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Anderson Cooper

Christopher Dorner Sent Me

Bullet-Riddled Coin

2/7/2013 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Before his shooting spree ... Christopher Dorner sent CNN anchor Anderson Cooper a parcel, containing a note, a DVD, and a coin riddled with bullet holes -- so says Cooper.

Cooper just tweeted about the package, saying he only learned today the package was sent to him.

According to CNN, the package was delivered to Cooper's assistant on February 1st -- and contained a hand-labeled DVD with a sticky note that read "I never lied." Wolf Blitzer said the note appeared to refer to when Dorner was fired from the LAPD in 2008.

It also contained a coin wrapped in duct tape, which was inscribed with "Thanks but no thanks, Will Bratton." Bratton served as the LAPD Chief until 2009. The coin was also inscribed with the initials "IMOA," which typically stands for "Imagine a More Open America."

The coin -- reportedly given by the LAPD as a souvenir -- was riddled with bullet holes.

As we reported, Dorner posted a rambling message on his Facebook shortly before his alleged shooting spree, in which he's accused of killing three people, including one police officer.

In the message, Dorner includes Anderson Cooper in a list of journalists whom he admires, saying, "Keep up the great work."


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better leave our Anderson Cooper alone

587 days ago


Just musing here, but, imagine the reaction if, instead of idolizing people like Ellen and Anderson Cooper, and lefty "analysts" like Toobin, a MURDEROUS COP KILLER were instead publishing a manifesto extolling the "genius" of Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. Imagine the outcry from the left-wing Obama-slurping media, who would not miss an opportunity to try to link the MURDEROUS COP KILLER to the right wingers he admired. Instead, when a MURDEROUS COP KILLER tells us how much he loves and admires Gays and Hollywood lefties, not ONE of the named miscreants gets blamed or painted in a negative light. Quite the opposite. I'm sure Cooper is just thrilled to be the object of a MURDEROUS COP KILLER's affection. After all, it might mean that, for the first time in months, more than 13 people just might tune in to CNN while this tragedy plays out. Ahhhh, Hypocrisy, thy name is Hollywood.

587 days ago


There is something about this whole thing that just doesn't sit right. Yes, he did kill innocent people, but if you set that aside, he sounded like a pretty decent human being. No excuses of course, but maybe he snapped after so much abuse. I don't know, sounds like a Dwayne "Rock" Johnson movie to me.

587 days ago


While I assume Dorner's been dead now and for about six or so hours.

It's easier for people to go on "The Sympathy/Media Tour."

After shooting-up an unsuspecting couple.

Patrol car and cops -

Than it is to walk into a mental health clinic and state the obvious:

"I need help."

For me, these are the most boring people/stories around.

-textbook Narcissists.

=Legends in their own mind.

Leaving the Anderson Coopers/Harvey Levin's to "sort it all out."

The media will give-it-play only because people'll watch.

But by now even the Media has to be bored.

Athletics didn't pan out - so maybe this will.

587 days ago


1MOA is 'one minute of arc' meaning his shooting accuracy. He was bragging about his shot -- Not anything about a More Open America, you dolt.

587 days ago


Hey Dorner, Chris Brown says you're a punk and dares you to come after him.

587 days ago


If you go out this way, and he has/will - you're just saying you had and have nothing -

The rest is window-dressing -


"The Hollywood Police are Racists," etc.

Fine, you're done, gone, good-bye, don't come back.

587 days ago


I'll be riveted to my chair for what's sure to follow:

A three part series on this Meglo-maniac.

So that Anderson Cooper can save his lame show.

587 days ago


Oh would u all shut the <<\%

587 days ago


Glad to be a Canadian.

587 days ago

Celebrity Tampon    

Anderson Cooper luvs man yogurt.

587 days ago


I notice a lot of Americans blame political parties when there is a crisis.

587 days ago


Thats one tight shot group. He is just showing how good of sniper he is.

587 days ago


see when they should of stayed in the closet

587 days ago


I believe Dorner. He didnt lie. I bet u anything what he said about his training officer and the rest of the police he encountered was true.

587 days ago
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