. He was used by the show's production heads and the Kardashians in the same way as a bit player would be in a sitcom.

622 days ago


Kim K is a terrible individual. She used Chris to get rating on her show and to make money, When and got pregnant while still being married and now want to place the blame on Chris. This family is all about making money and they don't care whose back they jump on to do so.

She should pay the guy and walk away. I am sure she made enough from the make believe wedding.

Also Mike at TMZ should stop painting this family as good respectful people.

622 days ago


She wants the judge to father her next child? Once a whore........

622 days ago


She is doing this to her boyfriend and child....she just needs to admit she lied and defrauded Kris!!! this is a HUGE lesson for her.... NO, YOU CANT USE PEOPLE FOR RATINGS!!! NO, YOU CANT LIE AND CHEAT PEOPLE!!! AND NO, YOU CANT MESS WITH PEOPLES FEELINGS AND PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE YOUR NOT, YOUR NOT HUMAN, YOUR AN ANIMAL! YOU PIG!!!

622 days ago


Maybe in this "new life" the judge will grant her, she will be less of a whore and more of a person with a soul.

622 days ago


E! paid for the whole wedding and marriage for a cable non-reality cable show. It was all hyped up as 'wedding of the century' BS, all Hollywood is showing up. NO. George Lopez and Kathy Gifford is not Hollywood.

The so called 400 guests were E! employees. E!, Seacrest and Kardashinas made a ton of money, Humphries made some money but no where near what Kim and Kardashians made.

Ok, ratings are in money in their pockets and now 72 days later it's time to dump Humphries, he's no longer needed or useful.

Seems that Humphries that big dumb stupid oaf is not as dumb and stupid as the Kim and Kardashians try and make him out to be.

He has all the time and it's Kimmy that's in the rush but won't do anything about it.

They can keep badmouthing Humphries all they want. He's not saying how high when Kim says jump.

Baby or not West will dump her and move on.

622 days ago


I want the annulment procedings to go forward, because it'll expose what a fraud, liar and general piece of sh*t kim "I'm a sex tape whore" fatassian is, and how fake her marriage & "reality" show are. I want her embarrassed, humiliated & smacked down, to the point that her fake show is cancelled, she's forced to give back all the money she was paid to get married on camera and she & her pimp-ager mother are sued for fraud in a class action lawsuit...

622 days ago


Greedy.Narcissistic. Manipulative. Calculating. Never have I ever read a story where she has done something for anyone else just because she could. She sold her soul to the devil a loooooong time ago.

622 days ago
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