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Jessica Simpson


2/7/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pregnant Jessica Simpson -- BABY BUMP #2Jessica Simpson is ditching the coveralls ... proudly showing off her pregnant belly in L.A. yesterday -- and TMZ has the pics.

Fetus Simpson had been under wraps for the past couple of weeks ... with Jessica sporting all sorts of baggy clothes to keep her bump out of the public eye.

But now that Jessica is a couple of months into pregnancy ... and growing ... she's given up on the cover-up ... and hit the gym yesterday in all her pregnant glory, rocking tight workout clothes.

Jessica is currently in a multi-million deal with Weight Watchers ... and it looks like the company will get twice what they paid for ... 'cause she vows to drop the weight (again) once the kid is born.


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Buddy The Elf    

Come on - are we sure this isn't just a couple of burrito's?

592 days ago


She could at least put on some decent clothes before going out in public!!!!!!!

592 days ago


She needs to be careful with the Weight Watcher's thing while pregnant. Those diet plans are not designed for either pregnant women or diabetics. I would wait until she had the baby and then go on the diet. The baby needs nutrition, proper nutrition. If she sticks to a sensible diet plan and does some exercise, she should be okay.
I see that weight discrimination is alive and well here on these boards. If someone is too skinny, she's told " go eat a hamburger" and if she's overweight, they call her a fat cow, heifer, pig or whatever animal they choose. Do you think she doesn't KNOW she needs to lose weight. She has had issues most of her life with it. She needs encouragement, not discouragement and riducule and name calling. Geesh people, show some compassion.

592 days ago


She needs a breast reduction. There is no way those suckers aren't causing her some pain.

592 days ago


This was posted as a comment pages ago by mistake, so here goes...
Thetruthis said awhile ago: " 'Back in THE DAY' " people got married FIRST and then had children."
Uh, no, the real truth is that they didn't. My very religious mother always said that out in the countryside (her equally religious ancestors were farmers), nobody set a wedding date until the girl was pregnant... She also said she thought it was good to live together before marriage because there are things about the other person you learn only that way (she had the sad experience of finding out after the wedding...) She was born in the early 1920s .
Also if you do some reading, you'll find out that until recent times, marriage was really for the nobility and people rich enough to own significant property. Then they married off their progeny at puberty if not before, simply for inheritance and political reasons. That's certainly one way to make sure the kiddies don't have sex before marriage, I guess - get them hitched before they are physically capable of it.
The common folk in many times and many cultures (including Britain, where they have written records going back centuries to prove it) typically just lived together and drifted in and out of such relationships when the informal union wasn't broken by death of one partner (as it often was - the elderly often had had several partners even for just that reason). They couldn't afford the costs of government-approved unions or the complications if things didn't work out. Everybody survived quite nicely.

592 days ago


She looks about 5 months along, she looks cute. Kim K, on the other hand will be huge by due date, she looks like she has already gained 25lbs.

591 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

First glance I thought it was Kirstie Alley.

591 days ago


Like Seriously ! Dont Judge her ! Okay .? Even If she has a Baby =.= And TMZ I AM GLAD SHE HAS A BABY !

591 days ago


Couple months...looks about 6 at least to me.

591 days ago


These comments are so god awful! She's pregnant ~ok. Her 2nd pregnancy ~ok! She's going to show sooner than the first~ Ok! The T~ shirt Haters gonna hate apply to most of the reviews on here. Why bother writing when all you peeps are doing is trying to be ~ I said trying to be ~witty, oh so Knowledgeable~I know what your suppose to be doing Jessica like~ and your not, none of you are. I'm sure with her money,her already know knowledge of pregnancy from the first time, she will know what SHE WANTS TO DO~ she has the doctors, who have the knowledge, to be able to assist her ,though her pregnancy! This TMZ allows too many feeble people to comment so unintelligently, acting a fool!

591 days ago
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