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Anderson Cooper

Christopher Dorner Sent Me

Bullet-Riddled Coin

2/7/2013 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Before his shooting spree ... Christopher Dorner sent CNN anchor Anderson Cooper a parcel, containing a note, a DVD, and a coin riddled with bullet holes -- so says Cooper.

Cooper just tweeted about the package, saying he only learned today the package was sent to him.

According to CNN, the package was delivered to Cooper's assistant on February 1st -- and contained a hand-labeled DVD with a sticky note that read "I never lied." Wolf Blitzer said the note appeared to refer to when Dorner was fired from the LAPD in 2008.

It also contained a coin wrapped in duct tape, which was inscribed with "Thanks but no thanks, Will Bratton." Bratton served as the LAPD Chief until 2009. The coin was also inscribed with the initials "IMOA," which typically stands for "Imagine a More Open America."

The coin -- reportedly given by the LAPD as a souvenir -- was riddled with bullet holes.

As we reported, Dorner posted a rambling message on his Facebook shortly before his alleged shooting spree, in which he's accused of killing three people, including one police officer.

In the message, Dorner includes Anderson Cooper in a list of journalists whom he admires, saying, "Keep up the great work."


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As corrupt as the LAPD has been over the years, I do not discount Dorner's account of them doing him wrong. More than likely he is speaking the truth.

626 days ago


I am supprised that those newspaper delivery women were not killed in that truck in torrence...Remind me to bring all of my cows into the barn whenever Lapd goes deerhunting..

626 days ago


This story is taking all kinds of crazy twists

626 days ago


Daaaayum, he zeroed the hell out of that weapon. They better leave crazy alone.

625 days ago


CHRISTOPHER. DONER. IS THE NEW AMERICAN JIHAD Mojahedin for New Black America!!!!!

625 days ago



625 days ago


An american tragedy,disintegration of beliefs and ambitions due to the abuse of power by our superiors.

625 days ago


Sad story for all. A a native of Los Angeles and long time resident, this situation is no surprise. We All have power, and abuse of power leads to abuse of power. If America does not come to understand this fact, we will continue to see situations like this. Clearly, America is an angry country as every week there are mass killings and shootings in this country, and the problem is not guns. The problem is Consciousness.

625 days ago

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra    

The dude is obviously nuts...Anderson Cooper

625 days ago

Rig Flair    

This is very important! 1 MOA means one minute of angle, this is a sniper measurment. The person who gave him the coin will, will be his next target. The value of inch is a nice easy number to work with and most of us can easily visualize its length and its multiples without the aid of a calculator. Actually the comparison is close enough to not be of practical concern, especially at distances up to a few hundred yards, and the real difference is a mere 0.47 inch at 1000 yards. For serious target shooting and as shooting distances increase the attention to MOA value relative to sight adjustment becomes more essential.
He left this as a code and i know for a fact, I am sure LAPD knows this but wont say and released the BS meaning to the media.

625 days ago

Moment of Clarity    

Another Christopher Dorner quote: "This town needs an enema!"

625 days ago


That is a challenge coin. Wiki it - they are given to members of military and paramilitary organizations as a way of saying, you are a part.

625 days ago


1MOA doesnt stand for that. It is a distance of measurment in shooting. Stands for minute of arc. He is basically stating that he is an amazing shot depending on how far away he was.

625 days ago


How many times did AC have to say he didnt see the item until today, CYA.

625 days ago


MOA also means Minute of angle, which is a shooters term.

625 days ago
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