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Kim Kardashian to Judge

Help Me Create a

New, Full Life

2/6/2013 11:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian says she wants a divorce because it "will help create a new, full life for me" ... this according to new legal docs.

Kim filed a declaration in her divorce case obtained by TMZ, complaining to the judge that Kris Humphries is not only standing in the way of her happiness, but threatening her health and welfare, and "also ... the health and well-being of my unborn child." We broke the story, her doctor is concerned as well.

Kim scoffs at Kris' claim she defrauded him in the marriage, and says it's actually Kris who is screwing with her life. She says she wants a divorce so she can move on with her life, and "the same should hold true for [Kris].

Kim notes Kanye is eager to sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity when their child is born, but he won't be able to if she's still married to Kris.

And Kim is citing some stories claiming Kris is saying he now has "all the power" and that "he is in control of my misery."

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Why will a divorce help her create a new full life - her first one did not do that so why will this one be any different.

532 days ago


How is it that millions of working mothers who deal with stress and strain all day with work or unemployment other kids tight budgets and a whole slew of other normal life issues have little to no problem carrying to a healthy term, and yet this woman cant seem to make it through a week without a crisis with her "pregnancy"...is she perhaps really and truly mentally deficient and truly not able to deal with a pregnancy? Perhaps she should move to a group home for the help she needs.....

532 days ago


What a worthless piece of **** she is. Grow up you uneducated whore, just like her Mom. Kris keep sticking to this idiot. She deserves everything coming to her. Kanye is another uneducated nutball. Kim will take him to the cleaners for child support. I give their upcoming nuptials 6 mos.....

532 days ago


Seriously? Enough already. Kanye's mother would not be happy about any of this. New life. He is quoted stating he has " all the power" and that "he is in control of my misery." If he did, it was in all good guy fun. DId Kanye not make a song that stated something like" having Jay drop him (Kris) from the team. Who is her attorney. She needs to go and hire Shawn Holley. This is a PR nightmare that is getting out of control.

532 days ago


She is such a douce!!! No one, especially KW will ever marry her. She's never going to take care of that baby. She won't even change her nephew's & nieces!! Please, this is just all hype and publicity put forth by mama Jenner, what a hose!

532 days ago


Kris sign the divorce papers and move on! why does he want to continue to be reminded of this short union?

532 days ago


He doesn't want a divorce therefore Kanye can't sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity. This means that Kris becomes the baby's "father" when it is born. Kim should sue him for child support!!

532 days ago


Piece of ****

532 days ago


Well sign the annulment papers and it will be a fresh new start. Over done with the marriage never happened. Everyboby got their money now it's time to move on.

532 days ago


C'mon how narcissistic can you get. She takes photos of herself to post on the internet. She doesn't even ware her own clothes from her clothing line because they are overpriced, poorly made, slave labor garments. She wouldn't be caught dead wareing them. That says alot.

You know damn well should anything happen to the baby(god forbid) it will be Humphries fault.

When the baby is born she will sell the photos to the highest bidder. Unlike Jolie-Pitt that money will not go to charity just in her pocket.

As always money does not equate class. Kardashians may have a ton of money but not 1 ounce of class, integrity or respect. Money can't buy that never could.

532 days ago


Can't believe stupid Fox is giving the aschole Mom a TV show.....everyone hates that tw-at, if Anderson Coopers show didn't make it on Fox, why do they think momawhores will? BTW...all Krapdashian collection clothes are 50% off at Sears....bet they drop that clothes line fast!!....LMAO.

532 days ago


Dear Tmz, ya can't break a story that isn't a story. Luv u anyways!
P.S. K-Kow's whiny mooing is getting old, time to put her out to pasture

532 days ago


skanky ho

532 days ago


I'm pretty sure she shouldn't be walking around in heels either. What exactly is it she did to become soooo famous anyway? And please don't tell me it was her disgusting fat ass. And what's up with that retarded immature valley voice she talks with? You wanna move on? Give the man his annulment and move on already. It ain't always gunna be your way you skanky ass skank . There isn't 1thing real about this bitch.

532 days ago


Hmmm I would think the stress of going to trial right now and all the questions and hours of going back would be way more stressful then giving it a few more months. Can't stand her!!!!!

532 days ago
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