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LeVar Burton

'Django Unchained' Is

NOTHING Like 'Roots'

2/6/2013 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Django Unchained" is NOT a movie that's based in reality ... and should NEVER be compared to real depictions of slavery like "Roots" ... so says LeVar Burton.

LeVar -- who played Kunta Kinte in the 1977 miniseries -- was in New York yesterday to participate in a PBS special about important TV programs ... when we asked him about comparisons between "Roots" and "Django."

"Here's what I want folks to understand," Burton said ... "'Django' is a fantasy, it's not history ... 'Roots' is history ... and that's the difference."

Side note -- Our photog couldn't have been LESS articulate in delivering the question ... and as a consequence, the entire newsroom banned together to shame and taunt him without mercy.


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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Django Unchained was damn good movie.

625 days ago



625 days ago


Well it's true. Of course that doesnt take anything away fron Django unchained

625 days ago


Comparing "Roots" to "Django Unchained" is like comparing apples to black walnuts.

625 days ago


The sad thing is because he was not in the Django movie he downs it. Both are the same side of the coin. Both are BASED on history and experiences that people have passed down. But in all honesty both are dramas in that neither are based on facts that were checked. Further ****a Kinte sounds like a porn name.

625 days ago

paul a.    

Roots did more to raise the sensitivity to the AA situation than any other movie or TV show at the time. As a white kid growing up in a white neighborhood, the impact of the story had upon us is really hard for me to explain. It was a real eyeopener even to the most ignorant of us.
Django, like Inglorious Bastards, is fantasy BS and disrespects all the victims of both slavery and the Nazis

625 days ago


They should show Roots again on TV as a movie though. Not in its original format (every night for a week) Maybe as a two part program.

Excellent program or show or whatever you want to call it.

625 days ago


You don't hear other minorities like asians complain about how some people in there race were mistreated 200 years ago. You don't see asians running around screaming "I got me an Obama phone"!

625 days ago

Los Pepes    

LB is right
Roots didnt suck
QT is so overrated
All of his movies suck

625 days ago

Kim -L.A. West    

Tarantino owes an apology to the mini-series "Roots".

625 days ago


95% of black people voted for Obama simply because he's black. Black people love Django cause its blacks shooting whites.

Everyone knows most black people are racists.

625 days ago

Kim -L.A. West    

.Tarantino criticizing "Roots":

625 days ago


"Roots" was plagiarism and untrue, distorted history.

625 days ago


Of course these movies shouldn't be compared. Roots was the biography of Alex Hailey with liscense taken to fill in the blanks with what happened during the time period covered by slavery. Django is all fiction with liscense taken to fill in the blanks with what happened during a certain time period. ROOTS was an eye opening, heart breaking, life changing production that touched thousands if not hundred of thousands of people. I seriously doubt that Django will be able to make such claims but that said it doesn't mean that Django isn't entertaining or a good movie. Django isn't ROOTS but I don't believe it ever claimed to be.

625 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Only and idiot 'reporter' for a low life gossip site would even entertain asking a 'serious' question to someone like Lavar comparing those two movies!

lols, may as well be comparing southern fried chicken and foie gras...they both come from birds yet they're so far removed from each other what's the point?

624 days ago
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